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Happy Halloween Stripper

A Stripper video for all you men out there….
Happy Halloween….


Annoying morning sounds…..peaceful afternoon

Help….I am trying to learn how to make a header….I have borrowed a free header picture…but the size isnt right….anyone out there know how to make an easy header…for a dumb nut.?

Had a nice time walking and birding at Great Meadow wildlife refugee in Concord.

The second video is our walk at the refuge.

Check out this wonderful website called Tales of Birding
if you like to watch birds ….you will love this website

This first video is what I woke up to in the morning….remember, I am sleeping in the motorhome…Jeff stays at the Smoots and makes breakfast for the boys in the morning.
This is the rest of the story…..

Morning wake up call

Great Meadows Video

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Day one and two of the Parent Swap

Ballie and Nobbie had two visitors.

Having fun with the boys….took a little video for The real parents to see if they get internet connection… otherwise nothing exciting to report…Jeff has been spending the nights on the Smoots sofa watching the Red Sox…and some late night movies…
I have been sleeping with the fur boys in the motorhome….and coming over in the morning to have breakfast.

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Bye Bye old Blue Nokia

Came across this artists work as i was checking out Blogger play…. If you haven’t checked out blogger play yet…click on the blogger play link above. You can view pictures as people upload them to blogger…if you see a picture that interests you, click on it and it takes you to the blog where the picture resides….Some wonderful websites out there.

As far as Parent Swap goes…. both boys were out last night for dinner and most of the evening…Jeff and I had a nice night….watching the Red Sox..mostly Jeff watching. I was playing with our new phone….

finally had to get rid of our 7 year old nokia….
it was a great phone and we will miss it….but we had no choice….the TDMA towers are coming down and our reception was getting worse day by day.
I do love our new Motorola razor V3xx ..bluetooth phone…got the cool gold color….voice dial…..holds pictures and music , takes pictures and videos….
bye bye… old big blue nokia…..hello gold razor

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see ya

The Parent Swap

Howdy all,

Booo hooo….First I have to say I am disappointed that not more of you readers out there are putting your photos or video clip on my new guest book… hoo…. I am sure other bloggers understand my sadness……I was hoping to see a whole mess of you up there from all over the bloomin USA…..Booo hooo..where the tissue?

Well…that said…let me go on to other matters.
I am out of quarantine…..I am feeling much better. I stayed in homey till my cold got better…didn’t want to get Margie and sandy sick before they went on vacation…
As some of you know Jeff and I are in Mass. at his sisters family’s home…parked in their driveway. We are here for 12 days or so while Margie and Sandy go to Italy with friends. Jeff and I are here to take care of our nephews, two teenage boys , 13 and 16. We are calling this
The Parent Swap….

should be interesting…..Jeff and I do things much differently than the Smoots…I told the boys we are having healthy meals…tofu veggies….seaweed

Be afraid…be very afraid….

Truth is…we will probably do allot of takeout….I would rather get meals the boys will eat…than to cook something i am not sure of….beside that I really am not into cooking….when I do make meals its a simple non fuss protein of some sort…with vegetables… easy….simple…and tasty.
So take out will be the what I am leaning toward.

Not sure if I will be staying in Homey or in the house. Jeff will stay in the house overnight. Though, Margie says the fur boys can stay in one of the bedrooms with us…So that’s a possibility.

anyway that’s the scoop for now…
Stay tuned for the premier of

The Parent Swap

Silly Girls

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weren’t we cute….i mean aren’t we cute

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Happy Autumn

thought these were beautiful… found them on webshots

Autumn beauty

Steven Wright at Foxwoods….

Howdy all,
Jeff and I saw Steven Wright tonight….the comedian…in case you don’t know…I didn’t know his comedy until tonight. He was fun. Strange dead pan bizarre sense of humor.
some of his quotes

On the other hand, you have different fingers. — Steven Wright

I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.
So I said, “Got any shoes you’re not using?” — Steven Wright

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out.

I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.

a few videos …check them out…

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