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Firefox problem resolves itself

ok by some magic…
I finally am able to see my blogger page in firefox..
I have no clue what happened…
but i am a happy camper

thanks cyberspace angels…

ok still waiting for input on slideshows….



Help..cant see my blog in firefox and do I have to many slide shows??

Howdy all,
I went on my blog this am and could not see in with firefox…I can see it in explorer, Jeff can see it using his computer and firefox…but i could not..
I was able to see others blogs with my firefox…but not my own…
any ideas out there?????
I try to load the page and firefox and it says done at the bottom…but nothing but white loads up on the page….HELP
I am using internet explorer to edit my blog….well at least I can see it and edit it in explorer.
anyway…am now sitting at a coffee shop, waiting for lena to finish her therapy appt.
OK…Do I have too many slide shows?? I have just been playing around with them…do they make the page load to slowly.. which ones do you like?
which ones do u not like?
I am waiting……

Kelly Pickler smarter than a fifth grader?

ok…is she serious or is this a joke…
Kelly Pickler is adorable anyway.

Happy Halloween Stripper

A Stripper video for all you men out there….
Happy Halloween….

Bye Bye old Blue Nokia

Came across this artists work as i was checking out Blogger play…. If you haven’t checked out blogger play yet…click on the blogger play link above. You can view pictures as people upload them to blogger…if you see a picture that interests you, click on it and it takes you to the blog where the picture resides….Some wonderful websites out there.

As far as Parent Swap goes…. both boys were out last night for dinner and most of the evening…Jeff and I had a nice night….watching the Red Sox..mostly Jeff watching. I was playing with our new phone….

finally had to get rid of our 7 year old nokia….
it was a great phone and we will miss it….but we had no choice….the TDMA towers are coming down and our reception was getting worse day by day.
I do love our new Motorola razor V3xx ..bluetooth phone…got the cool gold color….voice dial…..holds pictures and music , takes pictures and videos….
bye bye… old big blue nokia…..hello gold razor

for those of you getting emails…of this blog…if you want to see the entire blog and its contents click on the dawns blog link below….in the email….
see ya

Check out my Guestbook!

Hi all I added this at the end of my blog…so you can all add pictures…thanks missy for the fun gadget…

Steven Wright at Foxwoods….

Howdy all,
Jeff and I saw Steven Wright tonight….the comedian…in case you don’t know…I didn’t know his comedy until tonight. He was fun. Strange dead pan bizarre sense of humor.
some of his quotes

On the other hand, you have different fingers. — Steven Wright

I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.
So I said, “Got any shoes you’re not using?” — Steven Wright

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out.

I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.

a few videos …check them out…

check out blogger play

these are the latest pictures that are uploaded to blogger thruout the internet…..if a picture interests you…click on it ….it will lead you to the web page it is on……interesting…..

How long do you keep your pillows?

Howdy all,

been hanging out with the ma ther and the pa ther …ordered down comforter and pillows today from Macys…..ours has lost many feathers and has a hole…and is many years old. Also order a few down pillows..cause I have been meaning to replace my old flat ones for a while……and saw on TV many months back that you should replace pillows every six months to two years….well i think six months silly……..and two years seems silly to me too….but considering mine were over ten years maybe fifteen or twenty….ha…i decided it was time to replace them…..

So I have a question for you……How long do you keep your pillows?????
Do you wait till the drool has them all stained….or till the feathers all fall out?

Who wants this funky Wall art?

Found this Funky….plastic wall art going out to the trash…thought it would be cool decor somewhere inside or out. Could be primed and painted differently…
Who wants it????

Green Mountain Haiku sweepstakes

ok all you writers out there …lets see one of you win this contest…………….

Submit your haiku and it may appear on our hot cups!

Paint a word picture of your love of coffee in Haiku form, and we’ll share it with… well, everybody! Fourteen lucky prize winners will have their haiku printed on our environment-friendly hot-cups. They’ll also be awarded a Keurig® B60 Single Cup brewer, and two boxes of K-Cups!