I was a Christmas Decoraholic~

Howdee all,

I am going backward before I go forward.

Before I show you our first Christmas in our Homey…I want to show you our last Christmas in our Brookline, Ma. home.

Ever since I was a young gal, I have collected Christmas ornaments and décor.

I delivered newspapers as a young gal and saved up my Christmas tips to buy decorations…actually most of my Sickstas did the same thing…we all loved Christmas decorations.

Luckily I married a Jewish man who didn’t mind my Christmas décor fetish.

Come on in and take a look..

 Christmas 2000


fronthallOur livingroom..

living2Nobbiecat loved sitting near the fireplace..

firenobOur daughter Samarrah painted this picture of our Winter festival…

Notice the Menorah and Christmas tree.

A happy blending of traditions…

samspictureliving1The Holiday tree…

Living in a condo and having no yard to plant a real tree in…I opted for a fake tree…I used the same tree for many years.

treeI collected antique ornaments..

Most from estate sales.

treeorn1Our Holiday star…treetopA mix of old…

candlelightAnd new…

sparkleornI also had a collection of antique glass balls..

I put them in my antique glass vases..

glassbalsglassbulbsThis Santa, sleigh and reindeer are special. I bought these as a very young gal..

Maybe around age 12..

santaslieghMore glass balls..

balls1santaThe dining room..

dininglightdiningtreeSanta collection..


My sweet Ballie playing with ribbon…

I miss that fur ball!

ballplay1More glass ornaments..

bulbsA new Santa and antique ceramic girl holding Christmas tree..

santaradioA new snowman..


In the den…a new Santa surrounded by homemade decorations from my Aunt Diane.

snowmandenStairway down to the bedrooms with our stockings..


I had a collection of antique birds..

Think these are in storage.

parrotsSo…as you can see..I had a Christmas Décor addiction..

jeffdawnI am over that now…But it was so much fun back then..

I hope you enjoyed the tour…

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays..

From Dawn in December of 2000



8 responses to “I was a Christmas Decoraholic~

  1. You sure did have a wonderfully decorated house. Hmmmmm, I think I might go take a visit upstairs in the attic.

  2. Wow, you surely did have decoration fever. I used to decorate a little but have really gotten out of the habit. Maybe tomorrow I'll dig out the tree, all 8″ of it. Happy Holidays to you both.

  3. I remember those days! Lovely!

  4. You decorated beautifully, Dawn! I hope you still have everything packed away safety somewhere. Your collection of glass ornaments is my favorite!

  5. Well these shots are getting us all in the mood Dawn.

  6. Dawn, you did decorate beautifully. I use to do more and have cut back drastically. I have a small tree and that is it.

  7. So warm and cozy! Reminds me of my childhood, Dawn.

  8. Sicksta Lori Beachgrl~
    I got rid of half of my decorations when we were cleaning out your attic…you should have taken some then! :))

    Sicksta Tink~
    those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end…la la la la..

    I recently went thru my belongings in my Sickstas attic and got rid of lots of Christmas decorations..think I kept lots of the glass.

    Happy i can get you into the Holiday Cheer!

    I have nothing this year except for Christmas Cactus~We leave for Connecticut for Christmas and Homey stays here in NC. So~I haven't felt the need to decorate..maybe next year I will get a small tree or Poinsettia.

    Hilke Breder
    It was warm and cozy! We loved that home..but not enough to stay..Glad I could bring back some memories of home for you.

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