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Too much partying before New Years Eve and what the heck is this white stuff!

HOwdee all
Its not yet time for our New Years Eve celebration…and we are all tired and napping…
I guess that happens we you are fifty…or nearly fifty plus…and eat too much and play to much.

Check out my father and the his dog sleeping on him….She is not a small dog.

And what the blinking blazes is this all about! I guess with all our visiting with family we weren’t prepared for this darn snowy white stuff, and the darn blowing wind chill…..Yikes!
OK…it is pretty, I grew up in this pretty. I guess, coming from the warmth of North Carolina where we were for the past month…..we are being big babies…and my sister and I are whining about the cold…wondering what the heck we are doing up here in New England…tee hee..

We are going to Sister Loris for New Years party tonight…if we aren’t snowed in.

Heading south tomorrow…A quick stop in NYC to have lunch with our daughter…then high tail it south to some warmer weather…Jeff and I will be in Palm Beach area on Sunday!
We will be on the road tomorrow…
To my Bloggy Friends
I wish you all a Happy, Healthy,Prosperous, Wonderful New Year!

Baby its cold outside!

Howdee all,
As a native New Englander I always thought that I would love the winters. I used to adore cross country skiing and other snow activities. Dreamed of a white Christmas……
When we first started full time living in our motor home we carried cross country skis.
We no longer carry our Skis with us.
We found out our motor home doesn’t do the best in cold conditions…condensation..bit of ice building up in the corners of the slide rooms….hence the little cartoon i drew of us and our kitties snuggled in bed. Burrrrrrrrrrrr.
I also have found that since we are able to move our home where we want it…that i prefer to go somewhere that is warmer ..somewhere where I could be outside all day if i want and not be uncomfortable.
We don’t always choose the warmest places. We love birding in Southern Arizona and it can be chilly in the winters…and yes we have had snow there!
We love to hike and bird and recently bought ourselves a nice Scope for birding..
This year after visiting with family… We will Spend our winter in Florida, birding,hiking and beach combing.
But until then we are in Connecticut until new years day.

So here we are…it is Lovely…BUT
Baby its cold outside!

Christmas Day with the Simmons Clan

HOWdee all,

We have been having a great time in Connecticut visiting with my Family. We drove up from North Carolina in the car…left our nice Homey in North Carolina.

Anyway Jeff, my sister Adele and my fur ball kittie and I are here at my parents home for a few more days before heading south again .
Back to our Homey on wheels…and South for the winter,
Where we will beach comb, bird and have a grand ole time.

Jeff and me

The livingroom gets full when packed with our family.

some computer gaming

from left top row…Mom…me…niece tara…sister Tammy
second row..Sister Lori, Nephews wife Missy
third and bottom row..sister Adele and brothers wife Barbara

Four Sisters…one missing(she is in Montana)
Tammy, Adele, Me, Lori

Skywatch.. Colorado National Monument

Howdee all,
Summer of 2006 ..we spent a bit over a month in the south west portion of Colorado.
One place we visited was Colorado National Monument. Beautiful rock formations and scenery.

And Beautiful Skies.
Go visit the Monument if you can!

Happy Skywatch to you all!

Merry Christmas to all of you in Bloggy land

Skywatch, remembering Cape May Bird Weekend

Howdee all,

I was just thinking of the Cape May shoreline and the Birding weekend that we went to this past October. It was our first time in Cape May. .
We saw many beautiful clouds. Some with bits of blue sky peaking through.

Some dense.

Some with the sun glowing through.

and some with the sun saying goodnight.

We had a great time and will go back again.

Happy Holidays to you all…
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Free Christmas music download at

Howdee All,
Oprah is giving away free Christmas music….for the next 48 hours you can go to her site and download the music..
I just did and am listening to them as we speak.

Click on the Picture above to go and download…

I have been tagged..Six Random Things

Howdee all,

Yessiree I have been tagged…by Alan of Birds n Such blog
Thanks Alan
….So i need to write six random things about myself.
I have been putting this off for a few days now…but what the goes…

1. I am a finder.
Family members and some friends would tell you that I find things…
I love to find things actually… I love looking for arrowheads, four leaf clovers, heart shaped and otherly shaped rocks, that are interesting, Shells, birds, mushrooms…Where ever I am I just like to look and pick out the unusual…the thing that doesn’t seem to belong, but is there. Kinda like wheres waldo.
Needless to say I am kinda like Lucy in the Long, Long trailer…Sometimes I have too many rocks…and cool stuff that I have collected…..good thing I have family members that love the stuff I find…
I also am good at finding birds…
We were in Arizona, Patagonia state park waiting for a group to congregate for a bird walk…people were mulling about, doing some birding while waiting…I spied a Rose throated Becard at one of the RV.s campsites. That was the highlight of the birdie morning… Ok so that could happen to anyone…I suppose…but maybe now you might want to take me bird watching with you…tee hee…
But be warned, I did find a great wooden tree trunk Owl…I had the group leader and a few others STUMPED..for a while anyway…tee hee…

2. I Pick Mushrooms. Yep and eat them too…
and Now my family and some friends trust me and they eat them as well.
When we started Full timing seven years ago…we picked up our Homey in Oregon. We took it to the coast to get used to living in it. (We had no clue about what we were doing…but that is another story…seven years later we are old pros to the lifestyle.)
Anyhoo….while at the coast we noticed several roadside tents with signs ..”Mushroom buyers” well I love mushrooms but why were they buying mushrooms..not selling.
Well….. Oregon is a great area for mushrooming in the fall and spring, Commercial pickers go out all day ..pick mushrooms then bring them to the tents and sell their mushrooms. We found it fascinating and decided we needed to learn more…
After many mushroom festivals, mushroom walks and talks…..and Luckily meeting some new Mycological friends we were confident enough to pick certain edible mushrooms.
When in Oregon and other areas…you might find me looking for some of my favorites, Boletus edulus, or Porchini, the chanterelle, hedgehog, Oyster, Lobster, Chicken of the woods, Cauliflower.. I could go on and to pick mushrooms. I do dry and freeze them for future use and to give away.

3. I wear ONLY brown and biege….Yep….only brown and beige.
I might have other colors in a brown or beige shirt… I might have a shirt that has allot of another color…but it always has some brown or beige in it.
And why? do you ask….. Well having a very small closet,(rv closets are tiny)… and a very casual lifestyle, and because I look good in brown,( I think so anyway)……I decided that that is what I would do…
I don’t need to think about what goes with what…Everything goes together….Life is easy…Shopping is easy…Just look for brown or beige..walk by everything else…

4. I have a lovely Daughter that I did not give birth to.
This is my second marriage and also my husbands. I never had children, unless you count my fur boys. When Jeff and I started dating, Samarrah was around 7 ….she asked to move in with us when we married….she was around eleven then. So I did my best to be a mother with not much knowledge and training..and I made lots of mistakes…. It wasn’t always easy….but we both survived and I love her dearly. She is 30 now and living on her own Brooklyn, NY…and almost done with her Masters in Social work…

5. I come from a family of six.
That’s just us kids..we do have two parents….
Two older sisters, Two younger sisters…and a baby brother…ha…hes not such a baby boy anymore but when he was born we were all at least older then 8….and he was our baby boy and we were his mothers…all five of us…Oh yea…my mom was his mother too….tee hee…

6. I Love living in our Motor home. HOMEY you can click here to take a tour
Over eight years ago when my husband suggested the idea…I didn’t think that I would like it…such a small space….no jacuzzi tub…..but he showed me a few of the beautiful Motor homes and that was that….as far as the fireplace and jacuzzi…well…. we can have an outdoor fire and go to a few hot springs…
We sold our home put stuff in my sisters big attic, (Thanks Lori and Tillio) and the furniture we decided to keep is being used by different family members.
I never looked back…what a blast we are having. We get to spend quality time when we are with Family and friends, sometimes parked in their driveways… We call ourselves migrant workers..Lately we have been raking allot of leaves in NC…you might find us gardening, painting,organizing and helping with computer issues…or sometime making dents in peoples sofas….(JEFF)
When we are traveling we always find beautiful places to stay..if we don’t like it …we leave……
We meet others who travel like us and sometimes hook up and travel together…
Ok its not always Rosy dosy…
Sometimes the motor home seems to be a bit small and I SUGGEST..that my husband golf…tee hee…
and sometimes I am not tooo Happy about being in TRAFFIC….or passing big Trucks…or going on curvey roads…or when my husband drives to fast or when….tee get the picture…

(no I don’t drive the motor home…I do know how and am Licenced to drive it..)
and sometimes the motor home needs fixin…that means pack up the car…take the cat and out of the Homey till its fixed.
but otherwise, I love it…and will continue living this lifestyle until we are ready for a fixed foundation.

okey doke …so I did my thing and now I am passing the rules on to you at the bottom of the page here…I will tag you ..soon…
Like I say with all these things…do what you will…dont do it…do it…I dont mind….Your It….

Here are the rules for Six Random Things:

  1. Link to the person who tagged you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
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  4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
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  6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

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Birdie and other Etsy Gifts

Howdee all,
I love Etsy and all the wonderful handcrafted items…
As you know I live in a small Home…and really don’t need anything..but I love to look.
And who knows maybe someone I know might get a gift from Etsy.
I just think its fun to see all the beautiful creations.
Buy Handmade

Whats wrong with this Sparrow?

Howdee all,
I am posting this for

This is my first posting for Bird Photography weekly..I am no photographer by any means..I just use a simple point and shoot thru a homemade digascoping setup.
I was looking for rules on posting..but didn’t find I guess I can submit my humble offerings…tee hee…
When first saw this little chipper..we thought that the feathers were being blown by the wind…but the more I looked…something was not right…Is it a tumor, tick?

The below video is for you Dellare, Sorry but I didnt get the bluebirds yet..
The waxwings in your yard on a gloomy day will have to do for now..