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Birding and Clamming~Chatham, Ma

Howdee all,

While staying in Cape  Cod..

We had a few combo~Kayak~Clamming~Birding trips

Clamming Birding Dinner_001This particular day was foggy..

Clamming Birding Dinner_003We were a bit late for low tide and the tide was coming in quickly…

Jeff had to keep moving the Kayak

Clamming Birding Dinner_008

We also had to keep moving to dig for clams…as the water was creeping up on us.

Clamming Birding Dinner_009There were plenty of birds around

Jeff birded while nephew David and I did the digging.

Birding Clamming_005Some of the Black-bellied Plover were showing nice color

(please let me know if my bird IDs are wrong)

Birding Clamming_007

Short-billed Dowitcher

Birding Clamming_012I watched it for a while….

Birding Clamming_023

As it poked around the rocks….

Birding Clamming_016Finding its lunch….

Birding Clamming_017

  Marbled Godwit~

Birding Clamming_036With a basket full of was time to head

Back to shore..

Clamming Birding Dinner_016Past scenes such as this…

Clamming Birding Dinner_011later that evening

Jeff and David

Shucking Clams and Oysters..

Clamming Birding Dinner_021We had a wonderful Dinner…

Fried Clams and Oysters over pasta

and Steamers!

Clamming Birding Dinner_023

Jeff and I are in Lexington, Ma. now. We are still not in Homey~we hope to pick it up tomorrow.


South Beach Birding~Chatham, MA

Howdee all,

Hope you all are having a nice September.

We have been out of our Homey for one and a half weeks while it is in the repair shop for a minor fender bender..Jeff ran over a big rock a few months ago. We have been staying in Jeff’s sisters home on the Cape during the repair. We are hoping our Homey will be finished today and we will then head just a bit north to Lexington, MA for a few weeks.


Last week Jeff and I went birding South Beach, Chatham again..

This was the second time in a few weeks and it wasn’t our last.

We invited Kathie Brown of Kathie’s Birds to join us. We took the 7am water taxi. We met Matt Malin on the water taxi~he joined us for the day.. and shared his birding knowledge.

south beach little_003

We  decided to leave the bay side and go for do some ocean birding as the tide wasn’t quite right for birding on the bay.

south beach little_011It was a beautiful morning…

We had great views of Parasitic Jaegers and distant views of Wilson’s Storm-Petrel and Northern Gannet

Kathie, hasn’t birded that much on the shore…she started racking up Lifers.

south beach little_012

We were being watched by Gray and Harbor Seals

Birding south beach_036I found tracks in the sand.

Birding south beach_040Coyote tracks..

Birding south beach_041OH NO!

You never know what you might find on the beach….

Birding south beach_047

Nothing we could do to help this naked gal…and..we were rather afraid to touch her.

S0uth Beach_BodySeals hanging out at the shore..

Birding south beach_052Hundreds..

Birding south beach_055I found coyote tracks leading to this carcass..The coyote dragged this away from the shore to eat…the gulls were having a feast on the leftovers.

Birding south beach_057

After great fun birding the ocean side of South Beach we headed to the bay side.

Birding south beach_070Beautiful isn’t it?

south beach little_018Plenty of Tern..

Birding south beach_017Matt helped us with Tern ID~ there were Least, Black, Roseate,Common and Forster’s Tern

Kathie counting more life birds…

Birding south beach_073

Oh lookie here…I love finding hearts. SmileBirding south beach_074

Least Sandpiper

Birding south beach_078

Two Shell fishers~Human and Bird

(American Oystercatcher)

Birding south beach_025We saw many birds…but not the numbers we had hoped for…

Kathie was pleased~ 15 life birds for her this day!

Congrats Kathie!

Birding south beach_081We were running out of time…and had to hurry to catch the 4pm shuttle.

Birding south beach_080On the way back to the shuttle…

We started seeing piles of birds..

Birding south beach_082

We couldn’t stop to give them proper notice..

We had a shuttle to catch and water to wade thru..

Birding south beach_083Jeff and Kathie walked the shore rather than wade thru the water.

Birding south beach_084

We passed

Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs

Birding south beach_091And then this..

Birding south beach_093And this..

Birding south beach_094With no time to sort thru them..

Birding south beach_095Scads of birds…we had to walk by..

Birding south beach_096

To catch our shuttle home…

Birding south beach_087

Such is birding, on a schedule..I need a boat. Smile


Birds of the Day~via Ebirder Kathie Brown

White-winged Scoter
Common Loon
Wilson’s Storm-Petrel
Northern Gannet
Double-crested Cormorant
Great Egret
Snowy Egret
Northern Harrier
Black-bellied Plover
Semipalmated Plover
American Oystercatcher
Greater Yellowlegs
1 western, 2 eastern
Lesser Yellowlegs
Hudsonian Godwit
Ruddy Turnstone
Red Knot
Semipalmated Sandpiper
Least Sandpiper
Short-billed Dowitcher
Laughing Gull
Ring-billed Gull
Herring Gull
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Great Black-backed Gull
Least Tern
Black Tern
Roseate Tern
Common Tern
Forster’s Tern
Parasitic Jaeger
jaeger sp.
Horned Lark
Tree Swallow
Savannah Sparrow
Saltmarsh Sparrow

Thanks Kathie for your wonderful record keeping!

Thanks Matt for your helpful Birding skills!

It was a super day!

Links of the Day

  • Outermost Harbor Ferry

  • Birding on South Beach

  • Kathies blog post on the day

  • Kathies blog post on the Jaegar

  • Kathies post on the Whos hiding on South Beach.

  • ~Annual Smoot and Fine Face Plate Contest~

    Howdee all,

    I am a bit late in posting this..and at the request of nephew Matty..

    Here we go..

    ~Annual Face Plate Contest~held at Pisces Restaurant~

    The Menu


    A few Before photos~

    Local Codfish

    chatham_026Chicken Breast

    chatham_027Fishermans Stew

    chatham_029Yellowfin Tuna

    chatham_030Below are the face plates

    We love to play with our food! Smile

    Please vote on the number plate you like the best.

    Numbers are above the plate.

    Number 1

    chatham_037Number 2

    chatham_040Number 3

    chatham_042Number 4

    chatham_045Number 5

    chatham_050Number 6

    chatham_052Number 7

    chatham_054Number 8

    chatham_055Number 9

    chatham_056Number 10 chatham_059The Artists


    Virtually there~Midwest Birding Symposium

    Howdee all,

    Several months ago I was invited by Bill Thompson to be one of the the Official Bloggers of the Midwest Birding Symposium.

    official blogger

    I declined the offer.  As full time travelers we are away from our families all winter and spring~Summer and Fall is when Jeff and I  like to spend time with our them.

    Time went by and more and more bloggers were talking about going to the MBS ..I started to have second thoughts and asked fellow blogger Kathie if she wanted to drive to the symposium with me. Kathie declined as her son and family would be visiting at the time.

    I am not one to fly unless really necessary~and didn’t want to make the long journey on my own.

    I was bummed that I wasn’t going, especially when Ann Oliver was posting all the tempting tidbits about what would be happening at the Symposium.

    Facebook, Twitter and Blogger friends that were going started to buzz about the event. I was extremely excited for them all..and a bit sad that I would be missing all the fun. I knew that I could follow what they were up to via facebook and twitter. I would know what birds were being seen and what fun everyone was having.

    This morning via Twitter Robert Mortensen~of Birding is Fun blog posted a link


    The Midwest Birding Symposium has gone


    Kudos to whoever thought of this terrific idea. 

    This is a first for me~I haven’t seen this done at other birding events…have you?

    MBS Network

    If you want to see what is going on at the symposium click on the link above.

    They have streams from Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and

    The bloggers!


    I stole this photo from Susan Kailholz-Williams facebook page. Thanks Susan 🙂

    Bloggers at work at the Den of Blogniquity


    Here is a list of some of the bloggers at the Symposium

    Clink on their links to see what they are blogging about..

    The Well-Read Naturalist

    10,000 Birds

    Nature Remains

    The ABA Blog

    Bill of the Birds

    Birding is Fun

    Donald the Birder

    Heather of the Hills

    The Eagle Optics Blog

    GMB – Greg Miller Birding

    Hasty Brook

    Julie Zickefoose

    Nature Knitter

    North American Birding

    The Zen Birdfeeder

    Or just go to the MBS Network website…where you will be..

    Virtually there

    I know I will be checking up on them all!

    Lesser and Great Black-backed Gulls

    Howdee all,

    Tuesday, Jeff and I went birding  to South Beach with Kathie of Kathie’s Birds.

    More on our awesome birding day in another post to come…

    While checking out the Great Black-backed Gulls Kathie spotted a Lesser Black-backed Gull.

    Birding south beach_060

    Adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, which occurs in very small numbers throughout North America, but most frequently along East Coast and Great Lakes, is also similar to Great Black-backed Gull. Lesser Black-backed Gull is significantly smaller and less robust in proportions, and its legs and feet are (usually) yellow, and (in Basic plumage) it has distinctive black streaking on face. Race of Lesser Black-backed Gull typically observed in North America (L. fuscus graellsii) has slate gray, rather than black, back and wings. via The Birds of North America

    Kathie noticed the yellowish feet.

    south beach jeffs_003Jeff digiscoped a few photos.

    south beach jeffs_008Notice the size difference.

    south beach jeffs_011The Lesser is more slate gray than black.

    Birding south beach_062I am still a beginning birder..always something new to learn when out birding.

    Birding south beach_069

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor

    Howdee all,

    Dinner at the Sesuit Harbor Café..overlooking this.

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor_002The moon almost full.

    We sat at the outdoor picnic tables…no indoor seating.

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor_004Its getting a bit chilly to be eating here in the evenings now..

    We lit a candle and each had a blanket for extra warmth.

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor_006We brought a bottle of wine.

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor_008Dinner menu

    Served 4:00 p.m. until Dusk
    Fresh Salads made daily from 4.50 – 18.50
    Check for Nightly Appetizer Specials

    Lobster Roll                                                       served with French Fries and coleslaw                                                 15.95

    Lobster Dinner                                                  Pick your own lobster!                                                                                21.95

    Angus Steak Tips                                             Char-Grilled to Perfection                                                                          14.95

    Grilled Salmon                                                  Topped with a cucumber salsa                                                                14.95

    Fresh Grilled Bass                                                                                                                                                                    15.95

    Baked Stuffed Cod                                           Stuffed with shrimp and scallops                                                              14.95



    Fried Platters
    All battered and deep fried golden brown and served with French Fries & coleslaw

    Clam Platter                         Full platter                          21.95             Half platter                                  13.95

    Scallop Platter                     Full platter                          18.95             Half platter                                   12.95

    Oysters Platter                     Full platter                          18.95             Half platter                                   12.95

    Shrimp Platter                      Full platter                          18.95             Half platter                                   10.95

    Fishermen’s Platter                                                          21.95


    I had a half Scallop platter.

    The Scallops were delicious.

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor_011If you ever are visiting Cape Cod..

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor_015And you want a nice meal and an awesome view.

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor_016The Sesuit Harbor Café..

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor_020

    Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine and a candle.

    Sunset Sesuit Harbor_009

    Birding and Steamers ~

    Howdee all,

    Jeff and I were told to go to Tern Island for birding..

    It is also a place where people go to dig Steamers at low tide.

    Steamers for dinner_003Tern Island is a short five minute Kayak the mud flats.

    Steamers for dinner_001Jeff sister and hubby dug for steamers~they have a yearly license to dig.

    Steamers for dinner_005While they were busy digging for steamers

    Steamers for dinner_010Jeff and I went birding

    There were lots of Semipalmated Sandpipers and Plovers, a few Piping Plovers, Yellowlegs, and Gulls and other shorebirds.

    Steamers for dinner_004When we were done birding

    Steamers for dinner_009They had collected enough for dinner…


    Steamers for dinner_008

    BwBTC outing Plum Island~Join Us

    Howdee all,


    Birders who Blog,Tweet and Chirp Outing


    Saturday, Sept. 24th at 7am-as long as you like..

     Is this a good start time for you all..speak up or the early bird wins.

    Plum Island and Surrounding area

    Meet at Mass Audubon Joppa Flats~

    Click here for Directions.


    Jeff and I were given a gift certificate for a two hour Bird guide service with Jock Purcell.  We thought it would be fun to use it as part of our outing.

    Jock has been kind enough to offer us more time. Jock Purcell was one of the Bird Banders of Joppa Flats who recently banded the Yellow-green Vireo. Read the post here.

    How cool is that?

    Below is a copy of Jocks email to me with suggestions for the day.


    My suggestion is to start on Plum Isl. It fits well with your breakfast plans; moreover, because this is fall migration season, Plum Isl. is where the major action is.

    I won’t be constrained to a strict 2 hrs on the 24th. If it’s 3 or so, no problem.

    If for whatever reason Plum gets worn out, I’d suggest going over to Salisbury Beach State Reservation (north side of river mouth). There are often good migrants there (a mature Avocet has been there for the past 3-4 days.

    Depending on how long you wish to bird on the 24th, Cherry Hill Res. (West Newbury) might be a good spot for very early wintering diving ducks. There are some other options as well.

    The “limit” of 6 is an arbitrary one (d/t space limit for a single van). If there are extra, and someone is willing to drive own car, we could easily do ten. I would suggest a max of 3 vehicles (ergo, 14 in all) for maneuverability purposes.

    For passerines, early AM is best – not such a restriction for shorebirds who eat all day long. If we are birding at  3hrs after high tide (or  3hrs prior) it is worth a stop at River seawall and/or Joppa for birds on the mud flats.

    Seems to me 1st decision is when you wish to start (ie , factoring in you MM’s b’fast.)

    Let me k now your preferred start time (meanwhile I check tide charts). We can go from there.

    I am hoping Christopher Ciccone will be joining us. He was a great leader for the last BwBTC at Plum Island. Christopher?

    I am soooo excited to be seeing old friends and meeting some of you for the first time!

    PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO ATTEND and if you are bringing anyone.

    I need a final head count and we need to exchange phone numbers.

    So far the cast of Characters


    Dawn and Jeff Fine
    John and Sharon Briggs of Birding in Maine
    Cynthia Cage of Living in Brooklyn-Longing for Maine
    Daniel Huber of  Nature Observances

    Susan and Tom Wrublewski of The Nature of Framingham

    Maybe attending~
    Diana Fruguglietti of Travelling birders
    Hilke Breder of One Jackdaw Birding
    Kathie Brown of Kathie’s Birds
    Christopher Ciccone of Picus Blog
    Laura de la Flor of The Interstitial Spaces



    Please email me your phone number and I will email mine in return.


    The Big Year Trailer

    Howdee all,

    Thought I would share this poster and trailer for

    ~The Big Year~

    Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson

    In theaters October 14th


    As a birder, I am excited about this movie and hope its good.

    Enjoy the trailer..then let me know what you think.
    The Big Year by teasertrailer


    Cinema Blend on The Big Year

    Itunes page of The Big Year~download the trailer here

    Wellfleet Audubon~Birding

    Howdee all,

    Jeff and spent a few mornings at the Wellfleet Audubon on Cape Cod.

    See the Bank of Solar panels behind the signs?

    Wellfleet Audubon_006The also use their graywater to water their gardens.

    Wellfleet Audubon_007We took a walk around on our own and also joined a birding walk.

    imageThe morning of the birding walk we saw this family of Bobwhite on the fence, before we started our walk.

    Numbers of Bobwhite are declining with habitat loss on the Cape.

    Wellfleet Audubon_001The center has jelly feeders..

    Wellfleet Audubon_004Baltimore Orioles love Grape Jelly…I was surprised to see them still going to the jelly. I noticed in Ct. at my parents feeders, the Orioles stop going to the jelly a few weeks after their young fledge.

    Wellfleet Audubon_013This was a first for me..have you seen this before?

    Wellfleet Audubon_011Titmouse at a hummer feeder..

    Wellfleet Audubon_008Small pond at the preserve..

    Wellfleet Audubon_007Turtles doing what they do this time of year..

    Welfleet Audubon_005Milkweed pods sending out seed..

    Welfleet Audubon_002We walked the trail looking into the marsh area..

    Wellfleet Audubon_001In the distant marsh I saw ten Great Blue Heron lined up..

    Wellfleet Audubon_002Views to the bay..

    Wellfleet Audubon_004We walked to the bay..birding along the way..

    Here is a link to the list of birds you may see.

    Welfleet Audubon_008

    A group Yellowlegs in the grass on the side of the boardwalk.

    Welfleet Audubon_011

    Welfleet Audubon_009Wellfleet Audubon_009Some other birds sighted..

    Spotted Sandpiper
    Least Sandpiper
    Semipalmated Sandpiper
    Piping Plover
    Semipalmated Plover
    Black bellied Plover
    Short-billed Dowitcher
    Forster’s  Tern
    Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs
    Black-backed Gull
    Laughing Gull

    Wellfleet Audubon_010Beautiful day at Wellfleet Bay Audubon

    Wellfleet Audubon_012