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Christmas Hike and Happy New Year!

Howdee all,

When life has you in a hole…hikes _038

    Or you feel like you are in the outside looking in..(look closely that’s me)..hikes _040

     look to what inspires youhikes _043

    Enriches you

     And brings you joy…hikes _048

From that viewpoint…the rat race looks better…You can find your peace… hikes _049

   And you can go on fulfilled and happy….

hikes _051

I find inspiration when I hike into nature..I find it so much more beautiful than any man made creation…(see Las Vegas below)..

hikes _053

I enjoy the challenges of hiking up boulders

hikes _054

    To the next view..

hikes _057

Calico Tanks…Rocks holding water…

hikes _058

    We went on this hike Christmas Day with Mark and Debbie as our guides..

Ok..I think the rock below looks like a Porchini mushroom..but ..err..hikes _060

Some others may think otherwise….

hikes _061

This hike was supposed to be a short climb up and down…but…we hiked thru an area that was new to us all…this is our hike down…

20 feet drop in this area…YIkes..

thank goodness Mark knows what he is doing and showed us how to get down…

hikes _063

We had several areas that were challenging…this is a hole we had to go way down except thru the hole…

hikes _064

When life gives you challenges….face them…and find joy in the challenge….(Ok i was a bit scared…but it was Fun!)

hikes _065

   Hopefully….you can make it through the challenges….

Safe…and in one piece ..If you need help…ask a friend.

(Thanks Mark for helping us through)hikes _067


I wish you all a Wonderful, Peaceful, Healthy,Joyful

New Year!

May you find Joy in the Challenges of Life


Inspiration from Nature.


Shopping at the Wynn and Encore Casinos

Howdee all,

This is a continuation of my last post..

Fanciful decor of the Encore/Wynn shopping area.

I wont say much..but enjoy your window shopping..

let me know what you want me to pick up for you…Encore_052

Encore_054 Encore_056 Encore_057

A Red dress perhaps? Encore_058

Or a diamond necklace?Encore_059

A diamond watch for the fellows?Encore_060

Some nightclub attire?Encore_062

   I loved this mirror…Encore_064

And this one…Encore_065

Really liked this shop..that offered many interior designs used in the Encore HotelEncore_066 Encore_067 Encore_068 Encore_069

Humm..anyone want to buy me this dresser?Encore_070

Theatre area…Encore_071

Thats all for now…bye from Dawn and Jeff in the mirror……Encore_072

Encore Casino and Hotel

Howdee all,

My new favorite Hotel and Casino on the strip..

These photos just cant capture the color..

the lamps are actually red…the whole casino, hotel awesome shades of Red..Encore_040Awesome design..


Loved all the ChandeliersEncore_001

These are in the shopping area..see the crystal to the right?Encore_004Asian inspired lighting in the casino halls


Butterflies throughoutEncore_005

  Here I use the flash so that you can see the Red Chandlers..without the flash they look pinkEncore_014Entry into the Baccarat roomEncore_025





The peacocks are made of small crystals…







One of the Bars…a Huge Tree Lamp..all in red..

not the pink you see here.


I love the decor..check out the quartz knobs on this dresser

Encore_034 Views of guest check in areaEncore_039  Encore_036

View out to the courtyard

Encore_037 A bar in the casino that looks out into the courtyard..


Gorgeous courtyardEncore_049 Check out the railing with the crystal points …Encore_045

Hope you enjoyed the Pictures of my new favorite Hotel and Casino..

Christmas Bird Count Red Rock

Howdee all,

So how exciting is this..To participate in the Christmas Bird Count at Red Rock Canyon…we were thrilled.Christmas bird count red rock canyon_014We arrived a little before 6am

There were 12 of us in all..we split up into two groups to cover different areas.

Christmas bird count red rock canyon_017  And the set out to find the birds..

First stop Red Springs in Calico Basin…it was pretty quiet..

We did see Phainopepla’s, White Crowned sparrows, Mockingbirds, Rock Wren. Meadowlarks, Juncos

Christmas bird count red rock canyon_021

The next stop was at at water tank bubbler, built years ago by the Corp of Engineers.

We saw distant views of Western Bluebirds and this resident Big Horn sheep.Christmas bird count red rock canyon_022

Christmas bird count red rock canyon_026A four wheel drive to another birding spot brought, Juniper titmice, tons of American Robins, Coopers Hawk, Juncos, Yellow rumped warblers, RavensChristmas bird count red rock canyon_029 And Scenic beauty

Christmas bird count red rock canyon_030

With these sights…its ok that it wasn’t too birdieChristmas bird count red rock canyon_032 Our Coopers…

Christmas bird count red rock canyon_034

From there both groups of six met at Spring Mountain Ranch state park.

A resident Roadrunner greets us.

Christmas bird count red rock canyon_037 The group split up again..some of us birded the pond while others walked the trail.

See the tiny dots on the pond..

Mostly coot…

Christmas bird count red rock canyon_039 Christmas bird count red rock canyon_040  Again..who cares about lack of birds..Christmas bird count red rock canyon_044Loggerhead shrike allowed me great views.. Christmas bird count red rock canyon_046   A distant Great blue heron…hunting for chipmunks?Christmas bird count red rock canyon_052 As we have lunch the resident Roadrunner comes out and asks for a handout…

Sorry …we don’t feed wild animals..Christmas bird count red rock canyon_059 We leave the park and travel a bit further to a see what we can see..

more beautiful views…but..slow birding..

Christmas bird count red rock canyon_065 Onto the town of Blue Diamond…

I felt we should have spent more time here…lots more birds..but we just did a very brief stop thru town to find the Mexican Black-throated Magpie Jay..

The story that the ranger told us was that the Jay was spotted in town after a hurricane in the south about 4 years ago…and has been here since..Escapee..maybe..

We found the bird ..we had obstructed views….but Wow…what an incredibly cool bird with its long tail and tufted head.

jeffs pics_001We are going out again with my twitter friend @Patbumstead from Canada and Bird Canada Blog she is visiting family in the area..

We are hoping for some good views of this Jay. jeffs pics_006We did find a few sleepy Eurasian Collared doves hanging out..Christmas bird count red rock canyon_069

A Red-naped sapsucker was another good find in town..

the visit was so brief..cant wait to go back and see what else we can find in town..

We finished the count at 2pm

Total bird species of the day 47

Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center

Howdee all,

Its been about 4 years since we visited Vegas, Red rock Canyon area.

There is a new visitor center.

Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center (4)

With an amazing window that captures the panoramic viewRed Rock Canyon Visitors Center (3)

    Isn’t this so cool!Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center (6)

While visiting the new Center we found out that there were a group going out the following day for the Christmas Bird count!

We signed up …

Next post..

the count!

Homey renovations

Howdee all,

Finally I have put together a few pictures of the Redo on Homey.

My computer crashed and I lost most of the before pictures.. so, I am just posting the after pictures.

The window box fabric has been changed as well as the sofa and pillows.homeys redo_018

The Living room area window boxes..a Faux silk on top with embroidery and faux suede on the sides.homeys redo_005 I used some of the extra tiles to add a bit of accent

homeys redo_015

See the kitchen Glass tiles? The back splash used to be strip mirrors…outdated and a pain to keep looking clean.homeys redo_027  Here you can see how all the colors blend nicelyhomeys redo_032 We used the same glass tiles for the Bathroom.homeys redo_035 New Window coverings in the Toilet area..and sheershomeys redo_011Bedroom Roman shades  homeys redo_040

Close up of the fabric..both faux silk..the top with little knots throughouthomey redo_002  Roman Shade above the bed and the wood end table tops replaced with Corian.

homeys redo_042The entry….Glass tiles and linoleum steps.

homeys redo_022

 I am loving everything…only thing that bothers me is that you can see some roll marks on the back left side of the sofa….where the chenille fabric had been rolled up.

I am hoping it will eventually work its way out…


Thanks to Millie and Family from Millie’s Draperies, Junction City, Oregon for the fantastic job on our Sofa and Window treatments. 503-689-0066

Thanks to David and Chad from  Rutherford RV Service in Junction City, Oregon for the tile work! Awesome job. 541-359-8489

Thanks to Sean from Davis Cabinets, Junction City, Oregon for the corian nightstands and cabinet refinishing…always a pleasure to work with.

And a special thanks to Carrier and Sons RV service Center for getting our Homey running smoothly and on the road again…Best place to bring your coach in for any type of RV work.  541-461-1673

Dawn Goes horseback riding

Howdee all,

My second time on a horse…

A neighbor of Mark and Debbie’s likes to take a ride everyday…she has two horses..and likes to exercise the other..

So she invited me to ride.

This is the horse i am riding…Jeannie

horseback riding with merrilee_001View while ridinghorseback riding with merrilee_002 I was a little concerned about uphill’s with all the loose rock..

but..Merilee took it easy knowing it was my first timehorseback riding with merrilee_003 Jeannie was a very mellow horse she knew the area well .

Jack the dog..followed us..

horseback riding with merrilee_004 Petroglyphs horseback riding with merrilee_006 Rocky path…I didn’t take any pics of the real rocky ups and downs..

to busy concentrating..though i probably didn’t need to do that..Jeannie was quite capablehorseback riding with merrilee_007 Merilee and Shiloh horseback riding with merrilee_009   Me on Jeannie..Turtle peak in the background.    horseback riding with merrilee_016

It was a nice ride..though, I prefer hiking……..

Merry Christmas from the Bellagio

Howdee all,

Merry Christmas to all our friends who celebrate this holiday.

Jeff and I took a tour around the Bellagio when our nephew David was in town.

Check out the polar bear decked out in flowers..Belagio Christmas_002

I don’t normally like going to the strip and the casinosBelagio Christmas_007

But…I love looking at the decor. The Bellagio does an amazing job.

I adore these huge sparkly stars!

Belagio Christmas_015

So festive!Belagio Christmas_037This is the reception area…gorgeous courtyard!Belagio Christmas_042Love this!Belagio Christmas_043

Enjoy the video below and watch the amazing star in action.

Calico Hike when nephew David was visiting

Howdee all,

Last week our nephew David was here with some college buddies.

We took David for a hike into Calico Basin.

Mark and Debbie led the way.calico hike w David_004

calico hike w David_005

Top of the pass Deb stops to rest calico hike w David_006

   I cant get enough of the colorscalico hike w David_008

Some of the striped rock with the orange and yellowscalico hike w David_009

   hiking down to the washcalico hike w David_011   

In the washcalico hike w David_017

    A look behind calico hike w David_020

A close up of the Rocks in the sunshinecalico hike w David_021

  We stop in the wash to enjoy the viewscalico hike w David_022

Striped and dotted rocks surround us calico hike w David_023

   down thru a rock crevicecalico hike w David_025

   Mark shows us how its done!calico hike w David_027

   And another..David takes his turncalico hike w David_029

And the Jeffcalico hike w David_030

A view back of turtle headcalico hike w David_031

Almost home..distant views of Vegascalico hike w David_032

Vegas viewscalico hike w David_033

  Cloud peeks over beyond the wash we hiked in…calico hike w David_034

Yet another Great hike!

Hiking in Calico Basin

Calico Basin Hike

We set out for a 2 hour hike..Mark and Debbie know the route..we hike from their home to a trail up the street.

I am in love with these red rocks..sometimes orange…sometimes red…

calico basin walk _014

It was a beautiful clear snowed the day before…calico basin walk _015 The snow sticks in the higher elevations and in low light areas

calico basin walk _016

We walk on huge red rock boulderscalico basin walk _018Golden and Reds.. calico basin walk _019 Higher towards the blue skycalico basin walk _020 Hi Jeff and Deb! calico basin walk _021    Looks like we are going to do some bouldering

calico basin walk _024    Yep..I love this partcalico basin walk _028 Not much height..but a fun scramblecalico basin walk _029  A red rock chair..time for a break..

calico basin walk _031  A view of where we came from..if you enlarge the photo and zoom in you can see our Homey in the valley the right of the first white house on the left.

Beyond the valley and over the mountain range is Vegascalico basin walk _033  We start heading down and around the mountain…colder and more snow..calico basin walk _035  Crystals in the snowcalico basin walk _037We hike toward the red rock thru the valley   calico basin walk _040 ice crystal formations on the snow..calico basin walk _041 calico basin walk _042 looking back into the sun from where we came..calico basin walk _045Thru a wash…  calico basin walk _047I love the striped rocks…Candy cane..   calico basin walk _050 to make the hike shorter..we need to hike back upcalico basin walk _051more rock scrambling  calico basin walk _052   Jeff in the crevicecalico basin walk _055Almost at the top  calico basin walk _056Ahh…now its downhill from here…  calico basin walk _058  Back to the road .looking  back to where we hiked…almost home

calico basin walk _064