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Happiest of New Years

Howdee all,

From my Family to Yours…

   Wishing you all

A Wonderful New Year filled with Love and Laughter

Here is my ecard to you all.

I love Care2cards…Butterfly credits are given when you send cards and support causes…the credits can be used to help other causes.

click on the link above to see the card I chose for all of you that read my blog..thank you


I made a thirty second video of our Christmas Road trip using a cool site called Animoto.. I saw my blogger friend Andrew had a video he made for his post Backyard Birds Rock!! and I thought it was cool so I gave it a try myself. Any video over thirty seconds requires a paid membership.

Create your own video slideshow at

We are still in Ct. but will be leaving soon on our journey back to Homey and NC.

Have a great New Years Eve!


Bubble fun

Howdee all,

This is what 80 year olds do all day…hee hee..

Ok not really.

Muther buys bubbles for the dog to dads _040

I decided to try and take photos of the bubblesmom dads _042

It wasn’t easy …mom dads _028 I was running around chasing these bubbles…and sometimes got the camera too close

which made them pop on the lens of my camera…whoops..

mom dads _027I loved the colors in the dads _031I think I will try this again.

With other backgrounds..

mom dads _019

So ..we are still in CT..

and will be here at least until the end of the month..then we head to Cape Cod for a week before going to Acadia National park with our daughter.

Lately, on our morning walk around the neighborhood we have added a few young walkers…and an occasional unleashed dog..

mom dads _015

Visting Mom and Dad

Howdee all,

We arrived in CT and are now parked in the driveway of the home I grew up in from the age of three.

My parents have been in this home for over 50 years. Ct_051

My Dad is a keen gardener…one of his passions…


There are nesting Chickadees, Baltimore Orioles and a nest of Robins.

My mother showed me where the Robins chickies are…

Ct_005 Only about three feet off the ground..I was surprised to see the nest that low.

One chick fledged this morning..I expect they will all leave today.


Yesterday we had our annual Family Picnic…Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Sisters and brother.Ct_009  Our daughter Samarrah came to visit…:)

It was a wonderful day with family that flew by too quickly…Ct_016And here is my Lovely muther…she will probably be mad I am showing a photo of her..She is over 80 and now the Matriarch of the family, since Grandma passed away.

Doesn’t she look awesome!  Ct_012So…

for the next month we will be busy here with gardening, taking muther shopping, Visiting sickstas and brother…watching the birds that come to the feeders…

Time for family…

And just enjoying Summer in New England..Ct_042

Too much partying before New Years Eve and what the heck is this white stuff!

HOwdee all
Its not yet time for our New Years Eve celebration…and we are all tired and napping…
I guess that happens we you are fifty…or nearly fifty plus…and eat too much and play to much.

Check out my father and the his dog sleeping on him….She is not a small dog.

And what the blinking blazes is this all about! I guess with all our visiting with family we weren’t prepared for this darn snowy white stuff, and the darn blowing wind chill…..Yikes!
OK…it is pretty, I grew up in this pretty. I guess, coming from the warmth of North Carolina where we were for the past month…..we are being big babies…and my sister and I are whining about the cold…wondering what the heck we are doing up here in New England…tee hee..

We are going to Sister Loris for New Years party tonight…if we aren’t snowed in.

Heading south tomorrow…A quick stop in NYC to have lunch with our daughter…then high tail it south to some warmer weather…Jeff and I will be in Palm Beach area on Sunday!
We will be on the road tomorrow…
To my Bloggy Friends
I wish you all a Happy, Healthy,Prosperous, Wonderful New Year!

Baby its cold outside!

Howdee all,
As a native New Englander I always thought that I would love the winters. I used to adore cross country skiing and other snow activities. Dreamed of a white Christmas……
When we first started full time living in our motor home we carried cross country skis.
We no longer carry our Skis with us.
We found out our motor home doesn’t do the best in cold conditions…condensation..bit of ice building up in the corners of the slide rooms….hence the little cartoon i drew of us and our kitties snuggled in bed. Burrrrrrrrrrrr.
I also have found that since we are able to move our home where we want it…that i prefer to go somewhere that is warmer ..somewhere where I could be outside all day if i want and not be uncomfortable.
We don’t always choose the warmest places. We love birding in Southern Arizona and it can be chilly in the winters…and yes we have had snow there!
We love to hike and bird and recently bought ourselves a nice Scope for birding..
This year after visiting with family… We will Spend our winter in Florida, birding,hiking and beach combing.
But until then we are in Connecticut until new years day.

So here we are…it is Lovely…BUT
Baby its cold outside!

Christmas Day with the Simmons Clan

HOWdee all,

We have been having a great time in Connecticut visiting with my Family. We drove up from North Carolina in the car…left our nice Homey in North Carolina.

Anyway Jeff, my sister Adele and my fur ball kittie and I are here at my parents home for a few more days before heading south again .
Back to our Homey on wheels…and South for the winter,
Where we will beach comb, bird and have a grand ole time.

Jeff and me

The livingroom gets full when packed with our family.

some computer gaming

from left top row…Mom…me…niece tara…sister Tammy
second row..Sister Lori, Nephews wife Missy
third and bottom row..sister Adele and brothers wife Barbara

Four Sisters…one missing(she is in Montana)
Tammy, Adele, Me, Lori

Watch Hill, Napatree Point


Had a wonderful day at Napatree Point, Watch Hill, Rhode Island with Mom, Dad, Lori, Attillio, John and Barb.
Check out Loris Video below….

Family Picnic, sea glass, toes and swimming…

More video coverage of the annual…

Family Picnic….

Family Picnic at Eastern Point Beach

Howdee all..

I am posting the first video from our family picnic…It is called
Hi Adele…

More to come…

Napatree Point with Mom and Dad


Jeff, Mom, Dad and I went for a nice walk on Thursday..

check out the video…