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Help for a friend


Howdee all,

As most of you know our friend Linda @Rockwellatty tragically lost her husband.


A trust has been created called,

The Rockwell-Norris Irrevocable Protective Family Trust

If you are interested in contributing to this trust in order to help Linda Rockwell and her son,

Contributions to the trust may be made by check or money order to:

The Rockwell-Norris Irrevocable Protective Family Trust


 Send to Address below

The Rockwell-Norris Irrevocable Protective Family Trust
c/o Ed Robertson
6000 Montgomery Blvd. NE,
Albuequerque, New Mexico 87109


Thank you.




Burros@ Red rock Canyon, Calico Basin,Vegas

Howdee all,

A few forgotten photos…

Taken this past winter in one of our favorite place to hike and take in the Red rocks.

Right outside of the city limits of Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon.

calico basin walk _059“Burros evolved in the deserts of northern Africa where the average rainfall is about two inches a year. Two populations of burros from northern Africa that were separated from each other by natural barriers are attributed with being the ancestors of today’s feral burro in the American southwest. These are the Nubian and the Somalian. The Nubian’s characteristics are a black stripe across the shoulders and another down the middle of the back giving the appearance of a cross when viewed from above. The Somalian has leg stripes on both front and hind legs resembling a zebra’s markings. These characteristic differences may be seen in the numerous individual burros which freely roam Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.”calico basin walk _060   These are the Nubians..calico basin walk _061”Early explorers brought both horses and burros to the New World. Some of these animals were released or escaped to the deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico. With the discovery of more gold and silver in the 1800’s, miners brought more burros with them. These animals added to the small early populations and began to breed and increase in numbers. At one time more than 10,000 wild burros were found in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Today there are about 7,000 burros in this region.”calico basin walk _063”Burros have only two natural predators. The mountain lion preys on all burros. The coyote usually preys on the young, very old, crippled or sick animals as nature’s way of maintaining a healthy population. With today’s reduced number of mountain lions, there are few natural predators to check the growth of wild burro populations. “  calico basin walk _066

“Wild burros can be domesticated. When burros are removed from the Red Rock Canyon area, they are adopted by individuals through the BLM’s adoption program. If you are interested in the Bureau’s wild horse and burro management efforts or you wish to adopt a wild horse or burro, please contact:”

Bureau of Land Management
Las Vegas District Office
PO Box 26569
Las Vegas, NV 89126

calico basin walk _067

We are having a great time in CT with my family and visits with our daughter.

This week we head to Cape Cod to visit Jeff’s side of the family..then a week in Acadia National park with our daughter.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer.

What? No birds or flowers?? #AdamLambert

Howdee all,

Went to my first Adam Lambert Concert last night with some of my family.

adam Lambert concert_019

I thought he was great when on American Idol.

I love him even more after last nights concert.

Wow..what a performer…not to mention his vocal range.

He sells out most venues he goes to..this was no exception..

The crowd loves him!

My sicsksta called to get tickets as soon as they were available..and still we were sitting way up on the balcony..

It didn’t matter to me..he was Awesome.

So… enjoy the video clips below…

Sorry about the poor video quality..I had my little point and shoot and we were quite far away…adam Lambert concert_039

Still…I think you will enjoy…turn up the volume..

Adam Lambert


Sickstas…what is the name of this slow song?


What do you want from me..clip


Hibiscus Rum runner

     Howdee all,

Here is another one of my flower favorites this season.

I found this beauty at Big Bloomers flower farm..where Sicksta Adele works.

I was there in the late afternoon and the flower was a beautiful rummy yellow with a magenta center.

The flower is about eight inches across.

I had several people come up to me while in the store in awe of the flower and wanting me to show them where to get one.

What’s so very cool about it is that it changes colors.


Check out this link to see more photos and information.

“9 a.m. — Rum Runner hibiscus starts out the morning with varying shades of magenta on the outside. As colors progress inward, they become lavenders, a starburst-like splash of iridescent blue and then a dark burgundy eye in the center.

bluff pt, mom and dads_005bluff pt, mom and dads_006

 “Noon — Rum Runner’s outer petals change to oranges and reds with a hint of yellow. The lavender becomes a subtle purple, but there is still a hint of blue that is a little lighter by midday.

mom and dads_005

“3 p.m. — By mid-afternoon, the Rum Runner has switched to a bright yellow pastel with a blush pink where the lavender had been prominent in the morning. The dark burgundy in the center remains throughout the day. The flowers last until dark, then close for the night and repeat their performance the next day.

birds and big bloomers_028

A real beauty.birds and big bloomers_031

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Lantana

Howdee all,

Hope you enjoy this short video I took of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly that visits my Lantana.


Lantana “Sonset” Bees,Butterflies and more.

Howdee all,

I bought this beautiful hanging plant

Lantana Sonset

The colors change ..pinks, oranges and yellows..just beautiful.

mom and dads_012 mom and dads_014

Lantana Sonset 

Category: Sun-loving perennial, butterfly & hummingbird magnet, deer resistant



Exposure:Full Sun or Partial Shade

Bloom Color:Yellow, orange, red, rose

Bloom Period:Late Spring through Fall!

Water:Low once established

Foliage: Handsome, dark green

Zone: 7-10 mom dads _008 Great for attracting bees, butterflies and and dads_018Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly mom and dads_025 mom and dads_031  Just as beautiful on the underside….mom and dads_035

Bubble fun

Howdee all,

This is what 80 year olds do all day…hee hee..

Ok not really.

Muther buys bubbles for the dog to dads _040

I decided to try and take photos of the bubblesmom dads _042

It wasn’t easy …mom dads _028 I was running around chasing these bubbles…and sometimes got the camera too close

which made them pop on the lens of my camera…whoops..

mom dads _027I loved the colors in the dads _031I think I will try this again.

With other backgrounds..

mom dads _019

So ..we are still in CT..

and will be here at least until the end of the month..then we head to Cape Cod for a week before going to Acadia National park with our daughter.

Lately, on our morning walk around the neighborhood we have added a few young walkers…and an occasional unleashed dog..

mom dads _015

Gulf Oil “spill” can we help by saying we are sorry?

Howdee all,

Ochclochnee bay 372 (6)

The email below was sent to me by my Sister and brother in Law yesterday.

I know many of us feel helpless in what’s going on in the Gulf with the Oil pouring out into the oceans affecting wildlife.

This may be a bit esoteric for many..but I think some positive energy would be good at this point.

Too much negative energy may push us in the wrong direction. I am not saying it is wrong to be angry..lets be angry..but lets also balance that out with some positive energy.

  I would love to get my scientific friends opinion on the video in the link below..and what do you think of the Dr Emoto’s theory’s?

Click on this link to go to Dr. Emoto’s page on this issue and a video on alternative energy.


Dr. Masaru Emoto is the scientist from Japan who has done all the research

and publications about the characteristics of water. Among other things,

his research revealed that water physically responds to emotions.

Many people have predominantly angry emotions when we consider what is happening in the Gulf.

And while justified in that emotion, we may be of greater assistance to our planet and its life forms

if we sincerely, powerfully and humbly pray the prayer that Dr. Emoto, himself, has proposed.

I am passing this request to people I believe may be willing to participate in this prayer,

to set an intention of love and healing that is so large, so overwhelming

that we can perform a miracle in the Gulf of Mexico.

We are not powerless. We are powerful.

Our united energy, speaking this prayer daily…multiple times daily…

can literally shift the balance of destruction that is happening.

We don’t have to know how…we just have to recognize

that the power of love is greater than any other power active in the Universe today.stgeorgelastday (14)

“I send the energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all living creatures

in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.

To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, plankton,

corals, algae … to ALL  living creatures … I am sorry.

Please forgive me. Thank you.

I Love You.”

Please join me in often repeating this Healing Prayer by Dr. Emoto’s.

Feel free to send it around the planet. Lets take charge … and do our own clean up.


Click on the below link..very interesting!!!

Read more how thoughts affect water here very interesting……not quite sure what to think..but I am open minded.

The link above shows how emotions affect water..with photos.

Ochclochnee bay 372 (37)

Cactus Wrens in Love

Howdee all,

I have been posting a few of my favorite videos..I took this one this past spring in Arizona.

This video is longer than the last few..but hang in there ..i think you will enjoy…

This sweet little story of….

Cactus Wrens in Love


Hooded Warbler

Howdee all,

I took this short clip while birding Padre Island during spring migration.

I just added music via Utubes insight which doesn’t allow you to have the music slowly fade out…oh well..I liked the song..

And again….

This is a handheld camera and I am a shaker…my husband is always telling me I should try to be more steady while filming…

Oh well…