Ten Years fulltiming in an RV!~ 2001

Howdee all,

  I didn’t start blogging until 2005..so many of the photos from when we first started RVing are in folders on my computer, collecting cyber dust.

I thought I would share some of these old photos.

Wow! These are ten years old!

Yikes! We have been living full time in a Motorhome for 10 wonderful years!

Rving was new to us~We had allot to learn.

We picked up our Homey early September in Junction City, Oregon..

~Country Coach Factory~

countrycoachfactoryA Motorhome being made..countrycoachfactory1Our Homey being born..

ournewhomeThe inside of Homey being made for us..

ournewhome1Wow~seems like yesterday~

ournewhome2After taking delivery of our new Homey on wheels and spending the months of September thru the beginning of November working out the kinks and exploring Eugene Oregon and the Oregon coast, We headed to Northern California then Las Vegas to visit with friends.

Red Rock Canyon~Las Vegas

redrockA favorite place of mine..

redrock1I love hiking amongst the huge boulders and red rocks…

rrockYou would never know the Las Vegas strip is only a 20 minute drive away.

rrock1See it in the distance?

rrock2Notice all the pictures of me?

Jeff took all the photos back then.

rrock4We spent some time in Vegas visiting with friends and checking out the hotels..the weather was warm and so different than our Decembers in New England.

I looked so much younger 10 years ago… 🙂


Jeff and I posing for a Christmas and Hanukkah greeting~

The first away from our families.

Copy of bellagiotree

We did spend time with one special family member…and it wasn’t in Vegas.

Will post photos of our first Christmas in our Homey on Wheels soon.

PS~I still have that fake fur vest 🙂


21 responses to “Ten Years fulltiming in an RV!~ 2001

  1. Oh, what a GREAT post!!
    It's neat to see the “birth” of Homey 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you and Jeff many, many more happy miles… and looking forward to reading your blog posts and seeing your photos!

  3. Lot of miles on that old girl (the RV not you…lol). You're still the youngster in the pictures.

  4. Wow,10 years. Congrats! Looks like you had Homey custom built. Nice. I'm surprised you're in the same RV. Must be a good one. Although we know they all have their problems. I've lived in 8 RVs in 14 years.
    You'll always look younger because of your lifestyle. 😉

  5. Congrats on getting tenure…

  6. That's a remarkable anniversary! Congratulations and best of luck with all your future explorations!

  7. Wow, Ten years! Any plans on retiring from the RV life any time? That would have been really fun watching your homey being born!

  8. Great post Dawn. We would LOVE to do what you are doing! Congratulations on your 10th year 🙂

  9. Great post and congrats on your 10th year in your RV homey. I love the red rock photos. You are very lucky to be doing your fulltime RV-ing. Have fun in your next 10 years, there is so much out there to explore. Wonderful photos, have a great weekend!

  10. Happy 10 year anniversary – very neat to see how it started


  11. Congrats on 10 years on the road, Dawn! You and Jeff inspire me with your commitment to travel and adventure.

  12. Thanks friends for stopping by and commenting.

    I still cant believe it had been ten years.
    Seems like yesterday we were just picking up Homey.

    We plan on keeping Homey as long as it keeps us and stays running.
    So far so good.

    No plans for settling down any time soon.
    Anyway~we could never decide where it would be.

    This way we never have to decide…hee hee

    Thanks again for coming along for the ride!

  13. I LOVED THIS. I had no idea you got to see your homey at the birthin' like that! That's really special.

    Oh… why the role reversal on the camera–because you started blogging?

    I always like knowing when you're in NC so that I can watch for you. So I should be looking under trees for now, huh?

    Happy weekend!

  14. Dawn you DO look so young and so pretty. I can see why Jeff married you! Not only are you pretty, you are smart, kind, and adventurous! and your BEST quality is your compassionate heart. It takes a whole country to hold it! I LOVE seeing these old photos!

  15. …fun post! What a great way to go through life–fun and adventure nonstop!!

  16. Those photos are great–interesting the way they make the RV. You do look so young. Bet you will make another 10 years on wheels.

  17. This is such a fun post! Happy 10 year anniversary! How great that you were able to see the building process of your fabulous homey. It's fun looking back at old photographs, isn't it? Wishing you another happy 10 years full of love and adventures traveling in your homey!

  18. Happy anniversary, Dawn!

    My parents lived in a motorhome (an Ultravan) for almost 10 years, too; some of the best years of their lives. I only dream of doing it. Maybe some day!

  19. Great post Dawn, I love learning more about you! I wonder, were you newly narried in that holiday photo? The sparks between you & Jeff are visible even behind those sun glasses. You were a babe (still are). Thanks too for the clue to red rocks beyond Vegas. Happy holidays to you both..

  20. Thanks everyone for your Anniversary good wishes on our 10 years living fulltime in our Motorhome..

    merrilymarylee ~Jeff took the stills for many years~I had a video cam and took the video for the blog..at some point I got myself a point and shoot camera and that was it…I took over. Jeff still takes a few photos here and there..not many.

    Awwww..thanks so much..You are so sweet! :)))

    Cindy~ Ha..thanks..not that babe anymore..but..thats ok. Older and Wiser is pretty good!

    Thanks again everyone! I will be going thru my old photos all winter and posting some more nostalgia.

  21. WOW! Congrats on the milestone and wishing you many more!!! 🙂

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