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High Island,Texas migration Mecca

Howdee all,

Jeff and I left the Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday and headed north.

We traveled through roadsides littered with wildflowers.Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_004


first night on our way to High Island we stayed in Matagorda.Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_005

The following morning we went to the  nature park and joined a bird walk.Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_008

We saw many migrants, Painted and Indigo buntings, Summer and Scarlet Tanagers,

and a few warblers..

We saw five Common night hawk flying and then spotted them all sitting on these posts.

We left after the bird walk anxious to continue our trip to High Island.IMG_4196So here we now are..on High Island, north of Galveston, a migration Mecca.

The first day we arrived we went straight to Boy Scout woods..and were treated to scads of birds ..we didn’t know where to look first.

We saw Cerulean, Magnolia, Canada and other warblers..Scarlet and Summer tanagers, Rose-breasted grosbeaks everywhere. Swanson’s thrush’s by the 100s..

Today was much slower..must have had a flight out last night.

I will post on the different birding areas later..

Until then…

Enjoy the funny bunny

IMG_4203He or she stood like this for over three minutes.IMG_4202


Padre Island Birding, The Big Sit

Howdee all,

Sunday Jeff and I went to Padre Island to observe and help the Big Sit Team for the

Great Texas Birding Classic

“The Great Texas Birding Classic (GTBC), sponsored by the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, is a friendly, but serious birding for conservation tournament. It is held each year during April to coincide with the spectacular spring bird migration in Texas. During the tournament, teams vie to see who can spot and record the most bird species in a given time period. The adult teams with the highest species counts win the privilege of choosing the conservation projects that will be awarded Conservation Grant Grand Prizes.

To date, the GTBC has contributed $686,000 directly to avian habitat conservation along the Texas gulf coast through the Conservation Grant funding. Prior to each year’s competition, organizations submit conservation project proposals to win funding through the grants awarded by the winning teams.” from

Team: Groovy Billed Anis

Terry Fuller, Michael O’Brien, Marci Fuller, Scott Whittle, Ben Lizdasthe big sit Groovy billed Anis_006

Big Sit! Tournament Rules
• The Big Sit! Tournament will begin and end between midnight and midnight (a 24-hour calendar day) on
Sunday, April 25, 2010, regardless of the section of the coast birded.
• Teams with 1 to 10 people (all ages) watch birds from pre-defined 17-foot-diameter circles for up to 24 hours.
Circles can be anywhere within the 41-county Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail area.
• All teams will compete against each other, regardless of area birded.
• All birds must be confirmed by at least one team member. Only birds seen or heard from within the circle can
be counted.
• If a bird is seen or heard from within the circle but is too distant to identify, it is permissible to leave the circle
to get a closer look/listen for confirmation. However, any new bird seen or heard while confirming the original
can’t be counted unless it’s seen or heard from an “anchor” who stayed behind in your circle, or when you
return to your spot.
• The participants can work in shifts. No one person needs to be there throughout the whole Big Sit!
Tournament. You may leave and return to the area as frequently as desired, but you must be sure to return to
the exact spot each time. The same circle must be used for the entire Big Sit! Tournament.

the big sit Groovy billed Anis_013

Jeff and I arrived a bit later than we had intended, we stopped to do some birding at Sheepshead Road on the Island. Lots of new migrants were around, sparrows galore, it was hard to leave.

When we arrived the team was busy locating birds…some of the team members had been at the spot since midnight…

the big sit Groovy billed Anis_008

the big sit Groovy billed Anis_002

Jeff and I looked at the list and tried to find a few birds that the team needed.

We did spot at least one flycatcher for them, and pointed it out with my trusty mirror.

I use the mirror, by catching the sunlight, which then sends a beam of the reflected light in the direction i point the mirror..thus showing where the bird is.. I find it much easier than trying to describe where the bird is. The drawback is this only works when there is sunlight..wont work on cloudy days.

I would like to buy a laser pointer as well for those days when there is no sun.

The area was very birdie..lots of migrants coming thru…scads of sparrows and Kingbirds..I walked around hoping to see something needed by the team.

Yellow-breasted Chat

big sit birds_001 Acadian flycatcher…added to the listbig sit birds_025 Cedar waxwingbig sit birds_022 Summer Tanagerbig sit birds_030 This one seemed much darker than the Summers I have seen ..big sit birds_029big sit birds_031

I noticed a group of birders and photographers gathered ..

big sit birds_052 So I went to see what they were looking at..

at least fifty buntings..big sit birds_062

Painted and Indigobig sit birds_054One Lazuli buntingbig sit birds_056Butterflies were out and about…big sit birds_070 Ruby-crowned Kinglet

big sit birds_036 Chestnut-sided warblerbig sit birds_027This Great-tailed grackle cracked me up..It was doing this strange pose…lasting for a minute or looked like it was doing a yoga pose or faking an ailment…it repeated this pose over and over each time it stayed in the pose as if frozen in time..

The Black-bellied whistling duck thought the grackle was a bit of a show off..

big sit birds_023Starting to get dark…the team need more birds..

The Hooded warblers of last week are no where to be seen, neither are the Roseate Spoonbills.

the big sit Groovy billed Anis_012

Jeff and I take to the boardwalk in hopes of finding something new..

Short-billed Dowitchers-already listedbig sit birds_010 Black-bellied whistling duck –already listedbig sit birds_018Laughing Gulls –already listed

big sit birds_037 Great Blue Heron-already listedbig sit birds_050 Yellow-crowned night Heron –already listedbig sit birds_047Nothing new to add to the teams list..

The sun was setting…the big sit Groovy billed Anis_011A few thrushes decided to come out from under the brush.. one more tick to the list..

the big sit Groovy billed Anis_019

As the sunsets the team looks for silhouettes and listens for calling birds..

It was getting very exciting..I hear talk of just a few more birds needed for some record..would they get them?the big sit Groovy billed Anis_021The mosquitoes start to come out in droves,Jeff has a dental appointment in Mexico the next day so we decide to leave. It was difficult to pull ourselves away from this birding team..Amazing birders…

As we left they were watching the moon for passing migrating birds…and listening for bird calls.the big sit Groovy billed Anis_017

Their final count was record-breaking, and just shy of the all-time any-place Big Sit record

You can read here for all the Totals

The team won First place for number of species 143 species

Thanks Marci for inviting us to take part in the Big Sit. We may take you up on your offer and help again in 2012.

Santa Ana and Quinta Mazatlan Birding, TX

Howdee all,

Guess what we did today?…..Yep..More birding.

We returned to Santa Ana in hopes of finding the Hook-billed Kite.

We didn’t find the Kite..we did see lots of other birds..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_101

For the second time in two days we saw the Groove-billed Ani..

An couple from Great Britain had noticed one as it went for a drink in the dike..

This bird from a distance could be mistaken for a Great-tailed Grackle..

I wonder how many I have missed…jeffs ani_001

We were lucky to see not only one..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_012But , two…how exciting…

santa ana and quinta matzatlan_032I don’t know why this one was fanning its wings…I think it may have been trying to dry them after taking a dip..or maybe it was some mating dance…

We had fun watching both birds for over a half hour…santa ana and quinta matzatlan_042  I wanted to visit Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen.

Christopher from Picusblog suggested we visit…Thanks Christopher!

What a great little park in the middle of town.santa ana and quinta matzatlan_013

Garden Gate..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_014 Green Jay tiles on either side of the gate..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_010  We followed the trails…a small but very nice park..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_020Feeding stations set up in many areas of the garden..

Lots of nice water features as well..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_004

While sitting and watching birds near the feeders…we heard some squawking..

I found the birds..

Green Parakeets…Life Birds..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_051They looked like a very nice couple…cuddling  santa ana and quinta matzatlan_070and kissing..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_068 On our way out of the park, I stopped to look at a Golden-fronted woodpecker..

Jeff said is that an owl? I looked at the tree and thought it was just part of the tree …

not an owl…

santa ana and quinta matzatlan_096 Until I looked at it with my binos..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_098

And saw that it indeed, was an owl

Eastern Screech Owl…Life bird!santa ana and quinta matzatlan_099 Does anyone know what type of fungus this is?

santa ana and quinta matzatlan_019

Another Great day of birding in the RGV of Texas!

Birds of the Day

Mourning dove
Great tailed grackle
Black-bellied whistling duck
Plain chucalaca
Red-winged blackbird
Orchard oriole
White winged dove
White- tipped dove
Couch’s kingbird
House sparrow
Great kiskadee
Carolina wren
Black-crested titmouse
Long-billed thrasher
White-eyed vireo
Olive sparrow
Common Moorhen
White-faced ibis
Blue-winged teal
Pied-billed grebe
Least grebe
Common yellowthroat
Neotropic cormorant
Great egret
Barn swallow
Nashville warbler
Indigo bunting
Little blue heron
Snowy egret
Brown-crested flycatcher
Altamira oriole
Ladder-back woodpecker
Red shouldered hawk
Mississippi kite
Bronzed cowbird
Green heron
Groove-billed Ani
Green parakeet
Buff-bellied hummingbird
Green jay
Eastern screech owl

Estero Llano Grande State park, Weslaco, TX

Howdee all,

Today Jeff and I spent the morning and early afternoon birding at Estero Llano Grande State park 

This is a very nice park..with the most wonderful birders who work here..
Huck, John and Kyle..always can tell they love what they are doing!

I am combining some photos I took a few days ago with today’s…

The below photo was not was all gray..until the sun broke thru the clouds and then it was all HOT..


Black-bellied whistling duckEstero Llano_001 Estero_006

Roseate in pink tights…with pink tutu

Estero LLano_001

Wood stork…men in gray tights..with white tutuEstero Llano_016 Estero Llano_017Black-necked stilt Estero Llano_007We were looking for the luck today..Estero Llano_010The stilts are always fun to watch.. Estero Llano_011  We really wanted to see the Groove-billed Ani would be a life bird for us…

So we went into the woods, where it had been seen

estero llano_027We didn’t see it there…We decided to head for what used to be a camping look for the Rose-throated Becard…

Another birder spotted the Becard…we had nice views but no camera shots..


While looking at the Becard..someone noticed the Ani fly by…

How exciting..two great birds in minutes…

Groove-billed Ani 

A life bird for us!Estero Llano_071 jeffs pics Estero_005Isn’t it a strange looking bird? jeffs pics Estero_002A Rose-throated Grosbeak was also nearby..Estero Llano_073We had nice looks at a Common Pauraque

The photos below were of a bird we saw a few days previously…

This birds nests on the ground…and blends in very well..

I thought it was a piece of bark..Thanks Huck for showing us this very cool bird.jeffs pics santa ana benston_005

jeffs pics santa ana benston_001

It became very hot in the afternoon..

estero llano_001       I felt as though I was melting….birding with friends_034        Sunflowers are blooming here…Estero LLano_031Fulvous Whistling Ducks jeffs pics santa ana benston_009   Curve-billed ThrasherEstero Llano_075 Estero Llano_079  Great-tailed Grackle Estero LLano_016

Another great day of birding in Texas!

Birds of the Day

White- wing dove
Great-tail grackle
Mourning dove
Plain Chachalaca
White-tipped dove
Inca dove
Couchs kingbird
Tropical kingbird
Bronzed cowbird
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Golden-fronted woodpecker
Purple martin
Wood stork
Stilt sandpiper
Black-neck stilt
Long-billed dowitcher
Black-bellied whistling duck
Blue-wing teal
Great egret
Semi-palmated sandpiper
Buff-bellied hummingbird
Ruddy duck
American avocet
Red-wing blackbird
Long-billed thrasher
Great kiskadee
Olive sparrow
Brown-crested flycatcher
Curve-billed thrasher
Cedar waxwings
Green jay
Groove-billed ani
Rose-breasted grosbeak
Rose-throated becard
Baltimore oriole
Barn swallow
White-eyed vireo
Lesser goldfinch
Brown-headed cowbird
Gull-billed tern
Eastern Meadowlark
Mississippi kite
Pied bill grebe
Forsters tern
American coot
Least grebe
Fulvous whistling duck
Northern shoveler
Marsh wren
Common moorhen
Glossy ibis
Common yellowthroat
Green heron
White pelican
Tri-colored heron
Snowy egret
Scissortail flycatcher
Harris hawk
Eastern kingbird
Chipping sparrow
Roseate spoonbill
Common nighthawk
Clay colored robin
House sparrow
Common paroque

The Yellow flower Farm animals, Weslaco, TX

Howdee all,yellow flower farm_001

Jeff and I wanted to go birding at the wastewater treatment plant in Weslaco last week.yellow flower farm_003  It was closed to the public…

yellow flower farm_009  So I took pictures of this yellow flowered farm we passed..

yellow flower farm_017  and the beautiful farm animals..yellow flower farm_020Makes me not want to eat meat..  yellow flower farm_022Maybe I will stop soon.. yellow flower farm_023I could easily be a vegetarian yellow flower farm_024   I have done it before..yellow flower farm_014 yellow flower farm_012

Birding Santa Ana NWR and Benston SP

Howdee all

It was a foggy start to a very gray day….

santa ana and benston_001

   Jeff and I decided we would try and find the Hook-Billed Kite at Santa Ana National wildlife refugee.

santa ana and benston_012

    We started our morning by joining a group nature walk…

santa ana and benston_013

santa ana and benston_014

Our guide pointed out a Least Grebe on a nest..santa ana and benston_004  The ever present coot..santa ana and benston_010  Jeff and I decided to leave the group and go off on our own in search of the Kite..

We took Willow trail, where others have seen the Kite..but had no luck..

santa ana and benston_016

We climbed one of the observation towers to see what we could see.santa ana and benston_017 Summer tanager

santa ana and benston_015Black-crested nuthatchsanta ana and benston_014Clay-colored thrush  santa ana and benston_017  A birding trio..

Plain Chachalaca, Gold-fronted woodpecker, Couchs Kingbird

We saw Kettles of Mississippi Kite and other hawks soaring far above us..

santa ana and benston_032

After viewing from the platform we birded around a few ponds in the park.santa ana and benston_021

santa ana and benston_026I wish these Pie-billed Grebes weren’t so far away..I wanted to show you how cool looking the babies were..all stripy, orangey bills and heads..santa ana and benston_041   Sora

santa ana and benston_052 We left the refugee…No target bird seen..but a great morning of birding..

From Santa Ana we headed to Bentsen state park search of the Hook-billed Kite.

We took the tram to the Hawk watching platform..

santa ana and benston_028 We were immediately treated to hundreds, if not thousands of hawks soaring by in kettles..Very distant views..

Can you see the dots??

There were streams of these kettles coming from Mexico heading was around 3:30 till about 4:30 and then we didn’t see as many kettles..

santa ana and benston_029

There were hundreds of Mississippi Kites throughout the afternoon circling in kettles..

santa ana and benston_030

  There may have been a Hook-billed Kite in the group..but we couldn’t tell…too far away santa ana and benston_032santa ana and benston_033We saw a male and female Altamira Oriole   

She was gathering supplies for her nest

santa ana and benston_076her mate followed her as she gathered her nesting materials…santa ana and benston_062   We’ve had a bit of rain lately and the mushrooms are out..

This looks like some type of Agaricus santa ana and benston_040  Shaggy mane..a very yummy edible..I left them..santa ana and benston_042

As we were walking back the the car

a family of Javalena crossed the trailsanta ana and benston_085Funny looking creatures…santa ana and benston_087 Another fine day of birding in Texas!

Birds of the Day

Bob white
Great kiskadee
Golden-fronted woodpecker
Great-tailed grackle
Couchs kingbird
Mourning dove
Inca dove
White wing dove
Olive sparrow
Black-crested titmouse
Yellow headed blackbird
Red-winged blackbird
White-tipped dove
Buff-bellied hummingbird
Brown-crested flycatcher
Bronzed cowbird
Long-billed thrasher
Mississippi kite
American coot
Blue-winged teal
Barn swallow
Least grebe
Common yellowthroat
Plain chachalaca
Scissor tail flycatcher
Great egret
Black-bellied whistling duck
Ringed kingfisher
Broad-winged hawk
Little blue heron
Belted kingfisher
Altimira oriole
Clay-colored thrush
Great-crested flycatcher
White-eyed vireo
Common moorhen
Ladderback woodpecker
Northern cardinal
Northern mockingbird
Black-neck stilt
Snowy egret
Tri-colored heron
Cattle egret
Tropical kingbird
Forsters tern
Neotropic cormorant
Great blue heron
Turkey vulture
Black vulture
Green heron
Western kingbird
Green jay

Valley Birding, Texas

Howdee all,

Today Jeff and I started our morning birding at La Feria sod farms..our target birds were Bairds and Buff-breasted sandpipers…We saw lots of Upland sandpipers..but not our target birds..

From here we went to Valley Nature Center in Weslaco. We heard that someone had seen a Gold winged warbler a few days ago so we thought we would have a look.

When we arrived I heard some squawking..and found this cutie hiding behind the tree..

Birding valley nature center_008

Red-lored Parrot

A life bird for usBirding valley nature center_009This bird was also hanging around outside the park..a common bird in this area.

Great Kiskadee 

Birding valley nature center_035 I took several shotsBirding valley nature center_003So you could see how handsome this bird is.. Birding valley nature center_004 Kiskadee views….Birding valley nature center_006   The park wasn’t real birdie…we did see several warbler species but not the Golden winged warbler we were looking for. Scarlet tanager, heard Tropical kingbird and Clay-colored thrush singing.

This cute little red colored squirrel was hanging out..

Birding valley nature center_024

I think he was watching meBirding valley nature center_023

Lots of bunnies aroundBirding valley nature center_026

Yellow-crowned night herons on nests high in the trees, all over the park..

We saw two blue eggs on the path from recent hatchlings.. Birding valley nature center_028

Lots of Plain Chachalaca ..big noisy bird who hang out in trees…

Birding valley nature center_029

   White tipped doves were cooing and some on nests..

Birding valley nature center_033

  From this park we decided to drive to Frontera Audubon…which wasn’t open today..

We walked around the grounds outside of the fence..

Indigo buntings flitting about in the flower field..

and this little lizard on a stick thought he was let me get very close..

lizard at audubon_001

Birds of the day

Upland Sandpiper

Great-tailed grackle


Lark sparrow

Harris Hawk


Red-lored parrot

Great Kiskadee

Plain Chachalaca

Great-crested flycatcher

Tropical Kingbird

Black and white warbler

Tennessee warbler

Blue-winged warbler

Orange-crowned warbler

White-eyed vireo

Summer tanager

House sparrow

White-tipped dove

Mourning dove

White winged dove

Yellow-crowned night heron

Clay-colored thrush

Black-bellied whistling duck

Indigo bunting

Spotted sandpiper

Padre Island, more fallout birding

Howdee all,

Another great day of birding on Padre Island..

We arrived on the island and went directly to Sheepshead Road..

Where I immediately saw a beautiful Life bird….Cerulean Warbler..Jeff was able to get some good looks as well before it flew off…No photo of the purdy birdie, others there were able to see and photograph it.

We saw a good number of birds here..warblers, vireos, Tanagers, Orioles..etc

There are lots of Indigo Buntings around..


At the Convention center we saw

Painted buntings FALLOUT BIRDING_058FALLOUT BIRDING_060Black and white warbler  FALLOUT BIRDING_067  Jeff found this Blackburnian warbler…see the orange throat

FALLOUT BIRDING_070 more throat..I tried but didn’t get good photos..FALLOUT BIRDING_072 There were lots of cameras on this bird..I think some of the big lenses got some good photos ..FALLOUT BIRDING_075We picked up another life bird at the Convention Center..but no photo..

Black-billed Cuckoo 

We were told that across the street from the Convention Center we would see a brown and tan Great Blue Heron..

So off we see this strange Morph..



At the RV park we saw

Red-crowned parrots FALLOUT BIRDING_102 FALLOUT BIRDING_103


and another life bird

Tropical Kingbird.


Birds of the day

Cerulean warbler
Black&white warbler
Tennessee warbler
Nashville warbler
Orange-crowned warbler
Northern parula
Black-throated green
American redstart
Worm-eating warbler
Northern water thrush
Hooded warbler
Scarlet tanager
Summer tanager
Blue grosbeak
Indigo bunting
Orchard oriole
Chipping sparrow
Bullocks oriole
Swanson’s thrush
Gray catbird
House wren
Blue-headed vireo
Warbling vireo
White-eyed vireo
Red-eyed vireo
Blackburnian warbler
Black-billed cuckoo
Baltimore oriole
Painted bunting
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Common yellowthroat
Great-crested flycatcher
Great kiskadee
Eastern Phoebe
Scissor-tailed flycatcher
Franklins gulls
Laughing gull
Great-tailed grackle

RV park

Tropical kingbird

Red-crowned parrot

South Padre Island sunset..

Howdee all,

We have left Padre Island and are now in Mercedes, Texas..

We plan on traveling tomorrow, and hours drive, back to the Island in hopes of seeing some more migrants show up. 

This Great-tailed Grackle below is No migrant..padre island fall out_014

But, very amusing birds to watch..check out my previous post for some

Grackle attitude..padre island fall out_019

Jeff and I enjoyed birding the boardwalk at the Birding center, on Padre Island, in the evening..

padre island fall out_015

        Nice lighting..

padre island fall out_040

  and fun to take photos in this evening light..

padre island fall out_022

I prefer skies with clouds..padre island fall out_024

Rather than all blue skies…padre island fall out_028

  So..back to the Island we go…

Wishing for some migrating birds for viewing..and maybe a few clouds to take photos of..

padre island fall out_037

Padre Island birding, Migration Fallout

Howdee all,

Its that time of year…the birds are starting their migration north.

While on Padre Island we had a day of strong north winds…

Which would make it difficult for migrating birds to continue their northward journey…they tire and land when they can..

Padre Island is one of the first places for the birds to land..or fall out.

There are two places that the birders go to look for a fall out.

Sheepshead road…

There are two lots across the street from each other..

Fallout birding Padre_001A bird retreat…nice patch of green with a few water drip areas,

Hummingbird feeders, and oranges set out occasionally.Fallout birding Padre_002The other area is at the Convention center..

Fallout birding_005

Birds started showing up soon after the strong north winds

Orchard Oriole

fallout birds padre_004 Female Orchard Oriolefallout birds padre_002Indigo Buntings  Bird fallout padre_004American Redstartfallout_014Black-throated green warblerfallout_069  Northern ParulaBird fallout padre_073Bird fallout padre_083Summer tanagerfallout birds padre_016fallout birds padre_025fallout birds padre_033Painted Buntingfallout_002 fallout birds padre_013Tennessee warbler..looking a bit green..must be the lighting..fallout birds padre_068Hooded warblerfallout birds padre island_002fallout birds padre island_014 Check out this cute Hooded warbler..unconcerned about our presence..

Some of these birds were exhausted when they came in …this Prothonatary warbler..was very hungry and didn’t mind that we were on the sidewalk with it..

Its primary concern was fuel…fallout birds padre island_047Prothonatary warblerfallout birds padre island_042 Black and white warblerfallout birds padre island_057

While out birding sheepshead road.. we heard about a very rare bird being seen at the Convention CenterFallout birding_004

So we and other birders dashed off to the convention centerFallout birding_001Where we were were lucky to see this

Black-vented Oriole..see the vent?fallout birds padre island_075A very rare visitor..fallout birds padre island_100 This was one of a hand full of times it has been seen in the USA.

We were at the right place at the right time …

We were thrilled, as were many other birders who were able be there during the four or so hour time frame it was seen…fallout birds padre island_102  Thanks to Scarlet Colley (Dolphinwhisper on facebook) for discovering the bird and alerting other birders. Thanks to Huck Hutchins for letting Jeff and I know of the sighting as we were birding Sheepshead road.


Birds of the fallout

Indigo bunting,Brown-headed cowbird,Louisiana water thrush
Blue-winged warbler,Northern parula,Orchard oriole,White-eyed vireo
Ruby- throated hummingbird,Green heron,Worm eating warbler
Yellow-throated vireo,Great-crested flycatcher,Blue grosbeak
Wilsons warbler,Swainsons thrush,Wood thrush,Nashville warbler
Hooded warbler,Prothonotary warbler,Black and white warbler
Yellow-bellied sapsucker,Tennessee warbler,Baltimore oriole
Scarlet tanager,Summer tanager,Painted bunting,American redstart
Kentucky warbler,Black-throated green warbler,Common yellowthroat
Orange – crowned warbler,Yellow-rumped warbler,Inca dove

Black-vented oriole