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Autumn in the garden of Dell and Craigys


Its that time of year..the garden is starting to go into winters slumber..

NC dells_016Some of Craigys hearts hanging from the entry trellis,

Craigy makes hearts for Sicksta..

NC dells_046Sicsksta Dell likes garden statues and art..

Anyone want to contribute some garden art?

NC dells_017Camellia’s bloom this time of year.

NC dells_048The grasses showing off their dried mops..

NC dells_045NC dells_043The old shed in the back yard is falling apart slowly..

One of these years it will be torn down..

NC dells_044Another Craigy heart on the entry path…Sicksta embedded it between home made pavers and shiny blue glass beads.NC dells_018

Craigys blue bomb~I mean truck..;0

NC dells_019Another piece of garden art..NC dells_020That gets moved around from time to time, when things need moving to the dump.

NC dells_022I wonder how he sees out of these foggy side mirrors..

NC dells_026

I wander out of the yard and into the field next door..Its for sale…the field and 20 acres that go down to a small stream.

NC dells_034NC dells_029It’s a pretty used to be mowed and planted with crops to attract deer for the neighbor who was a hunter.

The neighbor passed away and the field has gone to the grasses and wildflowers..

Good place in the spring to look for Indigo buntings and Blue Grosbeaks..and other purdy birdies.

NC dells_041

Back in the yard I check out the area near the home made rock patio..

When I am here it is always filled ….its strange to see it empty.

This sandy space is waiting for Homey and Jeff…and so am I ..

NC dells_047


Fire in late Autumn..

Howdee all,

Its nice to finally be here in NC at Sicksta Dell and Craigys.

When we arrived the Oak and Hickory trees had let most of their leaves go and it was a big leafy mess in Sickstas garden.

NC_001So…Sicksta raked…and Craigy burned some of the leaves..

NC_005NC_007Jack supervised..

NC_004I took this particular day off..


The following day I raked leaves, put them on a tarp and dragged them to the back yard . I cleared the area in preparation for Jeff and Homeys arrival next week.

I set up the bird feeders.

I am wondering where the Robins and Cedar Waxwings are..they seem a bit late this year.

NC_010Jack and Kali in their new orange scarves. 

Its hunting season here…and one cant be too careful.



Walking Bonnies field~Happy Thanksgiving

Howdee all,
I am now in NC with Sicksta Dell and her family.
Colin continues to do remarkably well.
We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!
Wednesday we went for a short walk into a neighbors soybean field.
bonnies pond and soy field_005It was so nice to get out and enjoy the day…we have had such a difficult and stressful few weeks.
Bonnie, who owns this land, is in her 80s
She still has her land plowed and planted.
This year she has soybeans  Soybeans are planted to enrich the soil.
Next year she will have tobacco planted.
bonnies pond and soy field_012Sicksta and I munched on a few soybeans as we walked.
The soybeans were smaller than the edamame we are used to eating.
bonnies pond and soy field_006

They were chewy and tasty. We don’t think these are harvested at all and will find out if we can pick a few to cook.

Bonnie also has a small pond on her property.
bonnies pond and soy field_003
No ducks..I did see a few birds flying around..but have no bins with me here in NC.
I will have to wait for Jeff to arrive with our Homey..
bonnies pond and soy field_002It was a beautiful day..and nice to go for a walk together..
Nice to let go of the stress accumulated in the past few weeks..
bonnies pond and soy field_004and enjoy~Natures decorations… 

and a farmers field…

We have much to be thankful for..
Wishing you and yours a Wonderful Thanksgiving..Filled with

Where did the time go?

Howdee all,

Seems like we just arrived at Sickstas and Craigys and now we are gone..and in West Virginia..

When we arrived five weeks ago..there were no leaves on the trees…

Around sickstas_011

When we left they were all leafed out..

Sickstas g_010Making it harder to see the birds… 

Unless they came out in the open like this Summer Tanager..

Sickstas g_009When we arrived the Bluebirds were just checking out the nest box…

around sickstas_080 (1)

Before we left…Craigy and I peeked in the box and saw three eggs..

Around sickstas_062 (1)

When we arrived the Chickadees were in and out of the moon…building their nest..

Ten minutes before we left, I saw the Chickies fledge…What a treat! I didn’t have my camera, nor did I want to take the time to grab it…I savored every moment…as the awkward little fledglings left the Moon for their first flight.

Water droplets and flowers_038

I saw ferns unfolding..

I will see more here up north…seems like it’s a few weeks behind here…

Weymouth Woods walk_015Ballie enjoyed his daily walks…

When we are at New River he will be lucky if he gets a walk all week, we will be gone all day birding.

Around sickstas_041Seems like we just arrived and Craigy was starting to put in the new kitchen..All of the cabinets are in now…and the countertop is next…

Craigy likes to sit by his pond watch the fish…six Goldfish..Sicksta put some flowers in the pond.


And Craigy plays in his pool too…

Jeff is always busy killing Vampires…don’t even ask.

Around sickstas_020I found this dead, but colorful bug..

anyone know what it is? > I bet Sicksta Lori does.

Around sickstas_029 (1)Found a beautiful living bug also..

lots of bugs in Sickstas yard.

Around sickstas_014 (1)

When we arrived the Iris were just budding~

Water droplets and flowers_101 (1)

Before we left we were able to see many different Iris blooming..

P1060554Love the colors of these…P1060551I had a love affair with Water droplets

Water droplets and flowers_065And enjoyed the birds coming back from their trip south.. 

Water droplets and flowers_030 (1)

Water droplets and flowers_066I enjoyed Sickstas Garden and hanging out with her…

Water droplets and flowers_158After weeks of searching…I found some Morel Mushrooms!

Sickstas g_032We saw the first NC record Cassin’s Sparrow.

We saw what devastating damage a Tornado can cause..

We did all that, yet it seems like it was no time at all…

Where did the time go?

The Warblers have just started to arrive in numbers…and we will miss that..

We will miss Craigy yelling at the Kitchen as he puts it together..

We will miss the Bluebirds fledge…

We will miss the flowers that were just about to show off…

We will miss Sicksta, Craigy and the pups..

Such is the life of wanderers….


Goodbye Sicksta and Craigy and pups…

See you in November..

I hope the time goes by slower then…

Tulip Poplar flower

Howdee all,

When I go looking for Morel Mushrooms, one of the trees I look under are the Tulip Poplar trees..

Water droplets and flowers_104The trees have these beautiful flowers

Water droplets and flowers_106Most people don’t see them because they are high up in the trees.

Water droplets and flowers_127

Sometimes wind will take a few down to the ground

Water droplets and flowers_109…and then I can enjoy how beautiful they are.

Water droplets and flowers_112

Water droplets and flowers_115

Morel near a Tulip Poplar

Sickstas g_033Today is our Bittersweet departure from dear Sicksta and Craigys..

We are on our way to West Virginia

New River Birding and Nature Festival

May not have internet,or much time to blog..

…So if not…See you after the festival!

Water droplets on yellow

Howdee all,

Guess what?

Water droplets and flowers_085


Water droplets and flowers_086More

Water droplets…

Water droplets and flowers_101This time on Yellow..

This below is a Cytisus flower

Water droplets and flowers_102And a yellow Iris..

Water droplets and flowers_088

Drippidy~ Droppidy

Water droplets and flowers_089

Liquid jewels

I think of earrings when I look at these droplets  below..

Water droplets and flowers_097

A fuzzy orange tongue

Water droplets and flowers_090

Lapping up the droplets…

Water droplets and flowers_091

Terrible tornadoes again….Luckily none in our area.. 

I was up most of the night as the weather radio went off about every hour with an alert.

My heart goes out to those who lost their homes, businesses, family and friends…:(


Jeff and I leave North Carolina on Saturday….

always Bittersweet…

We are heading to West Virginia for a week to attend the New River Bird and Nature Festival…then onto Ohio for the Biggest Week in American Birding.

Warbler Heaven:)

Water droplets on pink

Howdee all,

I know what you are thinking…


Water droplets and flowers_030

Yes, more…

Water droplets and flowers_031They are so lovely on this pink Dianthus aren’t they?

Water droplets and flowers_034Wet Jewels..

Water droplets and flowers_036With antlers.. 🙂Water droplets and flowers_039

Be fair warned…More Water Droplets to come..

oh…and lookie what have we here?P1060577

I was walking with Ballie yesterday in Sickstas back yard…and as I always do, looked for Morels, because…its that time of year and you never know…Well, low and behold ~in the woods just a bit~there was a lovely little Morel…a few looks around and a few more were found…I will be looking around a bit more now!

Water droplets on red

Howdee all,

Here is a continuation of my fun morning with water droplets.

Water droplets on red Dianthus flowers.

Water droplets and flowers_043

How many water droplets can one small flower hold?

Water droplets and flowers_044

I was surprised to see so many..

Water droplets and flowers_048

The flowers still strong under the droplets weight.

The way that some of the droplets looked reminded me of a strawberry..

Water droplets and flowers_052

A jeweled flower..

Water droplets and flowers_053

Holding on to its jewels..

Water droplets and flowers_012 (1)

Until the sun dries them…

Water droplets and flowers_014 (1)

Or a breeze takes them to the ground…

Water droplets and flowers_041

After the rain~ water droplets on green

Howdee all,

It rained on Friday…
Saturday morning I had fun with water droplets.

Water droplets and flowers_002These are all taken with my point and shoot using the macro mode.

Tiny seashell water droplets..

Water droplets and flowers_004

I took lots of photos…

Water droplets and flowers_006

This post are my droplets on green

Water droplets and flowers_009

I have four more posts of droplets~yeah..I got carried away..the droplets were so beautiful…I couldn’t stop taking photos..

Water droplets and flowers_054The next four posts will be droplets on flowers

Water droplets and flowers_004 (1)

I enjoyed looking at how the droplets settled on different types of leaves..

Water droplets and flowers_069On a windy day these would have blown to the ground….

Water droplets and flowers_074

This particular morning was very still and the droplets stuck to the leaves like little jewels..

Water droplets and flowers_075A green hill of droplets..

Water droplets and flowers_082

Water droplets and flowers_083Lined up in rows…

Water droplets and flowers_094

The next two are similar…I just couldn’t delete either

Water droplets and flowers_055

Water droplets and flowers_056

Do you see the heart droplet in the center of this leaf?

Water droplets and flowers_060Here is a closer look…Water droplets and flowers_061

Two droplets

Water droplets and flowers_063

Another angle..

Water droplets and flowers_064

I love all the sizes of droplets on this small leaf…

Water droplets and flowers_029

I hope you enjoyed my water droplets…

I really enjoyed taking them…

Come back again to see more….

I wish you all a very


Spring in Full Swing~ Carthage, NC

Howdee all,

We have been parked in my Sickstas drive for about four weeks now..We leave the end of next week.

Sickstas _091

When we arrived there were a few things blooming, the trees were just budding out.

Now its Spring in full Swing…

Sickstas _092A few flowers from Sickstas garden…

Sickstas _087

I love pink roses..

Sickstas _089From Sickstas Fly trap collection..

Around sickstas_015 (2)

Very cool textures and bright colors…Around sickstas_017 (2)

Just waiting for the bugs..Around sickstas_018The Iris are starting to bloom..

Sickstas storm and more_035Sicksta has quite a few different colors…

Sickstas again_032Here’s just a few of the yellow ones…

Sickstas storm and more_036Greenish flowers…Sickstas storm and more_033

Glowing greens

Sickstas storm and more_044

The Hummingbirds love this vine..

Sickstas storm and more_048

I will miss sitting here in our Homey surrounded by birds and lovely gardens..

Maybe next time we should stay longer…

Five weeks go by much to quickly.

Sickstas storm and more_020

Happy Earth Day!