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Boo hoo..
Tara didn’t get the golden ticket, as she called it….But she was there and tried…..It was a fun time and only sad in the end. But that’s that…. For whatever reason, she wasn’t chosen by the two girls that gave her the audition. the other girls that went up with Tara, after hearing Tara sing, were surprised that Tara wasn’t chosen to go on because they thought she was great. Who knows what they are looking for….
But, It was a very exciting time, Seeing what happens during this first process of
American Idol.
We sang songs with the crowd…filmed an umbrella scene that will be on the Boston show of idol.
Tara attracted attention and her picture was taken several times and she did a TV interview.
It was a great experience..
look for us on Fox tv or maybe at the boston idol show…
don’t forget that Tara has a show coming up with her band Five after Five..Check out her link for show times and places.


American Idol in Boston


Well we are here with Tara at Gillette Stadium in foxboro Mass. She is trying out for American Idol. Yipeee….

We arrived last night and parked overnight in the walmart parking lot..checked out the stadium that evening and found out that there were people in line already. We decided that we would get some sleep and wake up around 3:30 get dressed and then decide what to do. Around 4:30 we dropped Tara off so she could get in line. Jeff drove Homey and I drove Taras car to the parking lot.
We all had walkie talkies so I was able to find Tara in the Long Long line…she had a pretty good position. We were in one of the first rows you see in the picture below. We waited until around 730 and they started letting the crowd go in… Picture this…lots and lots of people, the first few rows spent the night outside in the rain and elements, they left behind wet trash, sleeping bags,pillows, airmattress, wet clothing,chairs, coolers…a wet mess..

We sidestepped all that on our way inside…Finally made it in around 830 or so..Tara got a pink wrist band, I got a green one. We were given seat assignments and went to our seats for a meeting explaining what will be happening tomorrow. We were told that our section will be one of the first to be auditioned tomorrow.

Tara and I then head back to the Homey to rest…Jeff was already there. We all rested until around 11 the headed back to see what was happening.
There was still a long line but it moved along quickly and most people were in by 12.

Jeffy wasn’t able to get in because Tara was only allowed one guest…so he asked a gal who was on her own if he could go as her guest…nice gal 28 years old….she was on the internet and realized that registration was today and came on over…luckily she was from foxboro so she didn’t have far to travel. So we all went in hung out..watched people do Kareoke…

went back to homey around 4 had dinner and here we are hanging out. people are mulling about in the parking lot..some will sleep in their cars I see a couple of girls hanging out on a blanket, I hope it doesn’t rain… There we quite a few people with blankets and air mattress who would be staying overnight in the stadium…

We will be nice and cozy here in Homey, getting a good nights sleep, staying dry and walking up early to get into our seats…So wish Tara luck…
Stay tuned…
we are having a blast…

Voodoo Grill

Lunch at the Voodoo Grill

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This is my first blog using music…
Let me know if you enjoy this song by Diana Krall
I love her music…
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A few words about Comments

for those of you who read the blog…..Please use the comment area….that is what it is meant for..
or just say hello..

if you don’t then
you will be a non commentator

and you know what that means!!!!
It means you didn’t COMMENT….

ha…or you think this is a totally useless blog….

but if you do feel that this is a useless blog I would appreciate that as a COMMENT..
I might think that you are stupid for saying that……and if you would have a comment area in you response I will tell you that….
so don’t forget to comment…

Samarrahs Birthday Today

Today is Samarrahs 27th Birthday…

Happy Birthday Samarrah!

We Love YOU….


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sisters nobbiecat’s sisters photoset

Big Fish

Jeffs Big catch….20 pound striped bass

Hey there again….
Jeff arrived back to Homey Sat. afternoon…He had a great week of sailing with his buddies….I will be posting some of his pictures online at a later date…..Also remember to check my video link occasionally ..I may post some new videos….

I went to the beach with Lori and fam. on the hot hot Saturday…It was nice floating around and keeping cool on the blow up floats they have…….Jeff napped in the Homey and recovered from his week of fun.

Today after breakfast with the aunties and uncles at mcquades in mystic….Tink and I headed out to the Mystic Arts and Crafts Festival…Mom opted out because it was going to be another scorcher of a day…Good thing she did…cause it was…

Tammy and I were both dripping with sweat…I had to go out and buy some deodorant cause I stunk….Ugh….Tammy had Kleenex fluff all over her face from rubbing off sweat….I didn’t notice it until I took my sunglasses off….at the end of the day….Ha…She was walking around with little white fluffs all over her face… stinky arm pit of a girl and one kleenex faced one….What a pair….
The art fest was very nice despite the extremely hot weather…Tammy and I ducked into stores to catch some airconditioning when we could.
That evening Jeff, Sean and Joe went fishing at eastern point beach….Jeff caught a 40 inch striped bass. Dinner on Monday for whoever wants pcbs and mercury…..Come on over…Ha

An afternoon with mom and dad in downtown Mystic

Today after my regular walk away the pounds exercise routine and a walk in the park with the parents and dog….
We went to Mystic for lunch and a walk around town..
Nice lunch at my favorite spot in town..Bravo Bravo…Found out the chef there died a few days ago…he was young, in his forties…..he was smoking in bed..
sad…and of course Peter Jennings died the other day…I guess he smoked a lot. Sad, but now I hear that Christopher Reeves wife has lung cancer….Don’t think she was a smoker……Oh well

Anyway ….We had a nice lunch, I had a tempura fish wrap with salad, Dad had some kind of steak sandwich, Mom had a nice looking salad with chicken, apples and other stuff.

Then walked around town….Checked out a few stores…Mom and Dad had icecream….I would never do that…Ha
Checked out the Healthfood store and bought a few things there….pretty good store..
also went to a great pet supply store…they sell quality pet foods..bought a few treats for my fur boys…

Nice little outing….The mystic arts fest is this weekend…I will definitely attend that…
I also worked on this bloggy site…found a way to add video clips to my site…HOW EXCITING


A Few Videos…..

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This First Video is Fathers Day and Juliannas Birthday

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This Video was taken this past winter in the Red Rock Area of Las Vegas
It was a beautiful day….