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Birding in Central Park,Hiking Cold Springs NYC

Howdee all,

We have been in NYC For almost a week now. Having a Great time!

Sunday we met up with two birders from Twitter and Chirptracker. Matt Bango founder of Chirptracker and John Beetham from A DC birding blog.

If you like twitter…check out Chirptracker it is a Twitter for birders. Matt and his brother are working on this project in their free time and could use all the support we give them! Please sign up and try Chirptracker! The more birders we have using it the better!

It was so nice to meet both of them in person and to spend the morning birding Central park! I should have taken photos..but I didn’t..bummer…oh well.

Birding Central park during migration can be an amazing experience! Last spring we were in the park and warblers were eye height all over the Ramble! Birders were everywhere! This year we were late for peak migration..but we did see some good birdies. But, I only took a few shots of some Cardinals.

This little gal was very cooperative..I call her a city bird. There were quite a few city birds….they didn’t seem to bothered by people, and allowed you to get quite close.cENTRAl park_20090524_008Here’s another cooperative Gal…does she look like a fledgling?cENTRAl park_20090524_005It was Memorial Day Monday, Samarrah wanted to get out of the city and go for a hike.

We drove to Cold Springs NY about and hour north of the city and hiked Clarence Fahnestock State Park. We hiked a six mile loop hike. We noticed part way thru that we were hiking four different trails..Red, white, blue and Yellow. How appropriate for this day…the Yellow stood for our memorial ribbon. I thank those who have given their lives and wish a safe return to those who are serving our Country now.

It was nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and walk in the woods. HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_004Roots over RocksHIKE WITH SAM_20090524_011 Samarrah found this Rock face with Sunglasses…I bet one of my Sickstas would love it in their garden!

HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_017Rock Cairn Sculptures near the path..when you see something like you want to knock it down….or build more?HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_021Samarrah becoming a rock sculpture….HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_019Jeff getting in on the action.HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_020Rock Cairn sculpturesHIKE WITH SAM_20090524_022Isn’t it beautiful here in the woods?…peaceful..HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_027We passed several lakesHIKE WITH SAM_20090524_028Some very cool shelf mushrooms of some sort…Any body know what kind?HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_036 Ok sickstas …

I know how much you love to see the food I am eating…especially here in NYC..where the restaurants are sooooo amazing… these dishes are from a Mexican restaurant..the middle dinner is mine…three delicious fish tacos..YummmySunset at the RV park and MarinaHIKE WITH SAM_20090524_047 Our daughter graduated Hunter School of Social work Yesterday! We are so proud of her!

Congratulations Samarrah!



Eye and Ear Candy.. Adam Lambert

Howdee all,

This blog post is dedicated to my sister Lori, who is a mega Adam fan. 

She knew I was in NYC, when she found out that Adam would be here she told me that she would Love me forever if I got his autograph for her…

I just needed a partner in crime…Cousin Ashala who lives in the city is also a off we went!

Ashala and I woke up bright and early to arrive on the CBS outdoor stage at 6:30.  It was very cold and windy and we froze our bums off!

We were on this mornings segment of The morning show….Mom and Sister saw me.

Adams segment didn’t start until after 10am…it wont air until Thursday on CBS morning show.  

I don’t think that I will be on the show Thursday. I didn’t see any cameras come my way…but who cares…watch Adam!

I was told Adam will be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow and in Rockefeller center Thursday. If you are in the area…treat yourself to some Adam.

So here you are Sicksta Lori , I hope you enjoy the photos and video.

Wish you were with me!

Will you love me forever Sicksta Lori, for this photo of a very handsome Adam?ADAM LAMBERT_20090525_018 He wasn’t signing autographs..butt…butt…how about this photo..tee heeADAM LAMBERT_20090525_014

Will you love me forever for a little bit of Adam cuteness?ADAM LAMBERT_20090525_020Will you love me forever for more cuteness?ADAM LAMBERT_20090525_021Will you love me forever for this awesome smile shot?ADAM LAMBERT_20090525_016

Will you love me forever for the thumbs up shot?ADAM LAMBERT_20090525_029     Oh..I know you will love me forever, Sicksta Lori..autograph or not..

But i sure do wish I could have gotten one for you!

Enjoy the video…sorry about the shaking…we were wall to wall people..giddy girls and giddy boys! 

Forsythe NWR, NJ… Birding with birdie Friends

One very cool thing about birding is you meet other birders..and most birders are happy to share information..and to share birding experiences.

While birding one day last week …we saw a bird group from Cape May Bird Observatory. We recognized a gal we had met on a some of the walks we took in November and from a recent CMBO walk. She and her husband lead bird walks around the area for CMBO.

She asked if we wanted to join her the following day to bird Forsyth.

Of course we said yes..we are always happy to go out with other birders…We always learn something. We were joined by another birder from Canada.

We birded an 8-mile self-guided Wildlife Drive atop a dike system which separates 1,400 acres of fresh and brackish water wetlands from native salt marsh.

Great area for shorebirds! Ducks in the winter..very few now.

Forsythe NWR_20090521_040

We were told by a ranger of the refugee that a common nighthawk was flying over the first pond. It was noon…strange behavior..He said that the bird was out the past two days at the same time.

We didn’t see the Night hawk but we did see some gorgeous Wood Ducks.

Forsythe NWR_20090521_001

We saw a few birds that were not expected! What was this Snow Goose doing here so late in the season? Forsythe NWR_20090521_009 Shouldn’t it be further north? Go north young Snow Goose!Forsythe NWR_20090521_012A Life bird for us…Gull Billed TernForsythe NWR_20090521_014 I have not yet been able to photograph a flying bird. At least not well…This is one attempt. I tried many other times and end up with empty sky.

How the heck do you all do it? Give me some hints!

I find it hard to locate the bird in the viewfinder. I point and shoot and hope that I can get it!

Black skimmerForsythe NWR_20090521_004I found this area..below..quite beautiful! See all the small dots? Forsythe NWR_20090521_030Birds!

Dunlins here with one something bird…tee hee..where is Jeff? Forsythe NWR_20090521_032 Another duck that shouldn’t have been here. Go north Bufflehead.

Forsythe NWR_20090521_035

Osprey hanging out in the grass..We saw quite a few Osprey in the Refugee.Forsythe NWR_20090521_037 Lee took us to a small town..outside of the 8 mile drive but still part of the refugee. Very scenic.Forsythe NWR_20090521_046 With a few Birds. What is this gull? Jeff says Herring..Forsythe NWR_20090521_047 This gull makes me Laugh! Hee hee..look at those knobby knees!Forsythe NWR_20090521_048

We had a great time birding Cape May..not enough time!

We are now in NYC visiting our Daughter..

will post some city stuff….later….

Nummy Island, NJ birding ( I am not a bird)

Two days ago Jeff and I birded Nummy Island. (I am not a bird)

Nummy Island is a large undeveloped salt marsh between the Stone Harbor free bridge to the north and the Grassy Sound toll bridge to the south. It is excellent for shorebirds, marsh birds, and wading birds, especially in spring, summer and fall. It is best at high tide when the shorebirds rest and forage in and around the salt ponds on both sides of the road.”

If you look closely in the Photo below you can see little dots.Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_029

   Look here..I will show you the birds I am taking about. This is kind of a review for me because I am still learning. (I am not a bird)

I am always having to ask Jeff about these birds. Very difficult for me to ID.

Semipalmated Plovers in foreground, Dunlins and Short-billed DowitchersNummy Island, NJ_20090520_071Look at the sizes and shapes of these birds. (nor am I turning into a bird)

The largest bird is a Willet the bird in the foreground is Short-blled Dowitcher the other two birds with the black belly are Dunlins,of course this is breeding plumage…easier to ID.Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_005 Compare the Dunlin top to the Short billed Dowitcher bottom the Dowitcher is a bit bigger than the Dunlin. (nope ..I am still not turning into a bird)

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_007

Short-billed Dowitcher bathing.I just love seeing all the individual feathers.

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_020Black-bellied Plover.. Wow..Love that breeding Plumage..I couldn’t get a closer photo..but will try again this afternoon. (Me not a bird)

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_023

close up of the Dunlin…look at its black belly (not a bird..not me)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_049Least Sandpiper…Yellowish legs (nope ..I am not a birdie)

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_063 Great Egret with first fish capture..tee hee

(I like birds but I am not one of them)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_066Whimbrels with the long decurved bills

  hee hee ..not be be confused with  Long billed Curlews who’s bills are so long I think they trip when they walk. (I have no bill,I am not a bird)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_043this is one small bird that my camera seems to be able to photograph..

Warblers are evading me.

(probalbly because I am not a bird)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_060     This picture below I call “woulda coulda shoulda”

The colors were amazing..I should have opened the car door and gone outside to get a shot with out the grasses… was windy and chilly and  (I am not a bird)

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_047

we left the salt marsh area and went to see what birds we could find at the shore.

(I am not a bird)

Sanderlings Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_093hee hee…look at the little fellow on the that some kind of new Sanderling dance? (I am still not a bird!)Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_096 Sanderilings check out the bill, the shape.Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_100( I am not a bird)

But these are…

Sanderlings doing what they do best!


I know that my Sickstas and mother think I am looking at and talking about and blogging about birds so much that they say I am turning into a bird…and will fly away soon.

Look Mom, Dad,Sickstas, brother,friends…See….I have no feathers

I am not a bird!

(though I have suspicions that Jeff is )

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_090

Well I think I will fly off now..I mean, go now…

Nummy Island, NJ_20090520_105    Chirp, chirp

Birding Belleplain and Reeds Beach

Howdee all,

More fun birding in Cape May area.

Yesterday morning we thought we would change it up and go on a bird walk in the woods. We were able to hook up with a group out of CMBO, to bird Belleplain State Forest.

I always find it helpful to be on these walks with so many knowledgeable people..

Besides learning the birds and their songs and call notes…I want to learn more about where they live..and when.

I really don’t like to read technical books…So I rely on outings like this to pick up knowledge along with reading other  Birdie blogs.

There weren’t many Passerines in the area. We did see and hear some good birds.

Mostly, my photos of warblers and small birds are blurry and distant shots..I wont share those with you!

I did happen to get a few decent shots.

Acadian Flycatcherbelliplain state forest_20090519_001 Yellow Breasted Chatbelliplain state forest_20090519_006   I still like to look down as well as up when I bird…

Wild Sarsaparillabelliplain state forest_20090519_008

This area below..near the bridge is one of the hot spots for birding here.

belliplain state forest_20090519_007    After Belleplain we took a drive to East point lighthouse.lighthouse_20090519_004 Stopped at the impoundments at Heislerville to see the Curlew Sandpipers again and then went to

Reeds Beach to see some Red Knots.

The beach was wild with birds. The tide was rising.Reeds beach, de_20090519_070As the waves came in the birds moved out of the way of the water.

Notice the big Herring Gull, he is above in the picture as well..he never moved…just hung out while the frenzy was all around him.Reeds beach, de_20090519_081There were plenty of Red Knots!

I like this time of year, for bird ID..Its easier for me with their breeding plumage…otherwise I am lost in a brown/gray haze of birds that all look alike.Reeds beach, de_20090519_121I couldn’t get enough of all the beautiful colors.

Do you see the Red Knots? Check out their red chest..I love the orange legs of the Ruddy turnstone.

Reeds beach, de_20090519_093Reeds beach, de_20090519_100Reeds beach, de_20090519_126       Reeds beach, de_20090519_129 Hope you enjoyed the birds!

If you didn’t get enough the feeding frenzy via Video.

Birding the impoundment, Heislerville,NJ

Howdee all,

Wow…wow…I will say it one more time…Wow!

Yesterday we left Delaware and took the ferry from Lewes to Cape May.

We weren’t sure where to bird so I asked the Birders via Chirptracker and Twitter.

Tom Reed aka TRbirds from twitter and David La Puma aka Woodcreeper ,  John Beetham aka Dendroica  from Chirptracker and Twitter all chirped or tweeted back locations for us to go and I cant thank them enough. 

They all felt that one particular impoundment in Heislerville @ high tide would be great…and it was!

Thanks guys!

Do you see birds?

I do…

Allot of birds!Heislerville NJ_20090518_043

Walk a little closer…

Heislerville NJ_20090518_049


You scared quiet..don’t get sooo excited!

Heislerville NJ_20090518_055

Ok ..that’s better…so what do you see?

Some great breeding plumage!

Gor gee ous!

foreground right. Black-bellied Plover,behind Black bellied-mostly Dunlin, Center-Black Skimmers, Back- mostly Short billed dowitchersHeislerville NJ_20090518_071

Please do yourself a favor and watch this video..You will want to come here this time of year!

You will ..You must!


   I just adore the colors and textures!

Two Semipalmated Plover amongst Semipalmated sandpipersHeislerville NJ_20090518_009 Semi-Palmateds Plovers..gotta love that black necklace!

and the other SemisHeislerville NJ_20090518_012

Oh..Guess what? 

We saw a life bird…A rare..but regular migrant to the east coast.

Here he is…ok not a close-up ..but what do you expect from a 20x point and shoot?

Mr. Curlew sandpiper

Heislerville NJ_20090518_030   Nicely bill …Rich rufous color

Heislerville NJ_20090518_019Welcome his mate…

Ms. Curlew sandpiper

Just as beautiful…lighter in color.

Heislerville NJ_20090518_034

One more life bird..who’s photo I did not get.

American Golden Plover

What an afternoon we had!

Hope you enjoyed it to.

Come one,Come the Horseshoe Crab Egg stravaganza ..all Red Knots>>please bring friends and family!

Howdee all,

I am submitting this for Bird Photography Weekly…There will be birds in this post..I promise!

Wow…This was some party! Horseshoe crabs like I have never seen before…doing their thing..laying eggs.

Slaughter beach, DESlaughter Beach, De_20090516_005 The eggs are very tiny…they lay thousands

Horseshoe Crab Mating Ritual

“Each spring during the high tides of the new and full moons, thousands of horseshoe crabs descend on the Delaware Bay shoreline to spawn.

Males, two-thirds the size of their mates, cluster along the water’s edge as the females arrive. With glove-like claws on its first pair of legs, the male hangs on to the female’s shell and is pulled up the beach to the high tide line.

The female pauses every few feet to dig a hole and deposit as many as 20,000 pearly green, birdshot-sized eggs. The male then fertilizes the eggs as he is pulled over the nest. After the spawning is complete, the crabs leave and the waves wash sand over the nest.”  click here to learn more and here

Birdies are here to feast on these eggs!   

Slaughter Beach, De_20090516_016  birds eating Horseshoe crab caviar!

majority of these are semi-palmated sanpipersSlaughter Beach, De_20090516_021

Check out the can get a better idea of how many Horseshoe there were.

There were hundreds of Ruddy TurnstonesSlaughter Beach, De_20090516_072

Least SandpipersSlaughter Beach, De_20090516_030

Short-billed DowitchersSlaughter Beach, De_20090516_051  Red knots..Well this is not a real one…I still don’t have a digiscoping camera…since mine stopped working… Slaughter Beach, De_20090516_039And my 20x Canon could not reach that dark spit on the right so that you could see the hundreds of red knots and other shore birds  ..if i had a working digiscoping camera..I could have shown you a hundreds of red knots!Slaughter Beach, De_20090516_040  Instead how about another Short billed DowitcherSlaughter Beach, De_20090516_050From left to right Short billed Dowitcher,Least Sandpiper, Willet

This photo is  great for size comparison …click on the photo.Slaughter Beach, De_20090516_058On a more serious should read this about

The Plight of the Red Knot 

“Rufa red knots need about two weeks at Delaware Bay to recover from the long flight from South America and to store nutrients for the onward flight to their Arctic breeding grounds”

“horseshoe crabs were heavily overharvested as bait for the conch and eel fisheries, and this had a disastrous impact on red knots, which were unable to refuel properly”

You can help the plight of the red knot by Donating to

Delmarva Ornithological Society

If you are ever in Delaware this time of year…You must see this Amazing Eggstravaganza!


Check out more great birdie shots atbird photog weekly

White Clay Creek State park, DE, Bird walk with Jeff Gordon and The Power of Twitter

Howdee all,

We went on this walk with Jeff Gordon because of The power of Twitter! and of course the generosity of Jeff!

I joined Twitter a few months ago so that I could keep up with the birds and birdie news and to check out what it was all about.

I also joined Chirptracker which is just for Birders …I thought I would just want to use Chirptracker… but, I find they both work together well.

When I use Chirptracker it will automatically update my status on Twitter.

So …..I use Chirptracker to post the birds I am seeing. I also use it ask the other birders for suggestions on where to go birding as we travel into different areas. When I chirp from Chirptracker it will Tweet on Twitter for me.

I then go to each application to see if there any responses to my questions I ask.

Two days ago, before we arrived at our next destination to bird. I put out a Chirp asking where to go ..what to see this time of year.

I had many suggestions from birders and also a nice invitation from Jeff Gordon to join a bird walk he was leading.

How cool is that!

So I suggest you try both applications and see how they work for you.

So onto our Bird walk at White Clay creek state park.

Jeff was leading a walk for the Friends of Clay Creek..

If you don’t know Jeff check out his blog.  Click read “About Jeff”. 

You must read his post about Two Unique guys who pick up some wild American foxes! Very Funny!

I am always amazed by birders like Jeff who can hear a faint call and know which bird it is..or see a bird fly by and know what the bird is by flight. I am getting a bit better…but have a long way to go.

White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_001Ok you bloggers who met in Virginia..notice that Jeff is still wearing his bird blogger button.. How do I get one of those?White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_006

Jeff did a great job showing us what birdies were out there and calling them closer for us to all see. He was fun, amusing and we all enjoyed our walk with him.

Thanks for inviting us Jeff. We had a great time!

We saw some great birds.Orioles,Scarlet Tanagers, Acadian Flycatchers etc…but the highlights for me was the Kentucky warbler…tee is in the below photo on the photo and you will see it.

White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_007

This bird below is a life bird for me..can you tell what it is? Sorry, it was far away and wanted to show its backside each time I took a photo..Jeff Gordon tells us this is a Gray-cheeked Thrush … I will take Jeff’s word for it.

Hard to tell the difference between this and a Bicknell’s Thrush.White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_016 The forest was lush and damp and my mind was thinking MORELS!White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_017I didn’t see any and wouldn’t have been allowed to pick any here anyway..I did see some interesting shelf type mushrooms.

White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_008

There were some beautiful wildflowers. Click on the names of the flowers to learn more about them..Some are edible.

Star-of-Bethlehem Ornithogalum umbellatumWhite Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_002 May Apple Podopyhllum PeltatumWhite Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_005 Jack-in-the-Pulpit Arisaema triphyllumWhite Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_020 False Solomon’s Seal Smilacina racemosa White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_010White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_011

I need some help….Does any know who these balls belong to?

White Clay creek state park, de Jeff Gordong_20090516_018 Thanks for coming on our walk…See you in cyberspace!

Killens Pond State Park, Delaware

Howdee all,

We have arrived at Killen’s Pond State Park in Delaware where we will stay for three nights. We plan on birding Bombay Hook NWR tomorrow and Saturday if it doesn’t rain to hard.

Here is our new Home….very wooded…no satellite Jeff had to go to Applebee’s to watch the Celtics and the Bruins. My broadband Internet is a bit slow. I don’t know if..or how long.. it will take to upload this post…

Let me show you around the area…… Killens Pond State park DE_20090513_014

It was quite windy today so we decided not to drive to Bombay Hook. Instead we walked around the lake here at the park.

Killens Pond State Park DE_20090514_015  We are experiencing spring again ….I think we saw these wild azaleas blooming a few weeks ago in North Carolina. I love this part of traveling…we get to experience spring several times..

Killens Pond State Park DE_20090514_002

     We saw and heard quite a few birds…We noticed that there were many Robins..a bird that left our area of NC more than three weeks ago. There seemed to be a turf war going on with the Great Crested flycatchers today.

The Wood thrush gave us a concert..Man do I love this song..I am going to buy the album!Killens Pond State park DE_20090513_001

We walked halfway around the pond and had to walk on the road a bit..

There was a dam for the pond and lots of nesting Swallows on the concrete below the road..just over the dam.

Barn SwallowKillens Pond State park DE_20090513_005Also at the Dam we saw this turtle hanging out on the concrete..sipping water..or eating ..I wasn’t sure. I haven’t had the time to ID this turtle yet..I think it is a Snapping Turtle.Killens Pond State Park DE_20090514_024

Check out the video below and see for yourself..then tell me what you think the turtle is doing.. He’s quite the cool looking fellow..check out his dinosaur tail. Of course this could be a female..I have no clue.


Eastern Kingbird hanging out in the Sun. Wish he would eat all the darn Mosquitoes.

Killens Pond State park DE_20090513_006  Oh…lovely lady slipper…my first of the year….most of them seemed be be on their last leg…no pun intended..tee hee.

Pink Lady’s-slipper Cypripedium acaule Ait.Killens Pond State park DE_20090513_009

Here we go with my bark fetish…love this one..I still haven’t had time to ID this…the leaves look like an oak.  I did a quick Google and decided I need to get a photo of the leaf for an ID.

Quercus ??? Killens Pond State park DE_20090513_010Killens Pond State park DE_20090513_011     That just a quick recap of our walk. Mosquitoes are out…darn it….I had one tick..not attached…thank goodness… Went out and bought some spray with Deet for our clothing…

Hope to have some Birdie pictures  tomorrow..Trying out my new camera.

See ya…thanks for stopping by!

Its time…I am sad

Howdee all.

Yes, This always happens…we eventually leave.

Doesn’t Homey look so nice and Cozy parked here at Sicksta Adele’s and her Ghetto boy husband Craig’s side yard. Adelesgard (3)

I wont go into why we have those names..oh why not..

Sicksta..I have four sisters..some of us like to talk about silly goofy things and act like we were 10 again… poop..balls..not the rubber kind,etc…well you get the picture we are Sick sisters…Sickstas .

Ghetto in law Craig..he loves to build things…and he’s good at it..but always leaves a mess after his projects. I think he likes the way the mess looks as well as his project.

Jeff likes to organize Craig’s shed and tools when we are here.IMG_0583IMG_0579 Anyway we are leaving……

we have been here a bit over a month.

A long time for us to be in one spot. But what a spot!…what a time of year!…what company!

Darn..its time to say goodbye..

Goodbye Blue Grosbeak…I know you are nesting nearby.

Birdies_20090427_013 Goodbye Indigo buntings…you too are nesting nearby.

Birdies in the Garden_20090429_014

Goodbye Cardinal eggs..I wont see you hatch…. Goodbye just found the home Craigy made and built a beautiful nest inside…I will miss seeing the young come out of the house for the first time.

Cardinal nest dells_20090507_001 Bluebirds dells_20090508_002

Goodbye birdies…

Goodbye Garden….

We accomplished allot in the garden.

added a zillion truckloads of poop.Adeles Garden_20090427_001

We finished the Patio…do you see the big flower we made in the middle?

We planted and weeded.

I will miss gardening with my Sicksta.

Adeles Garden_20090427_014

Goodbye sweet Sicksta and Ghetto Boy..

I will miss hanging out and chatting with you.

funintheyard (18)

I will miss our evening garden walks and the walks on your country road..

Look no traffic..adeles around the yard_20090509_013 I will miss our evening dinners.I am happy you enjoyed my cooking…

Ballie and I will miss Jackie coming over for dinner.Adeles, around the garden_20090501_024I will miss making Sickstas bed …Craigy never makes the bed and leaves for work after Sicksta…so..I made the bed… was always fun seeing which pup still wanted to sleep in. Kali was the winner.

Pups_20090430_001 I will miss kicking the ball for Jack.pup_20090504_001And watching him lick dirt….goof ball

pup_20090507_001 I will miss sitting on the front porch and looking out into the garden..Pups_20090430_007 Sicksta and Ghetto Boy have created a piece of paradise..

in a birdie paradiseAdeles Garden @ cn200x_20090428_013

and I will miss every last bit of it.

Until next spring….I will carry just beautiful memories..

Sickstas Blog about us leaving…go there and see