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Storms a comin

Howdee all,

We are expecting a Noreaster.
On the coast here in CT. The weather forecasters haven’t figured out how much snowfall we might get. I have heard anything between sleet and five inches.

Not too much snow in the scheme of things.. Other areas will be harder hit.
With leaves still on the trees still screaming out autumn, this could potentially be a big mess.
They expect power outages from fallen trees and limbs.

So- yesterday…I tried to savor what autumn looks like.
It hasn’t even peaked here yet.. Still allot of green that hasn’t changed to its autumn color.

Before the snow coats the colors with a blanket of white.

It’s chilly here in CT

We don’t leave here until after the 6th sometime.
We will do a slow migration south.

Stopping In NC for a month or so to visit Sicksta.
We may stop and visit a few birds on the way.. Not sure where yet- perhaps Cape May or the Outer Banks of NC.

For now- we wait for the storm.

To cover the color of autumn.

All photos taken with iPod touch.
Post written with Blogger+ app.



Howdee all,

Yesterday morning, i joined Jeff, Bella and Dad for a walk at Pfizer field. On our way Dad stopped at the lake so I could grab a few photos of the mist rising from the water.
While there,I spotted a flock of Golden crowned Kinglets foraging in the pines. I had great close up views of these sweet golden headed tidbits of a bird. Fun!

In the afternoon Jeff and I joined Sicksta Tink for a Bluff Point walk. Always a great walk there!

When I saw this rock I immediately thought..
I guess its a stretch..:)

Two nice walks…

I still have some photos I want to share from Sundays walk to Lantern Hill. Just haven’t gone thru all my photos.

These photos and post were all taken and posted via my iPod.

A reader mentioned yesterday, that they couldn’t click on any of the photos to enlarge them.. I am not sure how to do that with the blogging app I am using. I will check into it.

I am not sure these photos would be worth seeing larger anyway.
They are all iPod photos with limited pixels.

Blogger Plus for iPod touch/phone

Howdee all,

Testing another blogging app.

This afternoon Sicksta Tink and I went to Bluff point for a walk.
It was very windy, the gulls were feeding on the rough surf.
We both had fun taking photos on our iPods with our favorite HDR app.
This app for blogging *Blogger plus* is 99 cents. So far I like it much better than the previous app I used.
Now to post this and see how it looks.


Howdee all,

Birders and Bird Lovers…

Fellow Blogger Catherine Hamilton aka Birdspot is trying to raise money for the last half of her Big Year.

Catherine is an artist…see her blog here.

The Tee shirts and Mugs she is selling feature her bird related art.

~Cool stuff~

I bought the H is for Harlot for me ~ I will wear it in Catherine’s this to learn more  ~H is for Harlot  here

I also purchased the 

Hawks are Awesome tee shirt for Jeff

Click on the above links to see those tee shirts and more.


Howdee all,
I know many of you are waiting for my final posts on
The Biggest Week in American Birding and Magee Marsh.
I’ll get there…
I am just slow these lazy days of almost summer.
fam picnic and home_043I slow down to see the neighbors Clematis.
fam picnic and home_045I am easily distracted and find myself doing other things rather than put together a blog post I have to think about.
fam picnic and home_050Yeah…Lazy summertime
Do me a favor and play this song as you read the rest of my post and think of me..
Thats me these days…
  Lazing around in the sun
Not getting much done.
fam picnic and home_053looking at the morning dew….
 fam picnic and home_055
Lying on the ground next to the poppies…
 fam picnic and home_059looking deep into the Peonies…
 fam picnic and home_060
And not doing much of nothing..
fam picnic and home_061
 Gotta go…
The noonday sun is calling my name..

Oops.. Hiccups

Howdee all,

big sit birds_023

As most of you know, I will be blogging with a group of amazing Birders/Bloggers at

If you go to the link above you will only see two posts. We have been rolling out posts for a week. They are they not showing up when you click on the Url for We are able to see them if signed in as administrator, otherwise they seem to be invisible.

So, a few of us unfamiliar with the WordPress platform tried to figure it far no solution. Our fearless leader, who knows WordPress, is off Birding and has no idea what is happening here. the meantime, I will post updates to here and use Twitter and Facebook to posts the new links.

Please enjoy the following posts

The newest post is by our new ABA President Jeffrey Gordon

Consider the Yellow-rumped

If you click on the link above you will then see links to the other posts to the right under…

 Whats New?

  • Multi-author birding blog launched today

  • Enjoy!

    We welcome suggestions to our issue.

    Have you checked us out?

    Howdee all,

    Have you checked out the new website yet?

    The site is barely a week old..still some tweaking to do.

    Lots of Great writers.

    My first post goes out on Friday.

    I will remind you all on Friday so you can go check it out and see what I will be writing about.

     In the meantime….I had a blog post just about finished on our Sunday hike to Lantern Hill.

    My computer went wacky and poof it was gone..all except the photos.

    So, I got mad at my computer and haven’t yet gone back to edit the post.

    I might decide to try today..this time I will remember to save a draft or two..I thought it was autosaved..but I guess not.


    Saturday night..Jeff and I burned some of our past. 20 years or so of papers that we had saved..about 130 pounds worth..

    My family helped sort thru the papers and burn them…it was great fun!

    Yippee..Burn baby Burn.

    bonfire papers_001

    Bittersweet Autumn

    Howdee all,

    Its beautiful this time of year…

    The air turns crisp and the ground crunchy beneath your feet.


    The colors on the trees are starting to fall to the ground….Autumn_036I love autumn…yesterday we had a leaf catching contest.

    I caught 16 leaves..I won. Jeff caught two one handed…I use two hands..

    Muther caught one. I don’t think dad tried but he enjoyed watching us twirl around and run after the spinning leaves.Autumn_033Autumn_030

    We enjoy our walks….Autumn_028The birds are still migrating thru the area..Autumn_029We saw flocks of White-throated sparrows and Juncos.At the pond, Upland sandpipers, Green winged teal and Mallards…flocks of Brown headed cowbirds along the edges.Autumn_018Autumn_011Yeah, its that time of year again…moving time..Autumn_004We will start our journey south for the winter in a few weeks..Autumn_007To warmer climes. Autumn_040I look forward to the next phase in our journey.Autumn_039In the meantime, I am loving it here…I am soaking up the color..Autumn_038I am walking on crunchy leaves…and breathing the crisp, cold air.Autumn_037

    It is Bittersweet, this time of year for us…

    Autumn_019We leave our family soon..Autumn_020But look forward to new adventures..Autumn_022

    Macro Monday

        Howdee all,

    Leaves with water droplets on Asphaltleafy walk_011

          leafy walk_013leafy walk_004 

    Happy Autumn!

    Hickory Horned Devil!

    Howdee all.
    I am posting this using Google toolbar. dont quite know how this will turn out…but
    here goes…I wanted you all to read this!
    Oh my Oh my…I would love to see one of these fellers!
    Click on the link below to see what I am talking about!

    Julie Zickefoose on Blogspot: Hickory Horned Devil!: “- Sent using Google Toolbar”

    Oh …and I found another link with more pictures and wow..look how big the darn thing is!
    Hickory Horned Devil

    And if thats not enough information ..
    Read this

    You might also want to read this post from
    Ohio Birds and Biodiversity 
    They saved one of these beautiful creatures from being eaten alive by fly larvae.
    “Once inside, they would commence eating it alive, cleverly avoiding the most vital of tissues, thus keeping their victim alive for as long as possible”