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Skywatch Friday, Yellowstone, Pink Cloud Study

Howdee all,

This is my Pink Cloud study…

We arrived at Mammoth Campground from a full day in these wonderful pink clouds.Yellowstone dawns_20090906_141

Yellowstone dawns_20090906_139So i proceeded to shoot a gazillion photos Yellowstone dawns_20090906_134Of pink……Yellowstone dawns_20090906_135Pink……Yellowstone dawns_20090906_137 And more pink…….Yellowstone dawns_20090906_144I was captivated… Yellowstone dawns_20090906_145 And couldn’t get enough….Yellowstone dawns_20090906_146 Of the pink…Yellowstone dawns_20090906_148 and so…it wasYellowstone dawns_20090906_136Lovely layers of pinks and blues Yellowstone dawns_20090906_138 a zillion photos….of pink……Yellowstone dawns_20090906_142

For more amazing photos of skies from around the world..go to



Yellowstone walks

Howdee all,

This was our last day in Yellowstone….we went on another drive…with Sicksta Charlene and her hubby Tom.  Back to Yellowstone lake to look for Mushrooms and take photos.

I was intrigued by this green Lichen. The color was a bright limey green..the same color as the distant green island.

Yellowstone dawns_20090906_032It was really quite beautiful.

I am still trying to find out what kind it is…any ideas?

Yellowstone dawns_20090906_026

    We did several walks this day..The weather to our south looked foreboding..

Yellowstone dawns_20090906_038

and seemed headed in our direction….We put on our rain jackets in anticipation.Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_053 Dark clouds in the south….Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_001 We happened upon Blue Grouse…again…(ok it Blue Grouse?) Yellowstone dawns_20090906_046Yellowstone dawns_20090906_042 We passed the meadows and are now in the burn area…  Yellowstone dawns_20090906_055

Burned Trees being replaced…by newYellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_063Looks like the skies may be clearing……Yellowstone dawns_20090906_058

Some blue amongst the dark sky,,,a few raindrops fall…Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_064  and as we leave the Burned woods area and head back into the meadow…

We are greeted by clearing skies….

Yellowstone dawns_20090906_063 Another rain storm….that passed us by ..Yellowstone dawns_20090906_064 Jeff and I are still in Eugene, Oregon…will go to the coast as soon as work is finished on Homey….Sometime next week we are hoping…

I have already picked some Chanterelles and Lobster mushrooms..the ground was a bit dry when we picked…but today’s rain and some later this week should make picking..awesome!

BwBTC, Sacramento, Ca

Howdee all,chirp button croped


That’s right another Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outing

Saturday, November 21st

All are welcome to attend. Please join us for this fun day!

Larry Jordan aka @soaringfalcon1 on twitter has suggested this itinerary

“This is probably the best place to have a bird outing in November in California.  The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

I have only been to the Sacramento NWR which is the “headquarters” of the complex.  They have a two mile walking trail and a six mile auto tour!”  

Read Larry’s post about a recent visit to the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge

You will want to Join us after reading this!

Larry also mentioned seeing Burrowing Owls.


Details as far as meeting place…time …etc…will be detailed as time gets closer..

Usually this is an all day affair…

Birding in the morning…lunch at some nice local spot…birding again…and then dinner if people are up to it…

We find people also come and go during the day according to their schedule.


The list of attendees thus far..I will keep adding to this list ..check back and see who else will be attending

Jeff and Dawn Fine from Dawns Bloggy Blog twitter @DawnFine

Larry Jordon  The Birders Report twitter @soaringfalcon1

Scott A.  from JournOwl twitter @journowl

Cheryl Reynolds from twitter @martinezbeavers


Geno Masuda from Genos Blog

If there are others who want to go,Birders, Bloggers, Husbands, wives,friends etc…..either leave a comment here…or contact me on twitter…with your name and a bit of information so that I can add you to our list.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Howdee all,

We stayed at Mammoth Hot springs for a week.

Jeff went out one early morning and took these photos.

Of a surreal world…Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_016

A world of bubbling hot,, sulfur smelling waters

Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_025

Living sculptures of Limestone

Travertine is deposited as white rock, however the microorganisms and living bacteria create beautiful shades of oranges, pinks, yellows, greens, and browns.Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_020

The Mammoth Hot springs are constantly changing. As formations grow, water is forced to flow in different directions. Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_026

This bubbling world seems prehistoricYellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_037

It drips and bubbles, makes sculptures….and kills trees in its pathYellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_038And forms beautiful crystals of color…

Yellowstone Jeffs pics_20090906_043

More Yellowstone photos to come…

then..onto the Tetons.

Drive to Yellowstone Lake

Howdee all,

Hope you are not bored with Yellowstone yet!

Sept,3 Charlene, Jeff and I took a drive to Yellowstone Lake to take in the scene and look for mushrooms.

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_008 Jeff stopped and we checked out the ducks

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_018  They were too far away..and we didnt have our scope..mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_022Further south…we follow the Yellowstone rivermammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_032

Past Buffalomammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_064 mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_056 the skies showed showers  around us…but we were still dry

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_070

We made it to Yellowstone Lake where Sicksta Charlene and I looked for mushrooms. We found boletus edulus (porchini) but most were past their prime.mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_073Mallard family

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_075

Gray Jays follow us as we look for mushroomsmammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_079 Charlene and I encounter a deer while mushrooming.

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_082

We never did get wet that daymammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_091The clouds around the lake filled with light mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_098 As distant clouds said Rain…

With a few mushrooms in hand…we start our drive back to Mammoth

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_109

Past a heart peninsula of Buffalomammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_118

We stop at an overlook to take in the scene…mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_125  The Buffalomammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_133The Buffalo and clouds… mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_121

And as we drive home …watercolor cloudsmammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_155show us the way…. mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_147

Hope you are all having a nice Friday…

Jeff and i are on our way to visit friends in Portland, Oregon.

Have a Great Weekend!

Skywatch Friday ..Yellowstone

Howdee all,

I took these photos on our drive back to Mammoth Campground the day we drove to Yellowstone Lake.

I will post the photos from the drive to Yellowstone Lake tomorrow.mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_166 I thought these would be nice photos…

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_157For Skywatch Friday….

Do you see the bird cloud left side?

mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_156

Sometimes the clouds are most amazing here…mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_165 I have a thing for clouds…

and tend to photograph more sky and less foreground……mammoth to yellowstone lake car tour_20090903_169 Hope you enjoyed my sky photos..

For more wonderful photos of skies from around the world..

Click on the photo below…skywatch

Cascade lake hike, Yellowstone

Howdee all,

Jeff and the Gals, Jen, Jennifer, Sicksta Charlene and I…were feeling like we needed to hike another five miles after we did the Mount Washburn hike.

So we decided to hike to Cascade Lake.

An easy 5 miles round trip hike.cascade lake hike_20090902_002 Out to Cascade Lake cascade lake hike_20090902_008You can see that there was a previous burn in the area.  cascade lake hike_20090902_013  It was another beautiful afternoon the water was still..cascade lake hike_20090902_010Jeff brought his fishing pole…….cascade lake hike_20090902_012 He stopped fishing to view a coyote who wanted to use the same path. cascade lake hike_20090902_017The young looking coyote ignored us and went on hunting for its dinner… cascade lake hike_20090902_027

Lucky for this Grouse and her young…the coyote just missed finding her… cascade lake hike_20090902_049Mom was keeping a watchful eye over this little fellow…cascade lake hike_20090902_046Jeff didn’t catch any fish…cascade lake hike_20090902_038

We didn’t stay long because Jennifer had a date with the shower ..and because there are no electrical hookups at Mammoth campground we had to be back before 7 so she could have a long hot shower…cascade lake hike_20090902_055   Some sort of Dandelion seed headcascade lake hike_20090902_060Heading back…see Mr. Buffalo in the distance? rightcascade lake hike_20090902_052Just hanging out……. cascade lake hike_20090902_056

As we drove home we noticed a fire in the distance…controlled burn_20090902_004

We were told it was started by lightening..they just let it continue to burn.controlled burn_20090902_003

Another day in Yellowstone park…Never a dull moment.

Mt Washburn Hike, Yellowstone

Howdee all,

Jeff, Sicksta Charlene, Jennifer, Jen and I did this hike September 2nd.

It was another beautiful day in Yellowstone.

Mt. Washburn Trail
Length to Washburn Lockout Tower from: 
Dunraven Pass picnic area 3.0 miles, one way. 
Chittenden parking area 2.25 miles, one way.
Elevation change: Dunraven Pass at 8,850 feet (1,393-foot gain, but a 1,491-foot gain from Chittenden parking area.)  

mt washburn hike_20090902_055

Hiking up from the parking lot. The drive up cuts off allot of walking and washburn hike_20090902_053Stopping to catch our breath and view the scenery. mt washburn hike_20090902_052

Cute marmots checking us washburn hike_20090902_044

 mt washburn hike_20090902_042  My little Panasonic Lumix has the capability to create photos and stitch them together.panorama mt washburn hike  Approaching the washburn hike_20090902_025A popular hike..lots of people at the summit… mt washburn hike_20090902_011

Beautiful views..

many say that if you do one hike in the park..this should be the one you washburn hike_20090902_015

Charlene, Jeff and I…and awesome views!mt washburn hike_20090902_001 The Gals, Jen, Sicksta Charlene, Me and Jennifer.

mt washburn hike_20090902_003

The trail you see below is what the Gals took down from the summit.

Jeff went back to the car and picked us up at the other trailhead…so that we could experience the other trail…( What a nice hubby!}mt washburn hike_20090902_006

Jeff and I are still in Eugene, Oregon.

I am sitting in the Homey as our front windshield is being replaced.

We are also having the windshield in our car replaced..big chips in both and cracks.

This afternoon we go to Carrier and sons..where Homey will have some more work done to it…..Hope to have the sofa reupholstered and a few other upgrades.

More Yellowstone Hikes coming soon!

Bunsen Peak hike, Yellowstone

Howdee all,

Another nice hike with awesome views of Electric peak.

Charlene, Jennifer and I did this hike while Jeff and Jimmy fished.

Elevation: 8,564 Feet
Recommended Season: Spring to Fall
USGS Maps: Trails Illustrated (Mammoth Hot Springs), Mammoth USGS quad.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.2 Miles
Elevation Gain: 1,300 Feet

DirectionsFrom Mammoth Hot springs, Travel 4.7 miles south. Immediately past the Golden Gate Bridge park on the left in the Glen Creek Trailhead parking lot.

Location Information
Bunsen Peak Trail, located south of Mammoth Hot Springs, offers a gradual 1,300 foot climb to the summit of Bunsen Peak. The trail climbs through sagebrush and burned pine and fir. The summit provides a panoramic view of the Blacktail Plateau, Swan Lake Flats, Absarokas Mountain Range, Electric Peak (10,992 ft.), Mount Holmes (10,336 ft.), and the Yellowstone River Valley. The peak is actually an ancient volcano cone and was named for Robert Bunsen who did early research on geysers. Return by the same route or take the trail down the back side past Osprey Falls trailhead (about 2 miles) and return via the Old Bunsen Peak Road TrailBunson peak hike_20090901_005

As we begin our assent we leave the road below us..Bunson peak hike_20090901_006Some elevation gain and the views start coming…Bunson peak hike_20090901_009 A lake in the distance…would love to hike out there…Bunson peak hike_20090901_012 More distant blue lakes and mountains..Bunson peak hike_20090901_014

A hidden surprise on our trip to the summit..

Dusky GrouseBunson peak hike_20090901_019Getting close to the summit ..and distant views of Electric peak.. Bunson peak hike_20090901_023 Electric Peak…

will have to hike there next time we visit!Bunson peak hike_20090901_031 At the summit…I

love this ..whoever created this rock art did an awesome job.

Bunson peak hike_20090901_033 So I took a few photos..again Electric PeakBunson peak hike_20090901_037 Weathered wood

Bunson peak hike_20090901_038 Cotton ball cloudsBunson peak hike_20090901_039 Weathered wood sculptures

Bunson peak hike_20090901_041 Bunson peak hike_20090901_042

Time to head down…another way…Bunson peak hike_20090901_043 Close encounters with…??

who knows? grasshopper? cricket?

Bunson peak hike_20090901_047 Small bug..??

looks kind of like a stinkbug..

Bunson peak hike_20090901_045 Down the mountain and hiking thru meadows…Bunson peak hike_20090901_053

The last leg of the hike is on an old roadbed..

I believe these are more sage grouse..but I didn’t see any yellow around the eye..

(Dusky Grouse…ID by my fellow Bird Bloggers, Larry Jordon, and Rob Miller)

Thanks Guys!

Bunson peak hike_20090901_054

Need birdie ID helpBunson peak hike_20090901_059Any confirmations….or ID welcome.Bunson peak hike_20090901_064Another wonderful day…Great hike…Great views..

I Highly recommend this hike…short..and sweet… a good workout. Bunson peak hike_20090901_068

See ya…more Yellowstone Hikes to come…

Beaver Ponds Hike

Howdee all,

Beaver ponds hike was a short 5 mile loop around a few ponds near Mammoth hot springs.

Beaver Ponds Loop Trail
Round trip distance: 5 mile loop trail

Climb: easy-moderate
Difficulty: easy-moderate

Trail Description: The trail begins in Clematis Gulch between Liberty Cap and the stone house. It follows the creek up Clematis Gulch, climbing 350 feet through spruce and fir trees. The beaver ponds are reached after hiking 2.5 miles through open meadows of sage and stands of aspen. Mule deer, pronghorn antelope, moose, beaver dams and lodges, and occasionally bear may be sighted in the area. There are spectacular views as you wind your way back to Mammoth

mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_029It was a nice way to start off our Yellowstone trip.

The clouds were beautiful but it looked like we might get a shower. mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_030  Last time Jeff and I did this hike we saw a Bear sow and her cub.

No bear sightings this time.

mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_036

We did see a few interesting things.

This amazing metallic blue bug!

Is this a type of flea beetle?

mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_022Lots of Grasshoppers…..mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_033

Some very interesting mushrooms

Stalked puffball mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_028

and a lichen heart(Sorry Sicksta Dell..couldn’t take it out of the park)mammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_039

My camera battery was losing juicemammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_041

This was the last photo I took before the rain..and beforemammoth and beaver pond hike_20090831_043

The Rainbow…

luckily Jeff had his camerabeaver ponds jeff_20090831_008  and he captured a few photosbeaver ponds jeff_20090831_015I pieced two of his photos together to show you how incredible this was.. Panorama 1 What a wonderful way to start out our trip to Yellowstone..beaver ponds jeff_20090831_029More hikes to come….see you soon!