Yellow-bellied Sapsucker checkin in…

Howdee all,

Homey has arrived safely in NC and it parked snugly between two familiar hickory trees.

Arrival was not without complications. Just two miles away from Carthage, Jeff stopped for diesel~after fueling Homey would not start..

No sound when the key was turned. This has happened several times in the past ten years. This time it took a few more taps with a hammer on the solenoid and it started.

Yellow bellied sap_017Before Homey arrived I noticed a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker mewing and going to the suet.

Not soon after Homeys arrival, the sapsucker checked out its reflection.

Yellow bellied sap_005Our windows are reflective and we always have birds coming to the window to see who is in their territory.

Yellow bellied sap_007

For the past two mornings Mr. Sapsucker starts tapping on our bedroom window at 6:30 and then moves on to the bathroom window for a bit.

Yellow bellied sap_013

Here is a video of him tapping at our bathroom window.


14 responses to “Yellow-bellied Sapsucker checkin in…

  1. Glad Jeff and Homey made it safe!!
    YB Sapsuckers are one of my faves 🙂 (but aren't they all)

  2. Great photos, Dawn…

  3. Glad you've been reunited. Crazy bird. Time to soap the windows again.

  4. Totally adorable! Such a beautiful bird. Glad Jeff is safely in NC!

  5. A real colourful character Dawn.

  6. Hi Dawn, I am glad to see your hubby and homey arrived safely. I enjoyed the sapsucker video and the photos. It is a beautiful bird. Have a great week ahead.

  7. Wow, the colors on that bird are great! Nice shots

  8. So glad you got Jeff & Homey back to you safe and sound. Beautiful bird. Don't think I have ever seen a yellow belly sap sucker before.

  9. Great chance at super close looks – very cool Dawn


  10. Mr. Sapsucker is certainly a handsome fellow. How wonderful to see him so close-up! Great photos and video. Glad to hear your homey is back up and running.

  11. Love the sapsucker video! TFS.

  12. Amazing photos and video Dawn. so glad Jeff and homey are both back with you though!

  13. Howdee friends..Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

    Its so nice to all be reunited again.
    The Sapsucker has stopped tapping at our window after that second day.
    I still see him daily on our suet..
    he loves it!

  14. Great pictures of the Sapsucker and I love the video!

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