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Some pictures of the Smoots and Jeff

I know this is not the post you wanted to see…Mom, Adele and Tammy……look at the other two blogs I did today and there they will be…the pictures you all wanted to see….


Ok Ok Ok….here they are…..You asked for it…you get it….better late than never…


these are my four new tops…Yikes…do i see pinks and purples? All the tops are INC brand...they sell them at macys and other stores like that… they were all but one….75% off…so about 20 dollars each.
Well there is some brown in there somewhere….the last top is the one i will wear to temple….with the pants that are being hemmed….so you cant see those….
next blog will have the gown…shoes …etc….


Here are the pictures of the gown,
the gown looks very nice on…

Ideas for Decorating with shells or sea stones


I thought i would post these things i came across lately for all you Crafty people out there…and for my family who I recently gave rocks and shells, that I have collected.

Click on the above picture and you will see the website….Lots of ideas for smooth sea rocks….and if you dont want to make these things you can buy them.

I did a short video clip of the rock hooks I saw and a sea shell wreath..

I thought the rocks would look good in loris computer/tv room…where she has the curtain draped over the entry to the dining room….you could use the rock hooks to drape the curtain over.

Ok also you might want to check out this blog I found recently….called the fashionist.
fun fashions from the streets of san francisco…….

Liberty Harbor rv park and Sams condo

Above is a map of Sams new neighborhood…she lives in Brooklyn Heights not far from the Brooklyn bridge and the harbor. We visited for a few days, staying at the RV park in new jersey, which is only 7 miles from Sam in Brooklyn, so…6 dollars to go thru the Holland tunnel a day and 60 for the RV park…and of course trying all the yummy restaurants around sams home and in the city….well, it is the most expensive place we stay while traveling….but considering we are staying so close to the city, have a great view from the Homey it is a bargain. And of course we have a great location for visiting Samarrah. We had a wonderful time with her, checking out her new home and neighbor hood….and we worked quite hard painting and shopping trying to make her condo look nice and organized….more needs to be done.

We are now in Ct. and will be here another week before heading to mass.