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My Small Garden, Ledyard,CT

Howdee all,

Here are the photos i promised.

My small garden space..see the side of Homey on the right in the photo below?

The neighbors house to the left. My fathers work shed in the back right.


I purchased the Iron rockers and table at Home Depot,garden_005I purchased the two trellis boxes online.. garden_008

The umbrella is from Job Lot  garden_023

    My sicksta Adele provided the coleus..

i have four different kindsgarden_010   garden_013garden_012garden_011My sicksta Lori and her hubby provided three different vines and the Cleome..garden_011And the tomato plants..of which are several different varieties.

The lettuce plants, they gave me, have bolted ..but were yummy while they lasted.

garden_029 I purchased a few color changing Solar lights from Job lot..

They look beautiful in the day..and when they work, are very cool at night.


My Father bought this solar cardinal for my garden.


A nice place to sit and watch the birds

garden_006I have a few feeders out on either side of the planters.garden_010I also put some water for a bird bath..garden_007

garden_024        A nice summer retreat.garden_014 Lantana Sonsetgarden_018

Hibiscus Rum runnergarden_015 garden_021  Thats all ..Hope you enjoyed my Small garden tour…

Tonight we go to a concert..

Willie Nelson..

any Willie Fans out there?

               garden_004  garden_016







garden_015 garden_017 garden_018


Maple seeds

Howdee all,

I took this photo back in May while visiting Sicksta Dell.

I really love the color of these seeds.around the garden_042

This is the same photo cropped and I addded color Pop via Windows live writer..around the garden_042

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer..

I created a small garden next to Homey at mom and dads..

I will take a few photos to show you what it looks like next post.

Mystic, CT ..walking around town

Howdee all,


It was a beautiful day, Mom, Sicksta Tink and I decided to walk downtown Mystic and do some girly shopping.mystic etc_031

mystic etc_016

The Oyster house has a beautiful garden…mystic etc_021 I took a few photos of our day..mystic etc_011The Drawbridge..   mystic etc_014 The River…mystic etc_015 A Swan family…

mystic etc_012

  Out for lunch..mystic etc_033Sampling the Local fairemystic etc_032Its been so hot lately..   mystic etc_034I was wishing I was floating in that water…mystic etc_030mystic etc_029 I hope you are all staying cool this summer.

I have been doing most my blog reading on my itouch lately.

So if I don’t is because I am reading from an RSS reader called Byline.

It doesn’t allow you to comment on blogs.

I wish there was an RSS reader that somehow hooked up to the comment sections of blog posts…

Until then..i read, and mostly don’t comment unless I am online with my Laptop.

I am trying to balance my online time…and enjoy summer and still read the blogs I so love to read.

How do you all keep up with blog reading these days?

Do you take Blogger Vacations?

♥Gorham mountain trail to the Bowl Acadia NP

Howdee all,

Our last full day in Acadia NP 😦

We started the morning bright and early with a ranger led birding program.

Black throated Blue, Chestnut sided warblers, Common Yellowthroat, Hermit and Wood thrush, Cedar Waxwings, Crows, Peregrine Falcon and more seen and heard that morning.

Gorham mt hike_002

Gorham mt hike_008 


Jeff and Samarrah were tired after the early bird walk so we went back to camp so they could nap.

We were all excited about the first family..the Obamas being in Bar Harbor.

We thought there might be a possibility of seeing them, but we  didn’t go out to pursue them.

If we had we may have seen them.

Instead we decided to hike Gorham Mountain, a hike that Jeff and I have done several times,usually in the fall. We prefer going to the island then..much quieter.


Gorham Mountain


Miles- 3 mile round-trip




This is not a difficult trail. You will be hiking uphill for most of the hike..but the elevation at the summit is only 525 feet.

There are many ways to get to the summit.

We took the trail from the Gorham Mountain parking lot, a bit past Thunder hole.

Rocks, Rocks and more Rocks

The trail starts out on slabs of rocks…Gorham mt hike_011

Gorham mt hike_012

    The trail lined with Conifers and blueberry.

If you visit in July and August, you have the extra bonus of ripe Maine blueberries.Gorham mt hike_016

Gorham mt hike_013

This is for you sicksta Dell

Gorham mt hike_017

More rocks than you can fit in your yard.

Gorham mt hike_019 Gorham mt hike_020


“…..a plaque honoring Waldron Bates – Pathmaker. He was the first to utilize stone stairways and iron rung ladders in the trails to help hikers traverse cliffs, talus slopes (the sloped mass of rocks at the base of a cliff), and other steep areas.”Gorham mt hike_023

   More rocky uphill

Gorham mt hike_025

A view of fog starting to come in.

Gorham mt hike_026

   Follow the blue blazes..

Gorham mt hike_028

   I always enjoy this trail..

Gorham mt hike_030

Not very difficult

Gorham mt hike_031

  Stone steps…

Gorham mt hike_032

Thanks Walden Bates..

Gorham mt hike_033

Oh..are we there yet?

Gorham mt hike_034

Jeff and Samarah wait..I am a much slower hikerGorham mt hike_035  This is Gorham Mountain’s false summit where you will have an open view of Otter Cliff, Otter Point, Baker Island, and the Cranberry Island.Gorham mt hike_037When its not so foggy..

the fog was just starting to roll in at about 4pm.Gorham mt hike_038    We continue to the summitGorham mt hike_042 Gorham mt hike_044Still more uphill… Gorham mt hike_045 Follow the Cairns. Gorham mt hike_048 Which cairn do you like?Gorham mt hike_049I liked them all.. 

Gorham mt hike_051So you are forced to look at them.. Gorham mt hike_052close your eyes or speed thru this part…  Gorham mt hike_056 I am putting them all here…Gorham mt need a cairn break..

how about some nice paving stones.. Gorham mt hike_058 Or boulders to follow..Gorham mt hike_059  Or..

More Cairns..Gorham mt hike_061  Yep..not at the top yet..

follow the Cairns..Gorham mt hike_063 Gorham mt hike_064  I know what you are going to say..

OH NO..NOT MORE CAIRNS!Gorham mt hike_066 Yep..turn the page if you don’t want to see them :):)

I personally think they are lovely!

Gorham mt hike_068  The fog getting thicker..Gorham mt hike_070 And guess what…

Summit! Gorham mt hike_073We are all hungry. Luckily we packed Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches. Gorham mt hike_074 This little fella smelled them and decided to wait until we were done.Gorham mt hike_075We didn’t feed it, but it still looked around after we left. It found a few granola bar crumbs.  Gorham mt hike_078     OH NO..

oh yes…Cairn..

We take trail toward the Beehive trail.Gorham mt hike_083 Toward the Bowl

Gorham mt hike_084 Gorham mt hike_085This time we walk downhill… Gorham mt hike_086 Past large slabs of rock..Gorham mt hike_088 Sorry Sickstas..I couldn’t carry these back for you.Gorham mt hike_089 Gorham mt hike_092This looked like wild cranberry to me..but, I am used to it growing in a bog.

This was a wet area..but not a bog. Gorham mt hike_093 Growing along side this were theses huge blueberries..much larger than most found on the trail.Gorham mt hike_094  This area is very damp..mushrooms growing out of moss.Gorham mt hike_097  We walk along a watery path.Gorham mt hike_100 Gorham mt hike_101 Tiny red mushrooms..Gorham mt hike_102To the the Bowl.

Gorham mt hike_107 The pond was getting fogged in as well.Gorham mt hike_108  We followed the trail part way around the lake.Gorham mt hike_111 We had distant views of a Beaver..taking a freshly cut log to its home.Gorham mt hike_112We saw small beetles..

Anyone know who this is? Gorham mt hike_113 It was time to head back..Gorham mt hike_118 It was getting late..Gorham mt hike_120 We had more Cairns to follow..Gorham mt hike_121Rocks to pass.. Gorham mt hike_123 Boulders to look at…Gorham mt hike_124 Did I say more cairns?Gorham mt hike_125We hiked up.. Gorham mt hike_126 Past more of these Rock thingys…Gorham mt hike_127 And trees coming out of rocks..

Gorham mt hike_128And water resting in rock.. Gorham mt hike_131  And more..humm..fog..

(did you see the cairn?)

Gorham mt hike_133 Fog getting thicker..Gorham mt hike_134 Gorham mt hike_135  Gorham mt hike_137 Ha..last cairn..Gorham mt hike_138  Almost at the bottom..Gorham mt hike_141    Another wonderful hike in Acadia National Park..

A week was not long enough in this wonderful park.

We had no time to kayak, bike, go on a whale watch…etc etc..

We will be back..for more fun and frolicking.


More Cairns!

♥I love Acadia National Park♥

Sargent Mountain Hike ♥ Acadia NP

Howdee all,

Another wonderful hike in paradise.

Sargent Mountain

“The second highest mountain in Acadia, behind only Cadillac, provides spectacular 360-degree views of Somes Sound and Western Mountain to the right (west); the Cranberry Isles and the Gulf of Maine to the south; Pemetic and Cadillac Mountains to the east; and Porcupine Islands and Frenchman Bay to the northeast

There are many ways to get to Sargent Mountain…we followed part of the hike on the map below highlighted in red.

We took the Grandgent trail up ..then a side trip to what is thought to be the oldest fresh water pond in Maine, down Sargent southridge trail to Hadlock trail and back.


  Sgt. Mtn. 3-16-10




     Sargent Mountain

     Distance:5 + miles


    Elevation Gain 1,170-feet










We parked and followed the carriage path to our trail head.Sargent mountain hike_005  Lush moss and lichenSargent mountain hike_009 Our trailhead.We take Hadlock Brook trail..Sargent mountain hike_010  I call this part of the hike Rocks, roots and running water.

We walk over roots..Sargent mountain hike_012We walk on rocks..

All lush forest..

We follow a small brook……Sargent mountain hike_013   Froggy.. Sargent mountain hike_017We follow the signs to Sargent MountainSargent mountain hike_019 Up hill on rocks.. Sargent mountain hike_021  Most of the trail follows a small stream..we cross it several times..Sargent mountain hike_024  Rocks..roots and running water..beautiful and refreshing on this warm day.  Sargent mountain hike_035Along the trail I notice many webs in rock crevices and this one in a tree cavity.Sargent mountain hike_026  More uphill..

I was very happy I brought my hiking sticks..very helpful walking thru water, roots and rocks..It was slippery.  Sargent mountain hike_043Rocks and roots..Sargent mountain hike_039 We are serenaded by Black-throated green warblers and Thrushes.  We take the Grandgent trail…one of the more difficult trails to the top.Sargent mountain hike_053  Up ..up and more up.. Sargent mountain hike_051  Oh..I see the lightSargent mountain hike_060 Starting to get a viewSargent mountain hike_061  Somes soundSargent mountain hike_063I soak in the views..Sargent mountain hike_065 Sargent mountain hike_067   Still more to go… Sargent mountain hike_074Jeff and Samarrah wait at the top  Sargent mountain hike_075Samarrah in the clouds Sargent mountain hike_076 Sargent mountain hike_078 The top of Sargent MountainSargent mountain hike_080We stop here and have lunch..Sargent mountain hike_082 A white-throated sparrow sings to us..Sargent mountain hike_085 Sargent mountain hike_086 Lichen on Granite..Sargent mountain hike_087  Wood LilySargent mountain hike_096     We start our hike down to Sargent pond Sargent mountain hike_102I took tons of photos of the Rock cairns..Sargent mountain hike_100A well balanced rock.. Sargent mountain hike_103On our way to the pond.. Sargent mountain hike_104 Sargent mountain hike_105Scenes from the top..Sargent mountain hike_110 Sargent mountain hike_115

lots of water areas like this on top..I loved the slab of rockSargent mountain hike_111

Sargent mountain hike_114   Gulls fly nearby and call out…Sargent mountain hike_117 Sargent mountain hike_119  Its peaceful up here…Sargent mountain hike_122 More Wood lily..Sargent mountain hike_123Blooming in small groups …  Sargent mountain hike_125 The pond is only .3 miles awaySargent mountain hike_128 Sargent mountain hike_130 Follow the cairns to the pond..

Sargent mountain hike_134Sargent mountain hike_131  Sargent mountain hike_136Sargent Mountain Pond,

claiming to be the oldest lake in Maine, it is naturally fishless, being one of only two acidic lakes in the park. According to local folk lore the “Lake of Clouds” is not only bottomless, but home to a serpentSargent mountain hike_137   See the serpent below?

Hee hee..thats me enjoying a wonderful swim..I went in with shorts and tee shirt.

Small blue dragonflies where flitting low over the surface. Larger dragonflies flew higher up.

It was magical.

Sargent mountain hike_142


The highlight of this hike…was swimming in the pond..the water was cool and refreshing..


Sargent mountain hike_149 

Time to head back… Sargent mountain hike_150We take the Sargent south ridge trail down.. Sargent mountain hike_151 Sargent mountain hike_152 Sargent mountain hike_153  We stop and snack on the way down..Sargent mountain hike_164

 Sargent mountain hike_160 Yummy

Sargent mountain hike_161

   The trail down was more gradual, still rocky in areas and wet..Sargent mountain hike_165

   A board walk crossing

Sargent mountain hike_167

Sargent mountain hike_168

We join the Hadlock Brook trail again

Sargent mountain hike_170

   Oh yes..I remember this rocky path..

Sargent mountain hike_173

   Jeff and Samarrah stop to watch the water fallSargent mountain hike_176

I stop and take a photo of this handsome mushroom..

Sargent mountain hike_175

Then I join them and watch the water falling…Sargent mountain hike_178

We continue on the last leg of the hike..

Sargent mountain hike_179 Some sort of mushy room..Sargent mountain hike_180More stream crossings.. Sargent mountain hike_183 And roots..Sargent mountain hike_185 the parking lot is less than half a mile away..Sargent mountain hike_186 Samarrah  the wood fairy peeks through a whole in a tree..Sargent mountain hike_187   Amanita Sargent mountain hike_191 Almost home….

Hope you enjoyed our hike..

Now one of my favorite hikes in ♥Acadia National Park♥Sargent mountain hike_192

Rainy Day drive, Acadia NP

Howdee all,

Wednesday was a rainy in the morning so we decided to go out for breakfast and then for a drive.

After breakfast we looked into this glass ride maine_001 Gazing ball made with pieces of glasscar ride maine_002 car ride maine_004Inside the shop..sun catchers everywhere…

A small sun catcher

runs around 100 dollars.

The lamps are 4.000.

Beautiful things…car ride maine_005After looking in a few shops in Bar Harbor…

We looked for a beach that we had been to over 10 years ago.

A rock beach

Jasper Beach    

car ride maine_011

No sand…just piles of rockcar ride maine_019

      We all collected a few of these special ride maine_018   car ride maine_021And walked the rocky beach car ride maine_022Fly on the rocks    car ride maine_028Samarrah made these small rock cairnscar ride maine_027  And then she did a few yoga posescar ride maine_031  I digiscoped the distant lighthouse with the fog rolling in.. car ride maine_034The area smelled strongly of rose…car ride maine_017Beach ride maine_036 car ride maine_037 car ride maine_038 We also searched for a clam shack that we had been to that same year..over ten years ago..

No luck…the clam shack is closed.

We did find another place for dinner…

And we celebrated Jeff’s 62nd Birthday.

His birthday desert was…

Blueberry pie and blueberry ice cream!


car ride maine_042

Today we did an awesome hike up Sargent mountain…

Blog post to come..

I am staying up just long enough to put out this blog post then off to bed for me..

Early morning Ranger led bird walk…

then our last hike in Acadia…

We leave Saturday 😦

♥ South Bubble to Jordon Pond house loop♥

Howdee all,
Another hike in Beautiful Acadia National Park
We hiked South Bubble trail to Jordon Pond house and around Jordon Lake then continued the hike around the lake taking the shorter trail back to the Bubble Parking Lot.
South Bubble
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_002Difficulty Moderate to Difficult
To the Bubble approx half mile..
another half mile from the bubble to Jordon Pond.
Elevation Gain: 400 feet
Jordon pond Loop alone..
Distance: 3.2 miles
Elevation Gain: Level
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Type: Loop
Total miles hiked…approx 4.5
The trail starts out a gradual ascentBubble rock and Jordon pond_003Take the South Bubble to Balance Rock
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_004Some stair master exerciseBubble rock and Jordon pond_005Then more uphill hiking on natural rock. Bubble rock and Jordon pond_007To the summit of Bubble Rock… Bubble rock and Jordon pond_008 It was a foggy day.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_009  Balance Rock..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_014 Bubble rock and Jordon pond_018  We take the rocky boulder strewn backside down Bubble Rock.
Easy for us..but would be very challenging for others.
We have hiked this way up to South Bubble before. Either way it takes some work and good shoes…No sandals here.
I missed a few good shots of the larger boulders..
I was concentrating on the hike and forgot to take photos.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_021 Most all of the trail down is boulders…and a few areas you need to squeeze thru boulders and scramble up and around many.
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_023  Here you can see the open area below….almost to the fogged in lakeBubble rock and Jordon pond_026  An oak tree with some sort of white fungusBubble rock and Jordon pond_029Jordon Lake Bubble rock and Jordon pond_030Pretty in Pink  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_032 More Lake views..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_033BunchberryBubble rock and Jordon pond_036As we come out from South Bubble trail we can go left or right around Jordon Pond.
We go left…the shorter hike to Jordon Pond house and 
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_040 Bubble rock and Jordon pond_041Lots of wonderful rocky, foggy views.    Bubble rock and Jordon pond_046Bubble rock and Jordon pond_048 Rocky shoreline..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_051la de da..dee da…  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_052hee hee..I wanted to squeeze in a few more photos Bubble rock and Jordon pond_055
Don’t know what this tree is..hoping Sicksta does.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_061Samarrah noticed this odd growth on some leaves..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_056 Jordon Pond house getting closerBubble rock and Jordon pond_063 These look oddly like popovers…
I must be getting hungryBubble rock and Jordon pond_065The wildflower lawn to Jordon Pond House  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_067 View back to Jordon PondBubble rock and Jordon pond_068 Jordon Pond house..
Very busy..a 45 minute wait.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_069I take that time to wander around the garden and take a few photos. 
I think this is a Lightning bugBubble rock and Jordon pond_073   Bubble rock and Jordon pond_078  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_080Bubble rock and Jordon pond_083Finally…front row seats! see that gal in the blue shirt above Samarrahs head.
A facebook, twitter friends daughter, our waitress for lunch.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_085Jeff and I shared crabcakes and a chicken curry salad    Bubble rock and Jordon pond_092Samarrah had a grilled veggie sandwich with pesto Bubble rock and Jordon pond_093 And…the infamous
i had two!Bubble rock and Jordon pond_095We had a great lunch.. Bubble rock and Jordon pond_097 Bubble rock and Jordon pond_099Then stayed for a few minutes longer to take in the view..    Bubble rock and Jordon pond_104  We then then continued our journey..this time following the east side of
Jordon pondBubble rock and Jordon pond_108   Still foggy..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_111  Interesting trees growing together..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_114This side of the lake is mostly walking on boardwalk. Bubble rock and Jordon pond_115 The boardwalk protects the fragile moss covered wetlandsBubble rock and Jordon pond_116   We love this walk…Bubble rock and Jordon pond_120 Mushroom muffins in moss…Bubble rock and Jordon pond_121Moss lushness
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_124    Curvaceous CedarBubble rock and Jordon pond_131 After traveling on the boardwalk..
we pass thru an area with boulders..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_132   Up and down and around some of the boulders..still an easy hike for most people.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_135 We then cross a stream that helps feed the pond..Bubble rock and Jordon pond_138 The gray patch in the photos below is a Beaver denBubble rock and Jordon pond_139We watched and waited..but no sign of beaver   Bubble rock and Jordon pond_142The trail evens out and is gravel…
Bubble rock and Jordon pond_143 Some type of sumacBubble rock and Jordon pond_144  Wet web…  Bubble rock and Jordon pond_148 This looks like a Rieshi type mushroom..haven’t done ID on it yet.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_149We decide not to climb back up South bubble to the parking lot..
instead we leave Jordon lake below..
and take a path after the South Bubble path up to the parking areas.
Much shorter and not much uphill.Bubble rock and Jordon pond_147
Another beautiful day in Acadia National park

Mansell Mountain hike, Acadia NP, Maine ♥

Howdee all,

Mansell Mountain

Difficulty-Moderate to Strenuous

Distance 3.3 mile loop

Starting Elevation 70feet

High point 949 feet

mansell mountain hike_003

The trail starts on the southwest corner of Long Pond.mansell mountain hike_004following the lake about .02 miles mansell mountain hike_005 mansell mountain hike_006mansell mountain hike_008 Then the trail hooks up to the Perpendicular Trailmansell mountain hike_010You soon find out why it is called the Perpendicular trail 

A granite staircase built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corp.

mansell mountain hike_012

   Pretty much straight up

mansell mountain hike_014

mansell mountain hike_015 mansell mountain hike_016

One ladder and a few rungs..

mansell mountain hike_017 mansell mountain hike_018

mansell mountain hike_021

  Allot of huffing and puffing..It was hot..we were all dripping with sweat.

Thank goodness the hike was in and out of the woods..plenty of shade.mansell mountain hike_022

  The forest is lush with moss and lichen and the recent rains have brought on many mushrooms.

mansell mountain hike_024

Boleutus I dontknowus

mansell mountain hike_025

Wonderful views…

From the top we saw a distant fire…it looked like it was in Southwest harbor…

we would check it out later..mansell mountain hike_027

  We hike away from the views toward the summit

mansell mountain hike_031

Here we are…it was pretty much a straight up climb to get there.

mansell mountain hike_033

We leave the high point and take the next trail on the left..

More views..

mansell mountain hike_034And lots of wonderful Maine Blueberries  mansell mountain hike_036 See all the low shrubs lining the path?


We did allot of snacking

mansell mountain hike_037 mansell mountain hike_038 A few steep areas on the hike down..

mansell mountain hike_039Mushroomius unknownius  mansell mountain hike_042Indian Pipe   mansell mountain hike_047   tiny orangeyus mushroomus somethingus donteateusmansell mountain hike_050 A wonderful hike…

We stopped along the trail for lunch with a Hermit thrush and Black throated green warbler serenade..

After the hike we took a short drive into town and found out that the newly renovated Moorings restaurant had a fire..We drove by and saw the charred and smoking remains..

We then walked around town…

Went back to camp for showers…and then out again..for a drive…

Evening fog coming in

mansell mountain hike_064 We dine overlooking the ocean..

Avocado and Egg over herbs and lettuce…kalamata olives and goat cheese..

Watermelon for dessert.

mansell mountain hike_062

On the way back..almost dark..we saw two fledgling Barred owls..calling for their parents and food..

A delightful day..

I ♥ Acadia National Park

South Beach, Chatham ..Birding

Howdee all,

When in Chatham we took a boat shuttle from Stage Harbor to South beach.

The shuttle cost is 15 dollars round trip per person.

We left at 8am

Our main goal was to see the Red-necked Stint

a rare bird that was seen a few days ago …IMG_0009A foggy morning

The larger boat is the shuttle that took us to South beach.IMG_0007  South Beach..

We have walked to this area in the past via Lighthouse beach.

12 mile RTsouth beach birding_004

   Willet walking the shallowssouth beach birding_005 south beach birding_006 Looking north…. 

south beach birding_011 Does this lobster claw look big or small?south beach birding_012 HUge!south beach birding_013 i think he is clamming…..south beach birding_015 This Black-backed gull is munching on a large Horseshoe crab.south beach birding_017  Looking for the Stintsouth beach birding_025Is it here amongst the Dowitchers?south beach birding_038Not here south beach birding_045 not here….south beach birding_046Nope….not here south beach birding_047 Two men clamming..south beach birding_048 Piping Plover..we saw many plover families…

they nest in this area…south beach birding_066 Fog burning off over this shallow pond.south beach birding_078Bright Green algae…  south beach birding_080  south beach birding_088We walked the long shallow inlet..mucky and smelly…  south beach birding_095 A few Oyster catchers and families…south beach birding_097 Dunes   south beach birding_102thousands of horseshoe crab shells…  south beach birding_105  south beach birding_107Its low tide…still no sign of the stint….south beach birding_106 We head back to catch the 2pm shuttle..south beach birding_109It has been a beautiful calm,cool morning on South beach… 

We never did see the Stint..

But we enjoyed the peaceful walk….south beach birding_111  That evening at the families home we saw a lovely sunset while sitting out on the deck.

south beach birding_118

Some of the birds seen that morning

Piping plover
Barn swallow
Song sparrow
Black backed gull
American pipit
Least sandpiper
Horned lark
Least tern
Herring gull
Short billed dowitcher
Semi-palmated sandpiper
Laughing gull
Hudsonian godwit
Snowy egret
Common tern
Savannah sparrow

Sunset Lighthouse beach, Chatham Ma, Pink water

Howdee all,

This is a continuation from my previous post on Lighthouse beach.

We stayed for the sunset on the fourth of July.

Natures fireworks.sunset chatham_042 Cool blues and pinks to the south and east.

sunset chatham_048sunset chatham_057Warm Oranges and gold’s, pinks and blues in the west….sunset chatham_083   Families walk the beach…sunset chatham_091 Gulls and orange skysunset chatham_088

I notice the water changing colorsunset chatham_107Orangy pinks…sunset chatham_113

Wow..Pink water…

Do you see the lighthouse?sunset chatham_103How about now? Chatham Lighthouse.

and Pink Ocean….sunset chatham_105

   Awesome fireworks..sunset chatham_104

Courtesy of Mother Nature

sunset chatham_099

Jeff, Samarrah and I are on our way to Acadia National park.

First stop..


Do you want anything?