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Rough Canyon and Mica Mine Hike

Great Hike via a stream bed in Rough Canyon and to a Mica Mine in Bangs Canyon.

In Rough Canyon we did allot of bouldering. Good work out for the arms and legs. Found some rock art.

This picture is Jeff standing near some native American rock art.

The Mica Mine was allot of fun, big chunks of mica, and tailing’s of white quartz.


music by Baka Beyond


Pollock Bench Hike

Today we did our last hike in the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.

We hiked Pollock Bench and a bit of the Flume trail. It was sad to say goodbye to this wonderful area we have been hiking.

It was another great hike, hot day, in the high 70s. Nice Rock Formations.

Some very cool homes made into the rock formations. Check out the Picture below.

Tomorrow we plan on hiking to an old mica mine. Hopefully we will find some nice specimens.


Rattlesnake Canyon Arches Hike

Today we hiked Rattlesnake Canyon Arches Trail.
We had intended to do this hike yesterday, but when we read that it was a 14 mile hike from where we had wanted to start we decided to take another route. It was suggested that the 14 mile hike is best done in two days. So we opted for the long 11 mile drive over bumpy dirt roads and a six mile hike instead.
It was a beautiful clear day in the mid seventies. The rock spires and arches were amazing to see.
We saw a golden eagle, and many bunny rabbits.

pictures here

Devils Canyon Hike

Today we hiked Devils Canyon.

It was a beautiful day. Started out cool but then warmed up and was in the 70s.

I was able to hike in a tank top and Capri’s.
That’s what I’m takin about.
No clouds in the sky.
It was all about rocks today…..
saw a coyote too.

7 mile round trip hike…easy compared to what we had been doing.

Tomorrow we plan on doing a 12 mile hike to some arches. I am excited about that one….will look on the ground again for arrowheads.


Hike into Monument Canyon

Today we Hiked Monument Canyon.
It was a 7 mile hike for us. Not much elevation change , 600 feet. So an easy hike for us today.
It was a pleasant day, in the high 60s. I looked for arrowheads. If I found one i wouldnt be able to keep it because this is a National Monument.
OH Well.
The red rock formations are amazing.

pictures here..

music again by Baka Beyond

Fruita Fall Festival

Happy New Year to all our Jewish Friends and Family.

Today we didn’t do to much, Jeff watched the Ryder cup in the am. Then we went to the Fruita Fall Festival for a few hours. Good Music, Some good crafts.
Went out for Pizza…Pablo’s Pizza.
It was fantastic pizza..thin crispy crust. We had the Sophia, and
the Yogi Way Salad. Wow..both great.
Now we have to Hike big time.

We plan on doing a twelve mile one tomorrow into the monument area.

What Pizza and salad show we order next?

Colorado National Monument Drive

Well today was rainy all morning and afternoon, so I worked on my music library and Jeff watched golf….or excuse me…he watched the Ryder Cup.

Late afternoon when golf was over and the rain stopped we went for a drive into the
Colorado National Monument.

A very Cool place. The rock formations beautiful.
I look forward to the next week of hiking in this place. I just hope it gets warmer.

check out the pictures here

Now in Fruitia, Colorado near Grand Junction


Yeah we moved on…away from the scarey Black Canyon…ha…

We are now in Fruita.
We are staying at the Colorado river state park
We are close to Grand Junction and the fruit orchards,
Colorado National Monument
McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area

There seems to be lots of hiking here so we may stay here about a week..
We will go to the Fruita Fall Festival this weekend.

So far Looks like a very fun area to be in.

Thanks to you all for your comments on my blog.

Crystals and Chocolate

Well it was a cloudy and rainy day, so I took time to take pictures of the Crystals.

Then went into town to get supplies and check out the Russell Stover chocolate outlet.

Drive to North Rim of the Black Canyon and Green Mountain Hike

YIKES….again I say YIKES…
I dont know about you but I get this strange sinking feeling in my legs and butt when I get close to the edge in a high place….and this was high and straight down….too scary for me.

I couldnt stay near the edge very long.

Needless to say I didnt have the most comfortable day.

The scenery was amazing. I think I would rather be in the canyon looking up, as far as comfort is concerned.

click here to see pictures of the trip