Colin and Jack

Howdee all,

I have been in NC for over a week now~Still waiting for Jeff to arrive with Homey. One day routine service appointments always seem to turn into two or three days. We are kind used to that.

I am getting antsy though,

I would Love to have my Homey, Hubby and all here in NC. They are due to arrive very shortly~Hopefully..

Jeff just called and said that he was at a Gas station and after fueling up the Homey wouldn’t start. Hopefully he will just bang some solenoid part with a hammer and it will start…Hee works. He has done that on numerous occasions.

I hope it works this time..


Colin is recuperating well.

Jack helps.

Colin and Jack_001He’s 12 years old and likes to sleep in …

When Sicksta Dell and Craig get up..he leaves their Bed~

Colin and Jack_004

And snuggles with Colin.

Colin and Jack_002


6 responses to “Colin and Jack

  1. What a GREAT companion to get better with! Still sending those positive vibes and prayers Colin's way!!

    And some positive vibes for Jeff and the Homey too 🙂

  2. Those fur babies have a way of comforting us when we need it!
    Hope Homey makes it there!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Precious images! I'm sure having Jack to cozy up to helps the healing process. Hope the Homey is in good working order!

  4. Glad to hear that Colin is doing well. Also, I believe, snuggling up with a dog, or cat for that matter, provides good karma, special healing, not yet quantified by western medicine 🙂

  5. Really a cute set of pics Dawn

  6. Thanks everyone!
    The pups sure help. Snuggles are important for healing.

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