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Yeah stranded….the video says it all…


Clouds over Catalina

Lenas first birthday

Lena celebrates her 1st birthday….(she calls it her first birthday after stroke)
with her choice of food for dinner….
she wanted Kentucky fried chicken xtra crispy..

Catalina state park, Romero pools hike and 2.3 miles beyond

Howdy all,
Changed the music play list …so you have to turn it on yourself…mom didn’t like it going on automatically….especially when going from post to post….you can undock the player and it will continue playing the music while you surf thru the posts…or for that matter as you surf anywhere on the Internet.

Yesterday Jeff and i hiked to Romero pools and about 2.3 miles beyond that…making for about 10 plus miles of hiking.
It was a beautiful warm day, but not warm enough to soak in the pools.

I was out of hiking shape….Should have just done the hike to the pools and called it a day…but we challenged ourselves and hiked on…..much to the dismay of my toes…(still cant find the right boots) boohoo….

Because of compensating for my toes…i must have thrown my spine out of neck is sore and i have a headache…might need to find a chiropractor.

Anyway, sore body parts aside….It was nice to be out hiking….

Kelly Pickler smarter than a fifth grader?

ok…is she serious or is this a joke…
Kelly Pickler is adorable anyway.

Cold morning in Tucson

Howdy all…
It has gotten a bit cooler here at nights….or should I say colder…our water hose froze last night…Jeff will disconnect it the next few cold nights.

I continue to look at at the Catalina mountains every morning with awe….and sit here and type watching Annas hummingbirds at my feeder.

Jeff has not been wanting to fill the seed and suet feeders because we fill them in the am and the evening most feed is gone… Lots of house finches, which are quite colorful here…lots of orange on them, We get lesser goldfinches and Gila woodpeckers, cactus wrens, lots of morning doves, and a few curvebill thrashers, Cardinals, canyon wrens, and scrub jays.

Right now the seed feeders are empty and the ground is filled with doves….I am going out there in my flannel animal print PJ’s now, brave the cold and fill up the feeders…

BURRRR feeders full, no one with a shotgun to shoot me in my spotted flannels.
I need more suet…the cactus wrens loved the peanut suet pine cones that Adele and I made…
Let make some more next year Adele.

We continue to help Lena, brought her to a few appts yesterday and a shopping trip to trader joes to find some easy to cook foods for her. We are cleaning and reorganizing closets to make things easier for her to find. For a woman who has had a stroke…she has amazing energy.

She has an great attitude and is progressing quickly, regaining movement in her hand that her therapist thought was impossible. GO LENA.
Here are a few articles about her resignation from her seat. Article 1
Article 2.

I want this Tree Bed

Isnt this bed great….I want it …but it wont fit into the HOmey….oh well…
Maybe when we settle down and stop traveling….
Check out the link Shawn Lovell Metalworks

Drive to Tucson and Catalina Video

just a short video below of some of the scene on our trip to Tucson and Catalina state park.
Check out this rv…we saw this at the campground….
I thought it was a cabin until i walked around to the other side…..very cool idea..but it would have been better if they continued the look on the whole outside rather that just the one side.
Anyway…we are here and helping Steve and Lena.
catcha later….


We arrived in Tucson yesterday afternoon…We are staying at Catalina State park….I will post a video soon.,, Its great to be here and already we have seen a rare bird…a Rufus backed Robin…couldn’t find a picture to show you.

Anyway… Will start helping Lena with transportation to therapy appts. a few days this week….they weren’t expecting us so soon…(CRAZED DRIVER)….so arrangement were made for most of her appts this week.
Next week we will take Lena to all of her appts. and where ever else she want to go.

Our birdfeeders are out and we are settled in. The weather is warm and sunny.
And the fur boys are having a great time sitting outside and stalking the cactus wrens.


Howdy all,
Yesterday we traveled from about eight and drove till around 6pm…even though it was allot of driving…it wasn’t so bad for me, the crazed driver let me have a leisurely breakfast, I cut up vegetables for snacking and ed and straightened Homey before we left at 8. We also had a nice lunch stop …where the crazed driver took a nap….haa…i was able to relax and eat a yummy egg salad sandwich without being rushed.

We drove till after dark and stayed overnight at Walmart…had a bad meal at a Texas Road house…..should have gone to McDonalds in Walmart instead.

So this morning the crazed driver leaves at 5am….drives a half hour to the flying j for gas….and propane…I had to get out of my jammies and wait outside while they filled the homey with propane….it was a cold morning. burrr
So here we are on route 10 driving thru New Mexico….nope just crossed the border into Arizona…two hours and 45 minutes to go….yippee
We will stay at one of our favorite parks…Catalina State Park. Click on this link to read about it.
We will watch the Patriots game with Steve and Lena tonight.

OH to walk the earth again….get me outta here….


Stir crazy (condition), a mental condition experienced by prisoners