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New River~Meet the Flockers

Howdee all,

We had a fabulous time at

The New River Birding and Nature Festival

Great Birding, Botanizing, awesome trip leaders and people.

The people~

The Flock or The Flockers as I like to call them were the reason we knew about this festival and why we attended.

   I heard of the legendary Flock several years ago via their blogs..The Flock was a group of mostly gal Bird/nature bloggers that met at the festival …they all hit it off big time. I read the tales of laughter and silliness and bonding of the hearts.

Not all of the original Flock was here this year…but, I was able to meet a few and some new additions to the Flock.


Meet the Flockers

What would the flock be without its Mother…I don’t know if this is her official title..but its one she should have.


The organizer~

Big eyes and full of mischief ~The naughty one..and we love that about her 🙂

NEW river day 6_083

The Flockers.

Minus a few early departures~and a few that somehow didn’t make the photo shoot.

Bottom row left to right~Heather, Beth G., Susan, Beth R.

Middle row~Nina, Kathi, Lynne, Me

Top row~ Laura, Jay, Doug, Jeff

Not in this photo~ Mary Ann, Debra, Donna, Diana and Vicki

We really enjoyed meeting each and every one and hope we can meet again some year.

NEW river day 6_092

The Brilliant Chet Baker…

The Doggeth got around~lots of hugs and kisses

 ~friend him on facebook for daily smiles

  New River Day 4_050

Beth, Jim and Chet

NEW river day 6_087Susan and Chet

NEW river day 6_089

Laura, Nina and Chet

NEW river day 6_100Our last evening ended with a cookout and entertainment by


Rain Crows

Jeff Eller, Wendy Eller, Craig Gibbs, Bill Thompson III, Julie Zickefoose

NEW river day 6_095

My rather Crappy Video of The Rain Crows performing and the Kidlets dancing.

Love this song.

Julie Z and Bill T NEW river day 6_096

The young-uns get the party started.

NEW river day 6_103Jay gets around like Chet Baker :O ~ a fine dancer

Susan and Jay

NEW river day 6_104Beth and Jay

NEW river day 6_106~A great ending to a Super Week~

NEW river day 6_108

Read the Flockers



New River 2011 People pix

Some birders should not botanize.

You Verklempt me.

The Voice



Birds of Sugar Creek

What’s underneath it all

Taking time

(and I’m still working…)



Intense Birding in West Virginia

Moths on our Cabin

Life list and emotional birder

Violets of New River

(with at least 2 more posts slow cooking)



New River Experience

(at least one more on the way…)



My posts~

Day 1

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Day 2

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Day 3

Burnwood to Babcock

Day 4

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Day 5

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Day 6

I want to live in the Glades


Trip Leaders with Blogs

Jim McCormac

Julie Zickefoose

Bill Thompson III

Chet Baker facebook page

The Rain Crows facebook page


A special thanks to all of you who created this special festival!

We had a super time!


New River Day 6~ I want to live in the Glades

Howdee all,

Back to the..last day of~

New River Birding and Nature Festival

A short half day trip to the Glades…

Cranberry Glades, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia

NEW river day 6_002After and hour and a half drive..

The big blue bus parks and we get out to bird the road near the glades boardwalk.

NEW river day 6_004

“The Cranberry Glades is the largest area of bogs, or acidic wetlands, in West Virginia, a unique and exotic ecosystem on 750 acres. This spectacular and beautiful area was established by the United States Forest Service in 1965, to protect and preserve over 60 unique plant species, many of them descended from seeds that took root here over 10,000 years ago.”

NEW river day 6_003

“The Glade’s fascinating sphagnum bogs are similar to that found in “Muskegs” of the Artic Tundra. “

NEW river day 6_008

“The shallow roots so necessary for survival here do not adequately anchor trees against strong winds.  Thus, the very adaptation which allows these trees to live here can also cause their death.”

NEW river day 6_006A boardwalk takes us the thru the Glade

NEW river day 6_030

A rare Orchid

Orchid…rareindeedus ~yeah sounds good

NEW river day 6_013TrilliumNEW river day 6_016Ferns unfolding in love….. NEW river day 6_019NEW river day 6_020Ok I need some help here~

I thought this was Marsh Marigold

NEW river day 6_031Then I see some have five petalsNEW river day 6_044Marsh Marigold~five

NEW river day 6_046This has six and looks a bit I am not sure..Any help with ID is appreciated.

NEW river day 6_022Water water everywhere…

NEW river day 6_027

Mountains in the distance

NEW river day 6_028

The Cranberry bog..

NEW river day 6_032I used to pick cranberries as a teenager in a Cranberry Bog in CT.

Fond memories of fresh Cranberry muffins..made with Wheaties…the best darn muffins ever…and I cant find the recipe. Sad smile


NEW river day 6_034

A cranberry left from last season

NEW river day 6_038

Pitcher plant

new river day 6 (2)I am a bit obsessed with unfolding fern

NEW river day 6_040And LichenNEW river day 6_049A few more flowers of the Glades

NEW river day 6_053

NEW river day 6_054

Clearwing moth

new river day 6 (9)We leave the Glades behind and head to the Visitor Center..

Overlook near the Center..

Cranberry Mountain Nature Center
Open April through November

Perched on the edge of Cranberry Mountain in the Monongahela National Forest on Highway 39/55 is the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center.  Operated by the USDA Forest Service, the Nature Center features live programs on birds of prey as well as poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes of West Virginia.

NEW river day 6_068High on a mountain top~

I think of this song~


NEW river day 6_069

A few plants in the Woods near the Visitor Center


NEW river day 6_076NEW river day 6_077Just outside the visitor center I noticed this nest.

Robins Nest NEW river day 6_063

We did bird the area~Sorry about my lack of Bird photos…but my point and shoot couldn’t  reach them.


This trip was much to short for us~

Jeff and I really liked this area and plan to return in the future and stay in a nearby campground.


One more New River post left~~

Stay tuned for ~

The People

Bird Blurs~

Howdee all,

Magee Marsh is a wonderful place for photographers to get close up to their subjects.

Photographers come from all over the world with lenses of varying sizes, hoping to capture the beauty of these winged creatures.

The birds are tired and hungry when they arrive and they are bulking up, before they head over Lake Erie, to get to their breeding grounds.

This gives great opportunity for close up photos of an amazing amount of birds concentrated in a small area.

Biggest Week_005 (2)

I however, am limited by my slow focus, short lens, point and shoot camera…

For every zillion photos I take, I get maybe two or three decent, passable ones.

So..what to do with all those photos that don’t pass the muster..

Why throw them out..

Why not show them off…

Who are these birds in Blur?

Test your skills…answers a few posts from now.


Bird Blurs~

Do you know your birds in blur?


 test 1


test 2


Test 3


test 45~

test 5


test 67~

test 78~

test 8


test 9

Good luck.

We have been here in Ohio for almost two weeks..

More posts to come..and even a decent bird photo or two Smile

We interrupt the New River Series…

Howdee all,

We interrupt the New River Birding and Nature Festival series to tell you where we are presently.

We left West Virginia after the festival on May 8th and traveled directly to Ohio for~

The Biggest Week in American Birding. FANFRIGANTASTIC!

We are staying at a campground very near Magee Marsh. We wake early most mornings to go birding.

Having a Super time  here!

I will blog about our experience next week most likely…

The birding is spectacular, the people are wonderful…

We were only supposed to stay here a week, and have extended our stay, we leave next Tuesday and head to Connecticut to visit family.

Sunset at the campground

Biggest Week_023 (1)

Biggest Week_031 (1)Biggest Week_030

Happy Birding!

New River Day 5 ~High Country Heaven

Howdee all~

New River Birding and Nature Festival

High Country..a full day trip to High heaven…

The search for Bobolink

New River day 5_001There you are…silly little mechanical bird.. NRiver Day 5_024…Isn’t it cute..

NRiver Day 5_020Check out this cool Video by Lang Elliot …

I love the song of the Bobolink

Flowers delicate and white…..

New River day 5_004New River day 5_008We walk a country road…and look around the ruins of an old home…for birds..

New River day 5_009I love the rusted gate…New River day 5_014

Beautiful Pastoral landscape….

New River day 5_019I try to imagine what this property must have looked like in its prime….though,I find beauty in its decay..

NRiver Day 5_032

The skies look ominous…

New River day 5_020

New River day 5_021

A handsome frog found while having lunch..

I think someone said this is a Leopard Frog..

New River day 5_025

Flowers of the High Country..

New River day 5_027New River day 5_028


New River day 5_040New River day 5_042May apple

New River day 5_058New River day 5_056Wood Betony ~

 thanks Heather for the ID

New River day 5_052Coltsfoot ~

Thanks Heather for the ID

New River day 5_061New River day 5_062Springtime unfolding…

New River day 5_050We stop for scenic views and an Eagles nest.

New River day 5_069The New River

New River day 5_071

A wonderful way to finish our day~

Wine and dinner with new friends ~overlooking the river.

New River day 5_072

New River Day 4 ~A trip called~Muddlety

Howdee all

~New River Birding and Nature Festival~

Trip to Muddlety


Foggy~misty morning..

New River Day 4_001We search for birds..

New River Day 4_004A good morning of birding Smile

The lunch stop….peaceful

New River Day 4_005British Soldier LichenNew River Day 4_007Thanks Lynne for showing this to me New River Day 4_011

Dryads Saddle~ an edible when young! ~thanks Erik for the ID!

New River Day 4_012

New River Day 4_017Beaver activity..Yikes..very sharp teeth

New River Day 4_021New River Day 4_022A highlight of this trip

We climb a steep incline to hug a tree and take photos

New River Day 4_020The biggest Tulip Popular in West Virginia~no morels underneath..just people

~Five people around~

NEWR day 4_010Another walk…

New River Day 4_025While others look at birds..I find cattails and flies

New River Day 4_027

Dried Beauty..

New River Day 4_029Butterflies around Muddlety

New River Day 4_032Pipe vine Swallowtail

New River Day 4_038Pearl Crescent New River Day 4_041

A wonderful half day trip…


Look who arrived for evening dinner…

The very famous Chet Baker if you aren’t his facebook friend you should be!

New River Day 4_043

Another great day at

The New River Birding and Nature Festival

This blog has been delayed by ….Birdies

Howdee all,

Yeah..this blog has been delayed by Birds!

I hope you all understand.

I have two blog posts left for The New River Birding and Nature festival  to do and I will be blogging about our experience here in Ohio at The Biggest Week in American Birding.

I just don’t have any energy…those little birds have made me sooooooooooooo tired.

I have not Tweeted in real time~just my auto tweets.

I do facebook updates daily..because it is easy…and well, I am so gosh darn excited to be here..I have to shout it out.

So please….except my apologies for not commenting on your tweets…You blogs…your facebook posts…

Its all the Birds fault

Biggest week sheldens farm_055

I will be back to normal in a week or so…See you soon!

Goodnight…I am bird tired..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

New River Day3~ Burnwood to Babcock

Howdee all,

Mornings at The New River Birding and Nature Festival start with a hot breakfast at 6am.

new river day 3_001This particular morning we had breakfast sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, juice, coffee and tea.

new river day 3_002It rained overnight…and I had some fun with water droplets again.

new river day 3_003

Our destination this day was Babcock State Park.

We stopped along the way to look for Birds…

new river day 3_006I was distracted by

Water droplets..

new river day 3_009Look at this big balls of water..wouldn’t they distract you too?

new river day 3_010Drippidy Drop..

new river day 3_012Of course we did see some birds too…

new river day 3_014Babcock State Park..

The Glade Creek Grist Mill

The Glade Creek Grist Mill is a new mill that was completed in 1976 at Babcock.  Fully operable, this mill was built as a re-creation of one which once ground grain on Glade Creek long before Babcock became a state park.  Known as Cooper’s Mill, it stood on the present location of the park’s administration building parking lot.


new river day 3_019

Of special interest, the mill was created by combining parts and pieces from three mills which once dotted the state.  The basic structure of the mill came from the Stoney Creek Grist Mill which dates back to 1890.  It was dismantled and moved piece by piece to Babcock from a spot near Campbelltown in Pocahontas County.  After an accidental fire destroyed the Spring Run Grist Mill near Petersburg, Grant County, only the overshot water wheel could be salvaged.  Other parts for the mill came from the Onego Grist Mill near Seneca Rocks in Pendleton County.

new river day 3_021The Fisherman…

He told us there were no more birds around~they were all dead.

new river day 3_024We crossed the bridge to look anyway..

new river day 3_026We followed the road on the opposite side of the river from the mill.

new river day 3_028Very pretty park..with cabin rentals on the river..

new river day 3_030It was at this spot we had awesome views of a Swainson’s warbler.

Again….my lens is not big enough to reach the warbler…

new river day 3_032So I take pictures of smaller things..

new river day 3_035new river day 3_034And a cool rock Face..

new river day 3_037A few last pictures of the scenic mill before we leave..

new river day 3_006 (1)Goodbye funny little fisherman…

new river day 3_001 (1)

We drove to another point in the park for some birding and lunch..

new river day 3_015Finally a bird I can get a photo of..

Chipping Sparrow..

new river day 3_017Another wonderful day..

At The New River Birding and Nature Festival

new river day 3_013 (1)

New River Birding and Nature Festival~day 2

Howdee all,

More New River….

Day two took us to Sugar Creek…with Jim McCormac~Mr Nature knowledge powerhouse.

We saw lots of warblers, which were too far for my small camera to reach.

New River day 2_003Thank goodness for things that are slow…

Land SnailNew River day 2_009MY camera likes them and says hello..New River day 2_016And look at this beauty…New River day 2_022A big fat

Jack-in-the Pulpit New River day 2_021Clustered snakerootNew River day 2_025Canada VioletNew River day 2_027

Back of the Canada VioletNew River day 2_028So…here in West Virginia..

these are the things my camera lens can reach..

New River day 2_037

Though …this female American Redstart…was sitting on her nest not to far from the road… Sweet~

New river day 2 canon_003New River day 2_039

Wild Ginger




Flower of Wild Ginger sits on the ground..

New River day 2_042













New River day 2_044

Darn it… Where’s Jim when I need him?

He’s probably not reading this blog..because I do it upside down according to him..Smile


He told me a few times what this was….and darn it…I cant remember…

I think its Yellow Mandarin

New River day 2_050

Here is the flower…New River day 2_046

We did see birds on this trip…

New River day 2_058

I just couldn’t reach them with my small lens…

So you will just have to take my word for it…

Cerulean,Kentucky, Worm-eating, Hooded,Black-throated Blue Warblers to name just a few.

New River day 2_064

If you have never been to this part of the world and you love looking a birds and all things nature……You must check out the

New River Birding and Nature Festival

New River Birding and Nature Festival~day 1

Howdee all,

Here we are …first timers at the New River Birding and Nature Festival.

Its beautiful here…

We have met The Flock..(A great group of birders and bloggers that met here several years ago and continue to come to this event each year)

We are getting to know this part of West Virginia…the flora and fauna..

The first day Jeff and I signed up for Birding by Butt.

new river day 1_002 (1)We were all served a wonderful Gourmet Breakfast then after a little chatting and digesting….we took a walk to see what we could find.

I was so very excited to meet Jim McCormac of Ohio Birds and Diversity..

I have been reading Jim’s blog for quite a while now. If you don’t read his blog you should scoot over there and check it out…If you enjoy reading about anything nature, birds, bugs plants..You will really enjoy his blog. Full of information …Jim has a great sense of humor and that shows thru in some of his blog posts.

Jim is just as I has imagined him…and Jeff and I really enjoying going on these nature walks with him.

New River Day 1_002Going on these nature walks…I bring no pad and pencil. When a plant or a bug is Identified…I hear the name..think I will remember …and, well, you know how that goes…


Thanks Jim for helping me with the ID

Jim tried to convince me change the way I place my captions or wording for my blog posts…he feels that the captions should be at the bottom of a photo.

I know most people like to post that way…for me it seems to flow better reading a caption or words and then the photo…

There are just a few bloggers that I come across that also write the words above a photo like I do, one that comes to mind is..Julie Zickefoose ..Check out her delightful blog.


A fern unfolding…

new river day 1_017 (1)Listening and looking for birds..

new river day 1_007 (1)

Yellow Lady’s-slipper found by lovely Nina of Nature Remains~Nina is a wonderful writer and photographer.

new river day 1_042Beech Treenew river day 1_010 (1)Here are a few discoveries our first morning

Spittle bug..

new river day 1_015 (1)Blue CorporalNew River Day 1_016Common BuckeyeNew River Day 1_018

Wild Geraniumnew river day 1_026 (1)Wheelbugnew river day 1_029 (1)Devils Urn ~Witches cauldron

new river day 1_037Common Whitetail~maleNew River Day 1_035Common Whitetail~femaleNew River Day 1_033Jim told me the name of this moth~

new river day 1_053and it mysteriously disappeared

Blending into the wood…new river day 1_055Leaf-footed bugnew river day 1_064Crane fliesnew river day 1_067Unidentified spidernew river day 1_068 Fleabanenew river day 1_071Unidentified mushroomsnew river day 1_050Autumn-olive~this smells so sweetnew river day 1_075Turkey tail! I chew on this when I find river day 1_083Moss covered tree river day 1_085Bird Banding time…new river day 1_087Cuckoo Waspnew river day 1_093Black rat snake skinnew river day 1_097Listening for the Hooded Warblernew river day 1_103Unidentified bug on Geranium

new river day 1_115Wild Comfreynew river day 1_120Millipedenew river day 1_129A Giant Tulip Poplar

new river day 1_136With a Hobbit Home…new river day 1_135

Dark Fishing Spider

new river day 1_137

You wont see any bird photos from this trip..My point and shoot cameras just couldn’t get to the birds…Thank goodness for Plants and Bugs!