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Yellow-bellied Sapsucker checkin in…

Howdee all,

Homey has arrived safely in NC and it parked snugly between two familiar hickory trees.

Arrival was not without complications. Just two miles away from Carthage, Jeff stopped for diesel~after fueling Homey would not start..

No sound when the key was turned. This has happened several times in the past ten years. This time it took a few more taps with a hammer on the solenoid and it started.

Yellow bellied sap_017Before Homey arrived I noticed a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker mewing and going to the suet.

Not soon after Homeys arrival, the sapsucker checked out its reflection.

Yellow bellied sap_005Our windows are reflective and we always have birds coming to the window to see who is in their territory.

Yellow bellied sap_007

For the past two mornings Mr. Sapsucker starts tapping on our bedroom window at 6:30 and then moves on to the bathroom window for a bit.

Yellow bellied sap_013

Here is a video of him tapping at our bathroom window.


Friday Feathers~Common Moorhen

Howdee all,

Common Moorhen..

The Common Moorhen has long toes that makes it possible to walk on soft mud and floating vegetation. The toes have no lobes or webbing to help in swimming, but the moorhen is a good swimmer anyway. via All about Birds

moorhen (12)One of the most common water birds I see here in Florida….Coot being the most common..moorhen (13)Some of these photos were taken at Green Cay..moorhen (15)Green Cay is One of my favorite places to bird when we stay in Palm beach area…I love the bright green algae and duck weed…the ability to get close to birds at Green Cay makes my point and shoot camera happy!moorhen (20)

The Moorhen bill reminds me of Candy corn..reverse and without the white…moorhen (2)

Quite an interesting looking bird.moorehen

What do you think?

moorhen (1)


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Goodbye~ John Prince Park~

Howdee all,

We have been here in John Prince Park, Lake Worth, Florida for two weeks now…and its time to move on.

We tried to extend our time here, but, the park is full. I called many places to try and get reservations for this busy weekend…I was able to find availability a bit further north at Jensen Beach.

I wanted to share a few videos here taken while at John Prince.

Goodbye John Prince …I will miss my morning Limpkin Wake up call..yeah, believe it or not I looked forward to thatSmile

The video below is from my morning walk…There is a small craft airport nearby…so toward the end of the video..that is what you hear…otherwise it is very quiet..

This next video is sunrise over the lake behind our Homey…Stay with the video to see the Common Moorhen couple.

Take Care and see you all at our next Destination.


Jensen Beach…if you know the area and want to recommend things to see..just leave a comment below.


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Sora rail, Green Cay Wetlands,Florida

Howdee all,

The secretive Sora…

We saw six Secretive Sora Sunday…

Sora !


Green Cay_182Then coming out of the dead reeds..Green Cay_223To feed…Green Cay_229

Look at those little tail feathers sticking up…Green Cay_263The beautiful coloring……Green Cay_264Those feet!Green Cay_268

See the Sora in motion! Check its tail flip..

Limpkin, Green Cay Wetlands, Florida

Howdee all,

Today I want to show you one one of my favorite birds..

See the dead tree in the distance?Green Cay_358There is a Limpkin on top…

Green Cay_353

An unusual bird of southern swamps and marshes, the Limpkin reaches the northern limits of its breeding range in Florida. There, it feeds almost exclusively on apple snails, which it extracts from their shells with its long bill. Its screaming cry is unmistakable and evocative.


A  Limpkin can extract a snail from its shell in less than 20 seconds.

Green Cay_360Limpkins were once common in Florida, but because of the decline of its primary food source, the Florida Apple Snail and habitat loss… it is listed as a species of special concern.

Florida is the only state in the US where Limpkin breed.

Green Cay_361These photos were all taken at Green Cay, where we saw a few Limpkin….

When we first birded in Florida four years ago we searched for Limpkin and felt lucky when we saw them…

Jeff and I went for a walk at John Prince Campground the other morning and saw about 20 Limpkin….

Green Cay_366This Limpkin hung out on its tall perch and called for quite a while

until an Anhinga took its place..Jeffs photos Green Cay_018

They are locally known as the “wailing bird” or “crying bird” due to their loud mournful call

Play the video below and hear the call….

Ballie and the Sapsucker

Howdee all,

Ballie and my first bird of the year!

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

We have reflective we have many birds hanging out and pecking at the windows..

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker_006

This silly bird hung on the window for quite some time..

Ballie tried giving it a jabl

Check out the video and see.



Jeff and I are going to the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife festival in a few weeks…Anyone else going?

We are also planning some Birding Festivals in May The New River Birding festival and The Biggest Week in Birding..Let me know if you will be going…

I am also hoping to pick some Morel mushrooms should be about prime time.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker knocks on my door

Howdee all,

Seems like we have had just about any bird you can think of tap on our windows…ok, maybe I exaggerate. We have had Brown-headed nuthatch, Cardinal, Purple Finch, Black-capped Chickadee,American Robin,Downy Woodpecker, Red-breasted nuthatch, Ruby-crowned kinglet, Tufted Titmouse and a few more that I am probably forgetting.

Today we had a new visitor…wish the screen wasn’t in the way…


Hello there…birds carthage feeders_048He loved the peanut bark butter I put on the tree.birds carthage feeders_050

In case you haven’t seen my latest post at

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Featured Bird Blogger of the Week is!

If you do will you buy me the Ruby-crowned kinglet painting that is on the post?

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Dance of the Cedar Waxwings

Howdee all,

The Robins and Cedar Waxwings continue to devour the Holly berries

Birds Cedar waxwing_002Birds Cedar waxwing_007…and leave their droppings all over…

Cant sit on my chair now..Birds Cedar waxwing_003

Good thing we have a tarp on the Homey this year!

Jeff wont have to spend hours scrubbing the roof of Homey to remove the all the berry poop.Birds Cedar waxwing_005

I took a video of a flock of Cedar Waxwings at the water dish..This is the first year we have had Waxwings and Robins at the water dish.

I think someone put too much salt on the Holly berries Smile

Enjoy the video

In the holiday spirit…..

Dance of the Cedar Waxwings

Warm, overcast, breezy with lots of Birds and nuts

Howdee all,

Its been warm and overcast the past few days here in NC.

Monday we had our Thanksgiving day with Sicksta and Craigy. Craig was working at Pinehurst resort on Thanksgiving..and Jeff Sicksta and I pigged out at the amazing buffet there.


So we decided we still needed to have our family Thanksgiving together.

Sicksta and I made Molasses glazed Turkey, Sausage stuffing, Corn fritters, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and Craigy made the gravy. We had Pecan pie and whip cream for desert.

Jeff did the dishes.

Before and after dinner we sat around the fire and chatted.

Thanksgivng at Dixons_002

Remember the Trees full of leaves…

around dells and craigys_005

They have fallen…..leaving a few hundred hickory nuts still hanging on the tree ready to fall.

Yesterday,after raking and blowing leaves…. Sicksta and I picked up at least ten bucket fills of Nuts and moved them to another area so we wouldn’t fall and break our necks on them. OUCH

See the top of Homey below..waiting like a drum for the nuts to drop and make their music…BANG!Birds around Dells_016

Flocks of Robins and Cedar waxwings have arrived..Gorging themselves on the holly berries…Birds around Dells_012

Stopping to drink out of the water dish I set up

Birds around Dells_021Still lots of birds at the feeders.Birds around Dells_006

In the video below you can get an idea how busy the holly trees are now…CRAZY With BIRDS!!!!!

Take out your Binos now and watch the video..

What birds to you see?

What birds do you hear?

Listen for the Cedar Waxwings, a Brown headed nuthatch and other birds.



Howdee all, maybe Birdinings isn’t a word,but, My definition is Bird Happenings.

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Via Corey of 10,000 Birds blog shared this video on his blog that

Jeff Bouton made of Screech-Owls on his property.

It is a five minute video but well worth the time…:(


Calling all Nature Bloggers

Nature Blog Network is asking bloggers for ideas.

Below is an excerpt from Wrens on the link above to go to the original.

“To develop some of those ideas into activities, we need to do more, and that means we need more people working with us. We can always use more ideas, too! While there will always be a role for the membership at large to contribute ideas and ask questions, we’re thinking that some of you may want to play a more active, hands-on role in growing the NBN.

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to be actively asking for volunteers to help with everything from the mundane aspects of operating the network to whole new ventures concentrating on nature, nature blogging, or both. Check this space on upcoming Mondays for ideas and calls for volunteers. Join the conversation in the comments or contact us by email.

We’re also asking for volunteers who have an idea in mind for the network or blog, and are willing to commit to a one-year pilot project. Drop us an email (natureblognetwork at gmail dot com) and let’s talk about what you have in mind and how we can work together to make it happen.”


If you are a Nature Blogger and aren’t a member, you really should think about joining. Its free, and it a great community of Nature lovers!


One last thing

For all of you that follow Idaho Birding Blog and are wondering why the link hasn’t been working…Robert has moved his home and his blog URL why in his blog

Birding is fun

If you don’t follow his blog you should!


That’s all for now….Moving our daughter to Providence this weekend then move ourselves to CT for the month of October.

Hope to do some birding real soon!

I need me some WOODs!!!