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Yellow-bellied Sapsucker checkin in…

Howdee all,

Homey has arrived safely in NC and it parked snugly between two familiar hickory trees.

Arrival was not without complications. Just two miles away from Carthage, Jeff stopped for diesel~after fueling Homey would not start..

No sound when the key was turned. This has happened several times in the past ten years. This time it took a few more taps with a hammer on the solenoid and it started.

Yellow bellied sap_017Before Homey arrived I noticed a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker mewing and going to the suet.

Not soon after Homeys arrival, the sapsucker checked out its reflection.

Yellow bellied sap_005Our windows are reflective and we always have birds coming to the window to see who is in their territory.

Yellow bellied sap_007

For the past two mornings Mr. Sapsucker starts tapping on our bedroom window at 6:30 and then moves on to the bathroom window for a bit.

Yellow bellied sap_013

Here is a video of him tapping at our bathroom window.


Things with Wings for Wednesday

Howdee all,

Here are a few Things with Wings …:)

A little fun with Picnik

Imaginary Wings…

lake walk_014 2

The real thing with wings…

lake walk_014

Orange Wings with black spotsAround sickstas_024 (1)

Yellow and black wings on my Lilac bush I planted …

smells wonderful! The Lilac not the wings…

Sickstas _011

Black and white wings…..

Sickstas _028

Wings that live in the moon…

I hear little chickies in there!

Sickstas _081Black wings that eat too much seed and hog the feeders…

I do love the sounds they make..and they are rather cute piglets~ahem~that don’t raise their own young…Humm..

 Sickstas _002

Brown spotted wings~ This one ate a few red birds at my feeders recently..…please eat the black winged birds up there^^ ^^instead!yard birding_020Blue wings that jump for joy when they have a bug to eat..…

They seem to know proper trail etiquette…

yard birding_010

And…that’s all folks

Hope you enjoyed todays Things with Wings…..

Todays Wings brought to you by Sickstas Garden…

Sickstas _086Except the last blue wings..that were at the park..

See you later…

For those that are interested, I have still not found any Morels. Sad smile

and… Sicksta Dell, more L L L L Ls  are not the same thing as Morels, and neither are Morals, I do have a few of those.

Busy Birds

Howdee all,

The birds are busy with home making in Sickstas yard..around sickstas_081

The resident Bluebirds have chosen the same nest box for the third year in a row.around sickstas_080 (1)There is plenty of food hanging around for them…around sickstas_104This resident Chickadee found some for himself..

around sickstas_096Did you know Chickadees live in the moon?

Well they do…yard birding_035at least a pair of them do:)yard birding_032And the moon…around sickstas_097Is Happier for it…yard birding_040A Brown-headed nuthatch checks out this old house…yard birding_023Wonder if he will entice a lady to this shanty?yard birding_024The Downy woodpeckers love Bark Butter…and leave the suet alonearound sickstas_111My feeders are happy with birds…

Can you see the happy face?around sickstas_120We have had scads of Pine Siskin and American Goldfinch

yard birding_003

A Ruby-throated hummingbird has been at my feeder, but prefers the tasty garden flowers.

The birds are returning~

I am eagerly awaiting the Blue and Rose breasted Grosbeaks, Indigo Buntings and any other bird that wants to come to Sickstas Garden…

Life is Birdie Good

What’s Blooming?


A few posts ago my Beachgirl Sicksta asked to see what’s blooming in NC Sickstas garden, and to see the new Kitchen cabinets that her husband is putting in.

So here you go…BeachGirl..this is for you.

This photo taken thru the gate that Craigy made…

the front Garden..

Around Sickstas_025

Craigy likes to make hearts for NC SickstaAround Sickstas_016

The Dogwoods are in Full BloomAround Sickstas_015

Pansies have been blooming much of the winter..Around Sickstas_027Sicksta Dell has a nice assortment of colors..Around Sickstas_040Around Sickstas_036These are very cool tulips…Around Sickstas_031NC Sicksta is working and not here to ID these for me…I will add the ID when she gets home…Around Sickstas_033This plant has some interesting flowers…Around Sickstas_051Around Sickstas_043

Sicksta Dell watering her plants..see the corner of the house…they gather rain water from the gutters…they use the it to water the  plants.

bug and around_028

Sculptures in the side garden…Azaleas blooming in the background.Around Sickstas_053

White-throated sparrows under the feeders…Around Sickstas_059Dogwood in the Back GardenAround Sickstas_065The Pine Grove…back gardenAround Sickstas_070Front garden looking toward the street…Around Sickstas_072Around Sickstas_073Looking up…trees just starting to bud and leaf out…Around Sickstas_075Looking down…Jackie boybug and around_030 He’s looking at this…

Anyone know what it is? bug and around_026

I have more photos of it here…


And last but not least…the beginning stages of new Kitchen cabinets..Around Sickstas_046

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Sickstas Garden Smile

It was snowy last week…

Howdee all,

So this was last week here in North Carolina…

Snow…just a few inches…


The birds were in an eating frenzy at the feeders..Snowstorm_083

A day or so after the snow we had freezing rain overnight..snow and ice_002

Leaving everything glistening…snow and ice_009

Ice everywhere..snow and ice_018It was a beautiful..slippery scene..snow and ice_024I loved how everything was sparkly…snow and ice_028Shining in the sun…snow and ice_029Ice weighing down branches…snow and would never know this happened…snow and ice_033The ice melted a few days ago…snow and ice_035The last remnants of snow are gone…snow and ice_036Rain tonight….birds and more_002No more icy jewels to be found..birds and more_009

Glad I captured this one…birds and more_008

Hope you are all staying warm…My Mother says they will be getting more snow in Connecticut.  Its warming here in North Carolina…50s tomorrow.

We leave here in two days…Going south…Florida is our destination.

First stop Merritt Island and the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

Anyone else going?

Ode to Bark Butter

Ode to Bark Butter

…or Zick Dough..or whatever you might use that is peanutty good

Sing to the tune of

 Matchmaker Matchmaker

Bark butter..Bark Butter
bring me a bird
find me a bunch
catch me a cache
Bark butter Bark Butter
here come the birds
enjoying your nutty taste

Snowstorm_064Snowstorm_020Snowstorm_122Bark Butter..Bark Butter
So quickly you work
sending me birds
making them chirpSnowstorm_048


Snowstorm_086Bark Butter Bark Butter
Thanks for the fun
you’ve brought me the birds
I was longing to see
now I’m
The envy of the birding community.


… maybe I need a little help with the ending, I am welcome to any lyric additions..or changes…

Go out and get some Bark Butter or make your own Zick dough a and find out for yourself how well this works!

Bark Butter Garden Birds

Carolina Chickadee

Tufted Titmouse

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Chipping Sparrow

American Goldfinch

White-breasted Nuthatch

Brown-headed Nuthatch

Pine Warbler

Pine Siskin

Carolina Wren

Brown Creeper

American Crow

Blue Jay

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Wordless Wings on a Cold Wintry Wednesday



Brown-headed Nuthatch

Howdee all,

This Brown-headed nuthatch has been hanging around the Bark Butter

See the Bark butter lower right corner..Birds and bark butter_038For some reason let me get very close…Birds and bark butter_040I was only about three feet away..Birds and bark butter_042Which is the only reason my tiny point and shoot was able to take such detailed photos of it.Birds and bark butter_044So…why did it let me get so closeBirds and bark butter_045I have noticed this happening with other birds around the Bark ButterBirds and bark butter_047Nancy @ The Zen Birdfeeder blog and co-owner of a Wild Birds Unlimited Store says that her clients say that Bark Butter is Crack for birds..Birds and bark butter_049I am starting to think she is right…..Birds and bark butter_050See the bits of Bark Butter on the bill….Birds and bark butter_052This silly Bird just stayed in one spot for over five minutes…Birds and bark butter_054I didn’t want to disturb it too I left it to its Crack Bark Butter…Birds and bark butter_057

Birds love Bark Butter and Zick Dough

Howdee all,


Whether you buy Bark Butter from your local Wild Birds Unlimited Store…or make your own…it doesn’t quite matter..because

Birds Love Bark Butter and Zick Dough!

You don’t need a suet feeder..just press the butter into the tree

Here are a few of our recent visitors to my Home made Zick Dough

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Birds and bark butter_017Birds and bark butter_024

Chipping SparrowBirds and bark butter_029Birds and bark butter_030Pine WarblerBirds and bark butter_032

Birds and bark butter_026

Birds and bark butter_027

Downy WoodpeckerBirds Carthage_082White-breasted nuthatchBirds Carthage_086

Check out Zen Birdfeeders Post about Bark Butter…detailed instructions on how she suggests using Bark Butter.


My Visitors to Zick Dough and Bark Butter

Carolina Chickadee

Tufted Titmouse

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Chipping Sparrow

American Goldfinch

White-breasted Nuthatch

Brown-headed Nuthatch

Pine Warbler

Pine Siskin

Carolina Wren

Brown Creeper

American Crow

Blue Jay

and probably a few more I am forgetting..

 Happy Birding!

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Ballie and the Sapsucker

Howdee all,

Ballie and my first bird of the year!

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

We have reflective we have many birds hanging out and pecking at the windows..

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker_006

This silly bird hung on the window for quite some time..

Ballie tried giving it a jabl

Check out the video and see.



Jeff and I are going to the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife festival in a few weeks…Anyone else going?

We are also planning some Birding Festivals in May The New River Birding festival and The Biggest Week in Birding..Let me know if you will be going…

I am also hoping to pick some Morel mushrooms should be about prime time.