Howdee all,

It is my wish that you and yours view this video together on this day..


~I LOVE this video~



~I know you will too~


Walking Bonnies field~Happy Thanksgiving

Howdee all,
I am now in NC with Sicksta Dell and her family.
Colin continues to do remarkably well.
We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!
Wednesday we went for a short walk into a neighbors soybean field.
bonnies pond and soy field_005It was so nice to get out and enjoy the day…we have had such a difficult and stressful few weeks.
Bonnie, who owns this land, is in her 80s
She still has her land plowed and planted.
This year she has soybeans  Soybeans are planted to enrich the soil.
Next year she will have tobacco planted.
bonnies pond and soy field_012Sicksta and I munched on a few soybeans as we walked.
The soybeans were smaller than the edamame we are used to eating.
bonnies pond and soy field_006

They were chewy and tasty. We don’t think these are harvested at all and will find out if we can pick a few to cook.

Bonnie also has a small pond on her property.
bonnies pond and soy field_003
No ducks..I did see a few birds flying around..but have no bins with me here in NC.
I will have to wait for Jeff to arrive with our Homey..
bonnies pond and soy field_002It was a beautiful day..and nice to go for a walk together..
Nice to let go of the stress accumulated in the past few weeks..
bonnies pond and soy field_004and enjoy~Natures decorations… 

and a farmers field…

We have much to be thankful for..
Wishing you and yours a Wonderful Thanksgiving..Filled with

A sigh of relief…

Howdee all,
For those who haven’t been following Colin’s progress on Facebook-
This past Friday he had the surgery to replace his skull piece, that was removed after his fall.
His surgeon signed his head before surgery.
Surgery went well and Colin spent a day and a half in ICU.
He had two shunts coming out of his skull for drainage. See the tubes and small bladders?
After the tubes were removed, Colin spent a day in recovery before being released on Sunday.
Colin said it hurt when the Dr. pulled the tubes out of his skull and then stapled the holes..OUCH
We were given the ok that Colin could travel. We left early Monday morning for NC and arrived late Afternoon…in time for a walk around Sickstas home.
We will keep an eye on Colin for four weeks before returning him to Pittsburgh.
We all so thrilled by the outcome so far.
I really feel all of your prayers and well wishes had something to do with his remarkable recovery!
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Nature walk~South Park

Howdee all,

We needed a bit of Nature…so Sicksta Dell, Jeff and I drove to

South Park near Pittsburgh…

Dell and I took a little stroll.

It was a gray day…

nature walk southern hillsPitts_001Crunchy walk on the bed of oak leaves..

nature walk southern hillsPitts_002X and a Y crossing the path..

Do you see them?

nature walk southern hillsPitts_003Sicksta Dell walks on the Y side..do do da do…

nature walk southern hillsPitts_007Spotted Oak leaves..

nature walk southern hillsPitts_010Gnarly ..

nature walk southern hillsPitts_011

Beauty in the imperfect..

nature walk southern hillsPitts_012It was nice to get out and be recharged by nature..

nature walk southern hillsPitts_015I has been stressful for all of us..

nature walk southern hillsPitts_018Nature~perfect in its imperfection…

nature walk southern hillsPitts_020Just as we are..

nature walk southern hillsPitts_022Tomorrow Colin has surgery to reunite him with his skull piece..

nature walk southern hillsPitts_024Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

nature walk southern hillsPitts_028If all goes well~we plan on driving Colin to NC for some recuperation time.

Jeff will fly to Ct and pick up Homey and drive to NC on his own and meet us there.

We are HOPING to have Thanksgiving together in NC.

nature walk southern hillsPitts_030

Wishing you all a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Once in NC, I hope to be back in the Social networking swing of things.

See you all then!

Taking a break…Pittsburgh

Howdee all,

Taking a bit of a break..

Not offline completely..Just a bit of a cyber slow down..

While hanging out with Sicksta and recovering Colin.

I took a few pictures while walking around Colin’s neighborhood.


The photo below is the school field across from Colin’s apartment.


The next two while walking the hood..

I tried to capture how hilly it is around here…Pittsburgh_007

The photos just don’t do it justice..Much hillier than it looks.

I wrote this as one of my status updates on facebook  ..


I wouldn’t want to drive a stick shift in Pittsburgh. You don’t need to buy a stair master here just take a walk. Kids need to have ropes on their toys with wheels or round toys so they don’t end up at the bottom of the street. Kids at the bottom of the streets are lucky.. More toys


Pittsburgh_008Tomorrow Colin goes for his CT scan

Wednesday he sees his surgeon~hopefully we will have a better idea when we can all leave for North Carolina.


Until then~We are here…

11-11-11 Healing and Thankfulness

Howdee all,
Hope you all are well.
We are in Pittsburgh now, helping my Sicksta Dell take care of Colin.
He is healing nicely, though, this is just the first stage. He will have another CT scan next week and will be evaluated to determine when the piece of skull that was removed, can be put back in. Which means another surgery….and more healing.

I must thank you all again for your continued prayers and healing thoughts.
I am thankful for all of your kindness.

We don’t know how much longer we will be here… The plan is to bring Colin to NC for a few weeks before his next surgery.
So on this day
I give thanks for kindness, caring, and healing.
~Peace ~

A first-Lost in the Sheetz :)

Howdee all,

We left for Pittsburgh around 4:30am. We checked Google maps for a route. Google maps now gives the choice of three different routes, which is pretty cool.
We wanted to avoid NYC completely so we took the third route option, taking us onto 95s then route 9 north..eventually to 84, avoiding the city.
What a great way to go…no traffic, rolling hills, copper and tan foliage..a very pleasant ride.

We stopped at a Sheetz to get gas. It was lunchtime so we thought we would see what they had on the menu.

While Jeff was pumping gas, I went in to check the menu. I looked all over for a menu board and couldn’t find one. Then I noticed people walking up and touching a computer screen.

So, I gave it a try…it was fun going thru the menu and ordering everything I wanted on the sandwich, different choices for bread, toppings, cheeses etc.
I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t finalize the order and had to reorder a few times before I figured out how to go thru the menu correctly.

The Tuna wrap I ordered with pesto sauce and Swiss was yummy. The Pumpkin late with organic Sumatra was pretty good too. Jeff shared my sandwich and had a frozen Pumpkin mocha.
Have you ever been to a Sheetz?

We are now just about an hour away from Pittsburgh.
Looking forward to seeing Colin and Sicksta.

Looking up

Howdee all,

Things are looking up!
Colin is out of the hospital and now in his apartment.
My Sicksta Dell is staying close by to take care of him.

I will go to Pittsburg next week to lend a hand and moral support.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who have prayed and sent healing thoughts to Colin and our family.

Letters in Nature


I am thinking I might start a collection of letters in nature..

I have seen allot of this Nature word art being sold at art shows lately..

Below is one I found on the internet…

Spelling out someone’s name.. SKYE


So here is my first letter..


Colin update: I spoke to Colin today on the phone..Other than being a little sleepy he sounds great. No speech problems. He went for more tests this morning. Still don’t know when he will be released. He says he has a splitting headache..Yeah, guess a fractured and open skull might do that.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Prayers/healing thoughts

Howdee all,
Yesterday, we found out my nephew had emergency brain surgery.
He apparently fell and hit his head.

The next 72 hours are critical.
Colin also has a skull fracture over a major artery.

The normal procedure to avoid blood clots would be to give aspirin.
Because of his open skull- they can’t.
On a positive note, he was talking and knew who he was and his family. He also tried to get out of bed …but was in restraints and couldn’t.

I ask you, my family and friends to send out prayers and positive energy his way.
Many have already done so and I really appreciate it!
Thanks so much!

Sending Love and healing to you Dear Colin.
Hope to see you very soon.