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Blogging Cloud via Wordle

Howdee all,

Have you ever created a cloud? This one is courtesy of Wordle

I was reading the ABA blog and liked their cloud created by Wordle..I thought it would be fun to create mine..

Not sure how many posts Wordle uses to create this cloud..I was very surprised to see Gulf as the most used word. I suppose I did have a few posts about the Gulf when the Oil Disaster happened…I was still surprised to see it as the number one word…I thought for sure it would be Howdee…I do see Howdee in there..and Waldo made it pretty large as well.



What do you think your most used word will be?

I would love to see your Wordles …link to them by leaving a comment on this post.

I had to do a screenshot in order to put this on my post…there may be another way to do it..but this is what I did.