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Snow in October

Howdee all,

Considering how it could have been for us…

We fared quite well.

Just a few inches and the area has power.

Blizzard Oct 29_003We cleaned up the cars and the drive…

Blizzard Oct 29_004The roads are already clear

Blizzard Oct 29_005I placed some seeds on top of the snow for the birds..

 Blizzard Oct 29_006

Blizzard Oct 29_007That’s mom in the distance..We cleaned her car and Dad drove the car around to make sure it was safe before she left for Church.

Blizzard Oct 29_010Frosty pumpkins

Blizzard Oct 29_012An early winter wonderland..Blizzard Oct 29_014Bella enjoyed the snow…

Blizzard Oct 29_015

From the news reports, Most of CT is out of power..

Blizzard Oct 29_017

We were ready for the worst parents have a generator and so does Homey.

We would have been fine.

Blizzard Oct 29_016The flowers didn’t fare so well~

Blizzard Oct 29_019

Frozen pink petals..

Blizzard Oct 29_020The leaves aren’t happy.

Trees and branches are laden down with snow and breaking, under its weight.

  They weren’t ready to give up their autumn glory, so soon..,,,

to the heavy blanket of white.

Blizzard Oct 29_027


It was snowy last week…

Howdee all,

So this was last week here in North Carolina…

Snow…just a few inches…


The birds were in an eating frenzy at the feeders..Snowstorm_083

A day or so after the snow we had freezing rain overnight..snow and ice_002

Leaving everything glistening…snow and ice_009

Ice everywhere..snow and ice_018It was a beautiful..slippery scene..snow and ice_024I loved how everything was sparkly…snow and ice_028Shining in the sun…snow and ice_029Ice weighing down branches…snow and would never know this happened…snow and ice_033The ice melted a few days ago…snow and ice_035The last remnants of snow are gone…snow and ice_036Rain tonight….birds and more_002No more icy jewels to be found..birds and more_009

Glad I captured this one…birds and more_008

Hope you are all staying warm…My Mother says they will be getting more snow in Connecticut.  Its warming here in North Carolina…50s tomorrow.

We leave here in two days…Going south…Florida is our destination.

First stop Merritt Island and the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

Anyone else going?

Here and there…

Howdee all,

This picture is from there…somewhere on the highway on our way to Connecticut last week.

to CT_016

And here we are Christmas eve…silly elves Sicksta and mechristmas_005

And the rest of the elves here..

On Christmas day we were there…Sicksta Loris..the large Garage fit our clan for Christmas dinner..


And here we are this morning….snowstorm_001

After the snowstorm…about six inches here…snowstorm_003snowstorm_007It was very windy…the clouds were moving quickly in different layers..

We saw birds being blown sideways…snowstorm_008Sicksta Dell and I helped Dad ..he plowed and we shoveled…snowstorm_010

We are here for a bit longer..haven’t decided when we are leaving..before or after New Years…

Until then…we are still here at Mom and Dads..

Photo below taken with my new Ipod touch.


Have been very busy with the family here and only finding spurts of time for facebook and twitter and blog reading

…see you all soon!

Road Trip …Where’s Waldo?

Howdee all,

Saturday, Jeff, Sicksta Dell, Ballie and I piled into our luggage and present filled Ford Explorer and headed north…for our Christmas road trip.

We left the Homey in North Carolina to stay salt free…though, not clean..the birds are doing their best to color our Homey purple with Holly berry  poo.

So..Where’s Waldo?road trp to PA_001road trp to PA_002Any guesses?

road trp to PA_004Waldo thought this was an amazing pork cutlet sandwich for 4 dollars..filled with coleslaw, tomato, onion and corn salsa.road trp to PA_005A cute little town…a quick stop for lunch and coffee..road trp to PA_006Check out the name of the candy store…do you know where Waldo is yet?road trp to PA_007Christmas tree with tractor decorationsroad trp to PA_008On the road again…thru winters whiteroad trp to PA_012Beautiful winter grays…road trp to PA_013Where’s Waldo Now? Are we going north? West?

road trp to PA_017road trp to PA_019Can you guess where our first stop might be?road trp to PA_026I think some of you know…

Check out the ice laden trees…a frozen delightroad trp to PA_021We made it to our first destination Saturday evening…and this was one of the roads getting there..road trp to PA_028

So where was our first destination? was a city..and we went to visit a family member there…For those of you who don’t know my family here’s another hint.

There was a football game on Sunday and the home team lost…in a nail biter game.

That’s it for the hints..good luck..there may be a huge trophy encrusted with gold and diamonds if you guess Where Waldo was in any of the above photos..or where he spent his first night.

Time to Head South!

Howdee all,

Yes..its that time of year…when the white stuff starts to fall..its time to head south.  We wont be leaving until next Thursday…not soon enough to avoid the white stuff.  The Homey is not real happy in weather like this. The windows inside are weeping Sad smileI have to wipe them daily so the water doesn’t leak onto the wood cabinets.

Snow _001Its supposed to warm toward the end of the week…Snow _002I hope so…I don’t want to end up frozen like this flower.Snow _003

One good thing about days like this is that it allows me time to get some inside work done. A blog post for is in the works. I made a few phone calls, that I have been postponing, and I have home made soup simmering on the stovetop. 

I have been watching the birds at my feeders.

They look as surprised as I am to see the snow..they are gobbling all the seed in sight.

Hope you are all Having a Wonderful Winter Autumn!

Stay Warm Smile