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Meanwhile…Back in North Carolina…

Howdee all,

Back in North Carolina…

I am not there now…but I was..

Proof here in Homeys tire…

Birds Carthage_023The squirrels are still there…and most likely still stealing nuts from the pile Jeff was cleaning…seems the squirrels like the convenience..of hulled hickory nuts.birds carthage feeders_007The nut pile wasn’t meant for the squirrels, Jeff was cleaning them for my parents..we were to take some back for their squirrels who wanted a few nuts for Christmas….We did take some to Ct..birds carthage feeders_017That’s where we are now…

But these Purple finches are still in North Carolina..

birds carthage feeders_008And so is this Towhee..Yes…the white stuff is snow..birds carthage feeders_009A dusting a few days before we left for our Christmas Road trip.birds carthage feeders_016The squirrel didn’t care about the snow…he just wanted all the nuts Jeff had carefully hulled.birds carthage feeders_019After the freeze and snow I put out extra bird seed…the wine bottle is another story..

I wanted to set the empty bottle out by my stairs to bring to the trash later…but..

it slid about six feet on the icy snow…..and landed near the bird seed.birds carthage feeders_037The Cardinal didn’t seem to care about having any wine…birds carthage feeders_031Neither the Downy much preferred the nut butter.Birds Carthage_082And so did the White-breasted nuthatchBirds Carthage_086I wonder if ..the Purple Finches are still hanging around…Birds Carthage_108I am sure the Goldfinch are there..I left the feeders full.Birds Carthage_071The Pine Siskins stopped in when the cold weather came..I wonder if they will still be around when we get back..birds carthage feeders_001

Will find out in a week or so…But until then..

I am not there…Birds Carthage_022

We have arrived in Connecticut..and we will be spending Christmas here..

Maybe I will take a few photos in CT..or maybe I will take a blogger


If I don’t post again before Christmas…

To all my Friends and Family that celebrate..

A Very Happy Christmas to you all!


Purple Finch fun

Howdee all,

Remember my Purple Finches?

There seem to be at least six pair at the feeders

Mr. Handsome…

Birds Carthage_044 I decided I should take a few more photos of the females..Birds Carthage_046

So here is her backside with a face profileBirds Carthage_032Same bird but a bit closer…these are all taken from the warmth of my Homey using a 20x point and shoot…so..I have to apologize for the quality..Birds Carthage_033A nice side view…Birds Carthage_035

Happy eating seed at the feeder…Pretty gal

Birds Carthage_030

Hope you all are staying warm…looks like most of the US and Canada are having very cold weather.  I know I have said this allot lately..but its cold here in North Carolina. We are leaving here for a Christmas visit to CT on Saturday…I am bringing all the warm weather gear I own…..

Stay warm!


Purple Finch in Christmas red

Howdee all,

A lovey visitor…new to our feeders here in Carthage, NC.

Meet Mr. Purple Finch

Hardly purple at all…more of a Raspberry red

Birds Carthage_089

There seem to be at least five pair…

here are a few…Birds Carthage_019I took more photos of the males…Birds Carthage_054

I should take more of the females as they are interesting too..but until then..

Isn’t he beautiful..Birds Carthage_036

So festive in his Santa colors..

Birds Carthage_047

Jeff, Sicksta,Balliecat and I will soon travel by car to CT. We will spend Christmas with my family…we also hope to have a belated Hanukah celebration with Jeff’s family.

What are you doing for Christmas?