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Miss my fur boys~

Howdee all,

I was going thru my old photos and found this…

Taken ten years ago.

With my Golden Nobbie and Black Ballie..

Nobbie passed three years ago..

Ballie this past summer…

I still haven’t had the heart to blog about Ballie yet…still fresh and painful.

I miss my fur boys.



Around the Garden and Nobbies Urn

Howdy all,

I took the above picture for you to see mom…you wanted to see Mr. Nobbies urn…it is a nice marble urn…i attached his collar a chicken wishbone, a few feathers and a clump of nobbies fur….
You can see the nice rock cairn that Patti made.

Today I did what i have been doing around here lately and that is working around the garden.
So i took a video…its rather long so i had to make four videos….and it may be boring…but ha…just don’t watch them all…
I figured Adele would love to see what her pups are up to during the day…
And although it looks like i just sat and looked at birds most of the day….I did actually do some work..ha.

Goodbye sweet Mr. Nobbie

Howdy all,

Our Mr. Nobbie was put to sleep on Wednesday…..Our sweet little fur boy has no more pain…

…After three months of many vets….reiki…lotions and potions…
All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men couldn’t put poor Nobbie together again…

Nobbie rallied several times in the three months…He seemed to respond well to the Reiki….
but then became worse again….We were hoping the Reiki person was correct about her feeling that nobbie just has a bad tooth infection…but she was wrong….

He had a few nice days sitting outside here in North Carolina before getting sicker….His left eye filled with blood….He had some blood in his ear as well.

I could tell he couldn’t see very well. He also had was in some pain …I gave him arnica montana and that made him sleep….

Monday ..We went to another vet…a holistic one, who said he indeed had cancer… he also recently went blind…she felt he also had gastritis….and if he could rallied we could address what else was going on. We went home and I started the pill regime, feeding with a syringe and cleaning his eyes and ears….He was also in more pain…i would give him his remedy and it seemed he would feel better for a while. Wednesday I could tell nobbie had enough…he didn’t want to take the pills and would gag them up…he was very disoriented….I knew it was time to say goodbye…

We took him to the vet Adele uses for her pets…She was very nice….she shaved nobbie where she was going to put the needle in and said his skin was not pink…that it was yellowish…which meant his system was shutting down….

He went to sleep very easily and we held him and kissed him goodbye…

I have to say that I am in many ways very relieved……it was very stressful taking care of this sick little furboy and seeing him in pain….. I miss my sweet little noblet.

Last night he came to visit me in my dreams and walked around the bed and rubbed his face on me…..

This past week has been a very sad one for Jeff and I and each day it is filled with tears….
I miss my Noblet and I miss My dear friend Patti….
They were both sweet souls….

Nobbies ups and downs

Howdy all,

Nobbie is still with us and had a good day yesterday. Seems like he is having a good morning so far.
He has been sitting on his favorite basket instead of hiding. He purred and also wants his daily beating…please don’t be alarmed…he likes being patted with a stick.
He does get annoyed when i try and clean his nose and his ear and give him all the meds.

I still don’t feel any difference in the size of the cyst..or whatever it is on his left side throat area.
He does seem to stand a bit more upright…his eye is still partially closed..which I understand is Horners syndrome or nerve damage…don’t know if this will rectify when all the swelling and excess tissue goes away.

I am going through own ups and downs with this….If i remember how he was a week ago…I would say he is getting better….
But …It seems so slow of a recovery…and I am still a bit of a skeptic and wonder if this is all working. I am stressed and need a vacation from this. I cant imagine how parents with very sick children get through it all.

The Reiki healer says the tissue areas are shrinking…and she feels no hot inflammation.
She says it will take a month for the cyst thing to go away…and the one in his head as well.
Says that he should have the teeth taken out when he gets stronger.
He still sleeps allot and hasn’t wanted to go out…so he is not back yet…

So we go on with this routine…we leave here on Monday…and will see if our Mr. Nobbie gets better.
below is a letter from the animal communicator…

Hi Dawn,
Thank you for the update & information. I enjoyed reading your blog!
Checked in with Nobbie today, and he seems to be having one of those days where he just wants to lay and rest…the good news is, he feels his body healing, and is quite optimistic that he will recover! He thinks the healer/herbs are helping a great deal and wants to continue her therapy.
Sounds as though you have found a wonderful healer there. I’m so happy for you. It was meant to be that your paths crossed. Nobbiecat will be in my thoughts… Keep me posted, and let me know if I can do anything at all for you!
Most Sincerely,

So who knows…..?????
Time will tell….

Reiki healing for Nobbie

Howdy all,

Another Nobbie story. As you know he has been very sick…we all thought he was dying and had cancer…I used the animal communicator and she suggested someone come in to help him.

My vet at home had suggested Reiki or Acupuncture. So i searched all over the lake worth west palm beach area for someone who would come to the Homey and help him. No one would come…or they couldn’t see him for a while.

The day before yesterday Jeff was washing the motor home and stopped a fellow who had the cutest little dog, a new Lhasa alpso. I was inside, but when the phone was for Jeff I went to let him know. Jeff introduced me to Allen, who used to live in the area. We chatted and I told him about Mr. Nobbie and how i had called an animal communicator…..he said he was into that kind of stuff but he said “you have to be careful who you tell that to they will think you are nuts.” I told him I could care less if people thought I was nuts…..ha…

anyway he said he knows a woman from the area who would be able to put me in touch with someone…he said his friend knows all the alternative type people around…he called her and handed me the phone…
I explained the situation to his friend…she immediately said that i had to call Nancy.
She is a Reiki healer and Medical Intuitive.
I called Nancy…she couldn’t come to Nobbie..but said we could make him comfortable and bring him to her….which we did …yesterday….
She lives on a Farm in Loxahatchee, she rescues horses, dogs, sheep…etc…She also has a summer camp for children.

She started Reiki on Nobbie….I told her we all thought he had cancer….she felt no cancer…
She said no…he does not have cancer….he has infection….all the swelling was inflamed tissue…
she said it was because of infection of teeth on his lower left side…which should come out…but not until he is healthy.

Nobbie tolerated the healing…She said she was making the swelling, infectin area smaller….I held him the whole time….she put her hands on him…and he jerked a few times to get away…she said the healing is powerful and it was strange to him.
Nobbie seemed a bit different to me after the healing session.

She gave us a list of herbs to buy.
We set up one more appt. for Friday. …and left.

Needless to say we were shocked…happy…and skeptical….
but what are we or Nobbie to loose from this?
After all it is less than a ct scan and surgery.

Got nobbie home…he was real thirsty….hungry….and I started giving him his supplements…
Arnica tabs for his pain….
liquid vitamin B12
colloidal silver for his eye, ear and internal
Bio K…digestive enzymes
Liquid coq10 for his heart
we had to order the last supplement…
He seemed to want all these supplements….which i gave him with a dropper….He then proceeded to eat dinner….
and went to bed…

it seemed to me that his eye was opened a tad more this am…
he was not as crooked ..he was holding his head a little more upright….
attitude seemed better….He was very hungry…
He let me cut some of his dirty fur that I had been avoiding …as i didn’t want to upset him when i thought he was dying….
The Reiki healer said I needed to clean him up to give him his dignity back…and to not think that he was dying…

We left the Homey this morning to bring my aunt to get her passport and wont be home till this evening…so it will be interesting to see how the Mr. Nob is doing.

If Nob gets better….I will be making an appt with Nancy for Ballie, myself and Jeff.

Stay tuned for more of Mr. Nobbies story

Animal Communicator and Nobbie

Howdy all,

As most of you know our Mr. Nobbie hasn’t been doing very well. He has some sort of growth in his head or ear left side….and another tumor type growth on his left side throat area…that continues to get larger… His balance and equilibrium is off, when he shakes he falls over. He can no longer jump to get where he wants to go…but takes one step at a time.

I had made an appointment for him with an Oncologist here in florida to have a CT scan and see what we could do to help him..if anything.

It is hard traveling with a sick pet…It would be much easier for us all if we were in New England
where we have a wonderful vet. Even though we arent there our vet has been very helpful with opinions as we travel with our sick boy…We also met a very nice, caring oncologist in Arizona…but we left the area and couldnt use her services.

Anyway… i keep questioning myself about the right thing to do for Nobbie.. Our daughter Samarrah had used an animal communicator to help her with issues her cat was having. ..and she suggested I use her.
I wasn’t able to reach her last night..but left a message.

So this morning poor nob was not doing well…he just wanted to sleep in a corner. would not eat.
I thought the end was near. We just let him sleep and I canceled the appointment for the CT scan.
As we were leaving around four thirty to go to my aunt and uncles the animal communicator called…i let her know the situation and she asked for a picture, which i emailed to her…of nobbie and of ballie….then she said she will speak to them and email me back or call. I said to email and that i would call if i had more questions.

When we got home…nobbie came out of his hiding place and wanted to eat. I fed him…and Ballie. Turned on the computer and got the message from the animal communicator.
this is it….

Hi Dawn,
Connected with Nobbie earlier (after our conversation) and then again just now (8:00 central time)…it seems as though he’s feeling a little better this evening. Hopefully he came out and had a little snack and/or drink. I feel as tho he has a better outlook than even a few hours ago. Anyway, when I connected earlier, here’s the info received:
He is feeling quite a bit of nausea (caused by the dizziness) and a real “foggy” sensation in his head. Did you mention he has lost a little hearing? I felt a fairly constant, dull ache in the head area. That combined with the dizziness makes him feel quite disoriented. I think your decision not to take him in to the doctor’s office today was right on, he made it very clear he did not want to go into the vet. He feels pretty awful, and a trip to the vet combined with all the stresses involved would have made his condition much worse. While he did not want to take the trip in to the vet, he’s quite open to a “house call” — someone coming in to try to help him feel better. Does anyone do that sort of thing in your area? I know those services are tough to find…
Nobbie said, “I feel as though I am in twilight right now…in a world between the worlds. For now, I wish to be left alone. I have no fear about what may come…please tell Dawn that. Please release the fear in your heart and celebrate the love we shared, for that will live on for eternity.”
He continued, “my sweet family, I love you, remember the sun-filled days by the flowers. This is what I see when I close my eyes, and it is beautiful. I am trying to feel better, I do not want to be stirred right now. I feel as though I will transition easily when the time comes. For now, we will take each minute as it comes. Keep the light in your heart shining, we will be together forever.”
At this point, Nobbie seemed tired and desired to be alone, so I thanked him for his time and asked if he had anything to say in parting. He said that he wanted to give you a bouquet of Spring flowers, “for it is Spring, a time of renewal and re-birth!” He expressed his deep love and gratitude for such a wonderful life.
Bali – connected with Bali as well..physically is feeling fine (did not pick up on any trouble spots right now). Understands what is going on with Nobbie and, altho it makes Bali quite sad, is very philosophical about it: “we have been talking with each other, and he’s being very strong.” At this point, Bali “just wants Nobbie to be released from his illness. If he has to leave his body, he will still be here with us, just in a different form as before. Yes, Nobbie will be here with us forever, for there is a strong bond between he and Dawn.”
Hope this is helpful in some small way…I am thinking of you and sending lots of love and light. Let me know how things are going and if I can help further in any way.
Most Sincerely,

I found this communication very helpful….

I still had a few questions for her and emailed them….
havent heard back yet…

Nobbie is now having a drink of water……
And life goes on….

Feeling Blue

Having a nice meal with some of our Country coach friends…it was real nice to see everyone again..

Howdy all,

Haven’t blogged in a while, partially because we were at a rally the week before last..
and mostly because i have been spending evening time with our sick little nobbie…he has some sort of growth or tumor…still have not heard from the oncologist

It is affecting his left side and i think because it involves a growth in the ear…and also a tumor type growth on the throat area left side, he loses his balance allot. Because of the pressure on a nerve in the area he also has horners syndrome, which means his left eye is not functioning correctly and he keeps it closed.
He still eats and drinks, goes outside for walks.
I have started him on a regime of herbals by Azmira.
Also giving both cats flower essences…dont know if any of this will help our little fur boy…but other than the stumbling he seems comfortable and in no pain.

So please send our fur boy some good healing energy….

I will do a blog shortly on our visit with Bill and Lila Jolly and show you a home they are interested in buying…