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Ten Years fulltiming in an RV!~ 2001

Howdee all,

  I didn’t start blogging until many of the photos from when we first started RVing are in folders on my computer, collecting cyber dust.

I thought I would share some of these old photos.

Wow! These are ten years old!

Yikes! We have been living full time in a Motorhome for 10 wonderful years!

Rving was new to us~We had allot to learn.

We picked up our Homey early September in Junction City, Oregon..

~Country Coach Factory~

countrycoachfactoryA Motorhome being made..countrycoachfactory1Our Homey being born..

ournewhomeThe inside of Homey being made for us..

ournewhome1Wow~seems like yesterday~

ournewhome2After taking delivery of our new Homey on wheels and spending the months of September thru the beginning of November working out the kinks and exploring Eugene Oregon and the Oregon coast, We headed to Northern California then Las Vegas to visit with friends.

Red Rock Canyon~Las Vegas

redrockA favorite place of mine..

redrock1I love hiking amongst the huge boulders and red rocks…

rrockYou would never know the Las Vegas strip is only a 20 minute drive away.

rrock1See it in the distance?

rrock2Notice all the pictures of me?

Jeff took all the photos back then.

rrock4We spent some time in Vegas visiting with friends and checking out the hotels..the weather was warm and so different than our Decembers in New England.

I looked so much younger 10 years ago… 🙂


Jeff and I posing for a Christmas and Hanukkah greeting~

The first away from our families.

Copy of bellagiotree

We did spend time with one special family member…and it wasn’t in Vegas.

Will post photos of our first Christmas in our Homey on Wheels soon.

PS~I still have that fake fur vest 🙂


Colin and Jack

Howdee all,

I have been in NC for over a week now~Still waiting for Jeff to arrive with Homey. One day routine service appointments always seem to turn into two or three days. We are kind used to that.

I am getting antsy though,

I would Love to have my Homey, Hubby and all here in NC. They are due to arrive very shortly~Hopefully..

Jeff just called and said that he was at a Gas station and after fueling up the Homey wouldn’t start. Hopefully he will just bang some solenoid part with a hammer and it will start…Hee works. He has done that on numerous occasions.

I hope it works this time..


Colin is recuperating well.

Jack helps.

Colin and Jack_001He’s 12 years old and likes to sleep in …

When Sicksta Dell and Craig get up..he leaves their Bed~

Colin and Jack_004

And snuggles with Colin.

Colin and Jack_002

OH NO! Where’s Waldo?

Howdee all,

When I left you yesterday we are in traffic in Baltimore..

We got thru the traffic fine…then onto Carmel Church, Va to gas up at Flying J.

Jeff noticed check engine light went on..but then it went off.

We gassed up and headed to a nearby Wal-Mart for the night.

But…we never got there


Instead…we ended up here…on the back of…

Where’s Waldo now?


Yep..A tow truck…

This is what happened…As we were driving to Walmart. Jeff noticed more lights going on..this time an Oil pressure light went on..along with a message to shut down the engine. We were on Interstate 95 and not an exit nearby…Jeff tried to drive on…Then the engine shut itself off…Luckily Jeff was able to pull over onto the breakdown low and onto a soft shoulder of grass.

The motorhome started again..but the same lights went on. Jeff then called our towing company….meanwhile a police stopped to see what was going on. The police left after he knew a tow truck was on its way.

It was a bit nerve wracking to have Semi trucks passing us and making the Homey shake…

Having the motorhome towed is always unnerving..sometimes damage is caused if it is towed incorrectly…Luckily the fellow did a great job.

So…after several hours we were finally towed to an empty lot across from a service station,in Richmond, Va. about 12 miles south.


In the morning….they reattached our Universal joint and we drove to the service center…Waldo_011And there it stayed,being worked on, for most of the day…

We needed a new Oil Pressure sensor..part 48 dollars..not sure how much for labor yet.Waldo_013

I am sitting in Barnes and Noble typing this…we should pick up Homey shortly and find out how much it will set us back..


In the meantime…………

Did you see this???

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Homey torn apart for fixin…I’m Outta here.


Howdee all,

Yes that’s our Homey, Notice the slide room is not attached. They had to take it off to replace the seals..

So its pretty messy living room/dining room/kitchen so me and my fur boy are in the bedroom. Jeff is out watching the whole thing happen.

I am getting a bit stir crazy.

So I am going out to find some birdies or maybe some



or maybe some mushrooms


Have a Wonderful Day!

PS.Looks like Homey stays apart until Insurance adjuster comes..

Oh also, I am posting this using Windows Live Writer for the first time.

I think i am going to like it.

Homeys getting a new TV, Spring in the Woods of GA

Howdee all,
We are still here in Service waiting for Monday for the Homey to be fixed. We arrived last Sunday….Homey was looked at on Monday to determine the parts that were needed to order.
Parts ordered…took until Thursday to get the parts.
Ugh…I really don’t like waiting…
but we did find some nice walks to do here…

In the meantime a few other issues were worked on.
We decided to have our bedroom TV upgraded here. We upgraded the front TV over a year ago from a 19 inch box to a 32 inch flat screen.
What size TV do you have at home? Or do you not watch TV?
We personally like to watch TV…most days we are out all day…hiking, birding, sightseeing.
So its nice to come home and relax with a movie or show.

I like American Idol, Desperate Housewives and Hero’s. I used to watch a few more faithfully..but it got to be a bit much…Have been watching more movies instead.
I do get my All My Children and Ellen Fix several times a week.
And always love to watch CBS Sunday Morning.
HGTV is my favorite channel if I had to choose one that I couldn’t live without.
I do also read and you all know I spend time on this computer.
What shows do you like to watch on TV? or if you love books send a few of your favorite titles my way.

So anyways…..Our bedroom TV is a 13 inch box..and with all the digital changes we decided now would be a good time to upgrade. Now when I or Jeff wanted to watch something different. ..he can watch satelliteI can watch antenna TV.
We decided on a 19 inch flat screen.

To put in our TV..its not a matter of just buying it and putting it on a table…We have to have it mounted with a stable frame around it. We don’t want that TV falling as we travel down the road

We hope all the work will be done by Tuesday and we will drive to my sisters home in North Carolina, where we will stay for a month, doing some gardening and other fun stuff.
But in the meantime..

Spring is here in the Georgia woods.

the mosses and lichens are always here.

I googled to try to ID these…but didn’t find them.
Any Ideas?

Devils Claw mushrooms signal springtime in the fungi world.
I take this info from a wonderful nature website.
Nature at close range.
quote from the book Petersen’s: A Field Guide to Mushrooms: “The black cups emerging through the fallen leaves from March to May are true harbingers of spring.” Ah, nothing says spring like “black cups emerging from the ground.”

Today is Sunday
CBS Sunday morning
and then we go for a trip into Augusta…to a few places I found on the Wings over Georgia birding site.
Gonna see us some birdies.
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Homey sweet Homey

Howdy all,

I was just hanging around the other day and thought I would take a few updated indoor pictures of our Homey.
You can view the slide show below or click on the link here to see the full size pictures and album in webshots. As you can see I love anything pinks and sagey greens and blues….and roses roses roses…shabby chic..kinda… Luckily Jeff doesn’t object to my style.

I left the sofa bed open in the living room…because it seems like whenever i want to sit in it I have one or two fluffy fur balls that want to sit with me….so i need all the room i can get….

The views out the window are what we are seeing of Adele and Craig’s yard.
Nice gardens and sculptures.

We love our Homey and it has given us 6 plus years so far of travel, We haven’t yet found any need to get a new one..

So here’s a big thanks to our Homey for running well and keeping us comfortable for so may years….here hoping it has many more years left in it.

Homey Nov 2007

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Our Homey

our comfortable living quarters


cozy bedroom

This is our Homey….the interior is Homey four years ago…since then I have changed a few things….but layout is the same…..
We also have a nice bathroom….with shower….and washer/dryer.
We love our cozy HOMEY…