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Autumn in the garden of Dell and Craigys


Its that time of year..the garden is starting to go into winters slumber..

NC dells_016Some of Craigys hearts hanging from the entry trellis,

Craigy makes hearts for Sicksta..

NC dells_046Sicsksta Dell likes garden statues and art..

Anyone want to contribute some garden art?

NC dells_017Camellia’s bloom this time of year.

NC dells_048The grasses showing off their dried mops..

NC dells_045NC dells_043The old shed in the back yard is falling apart slowly..

One of these years it will be torn down..

NC dells_044Another Craigy heart on the entry path…Sicksta embedded it between home made pavers and shiny blue glass beads.NC dells_018

Craigys blue bomb~I mean truck..;0

NC dells_019Another piece of garden art..NC dells_020That gets moved around from time to time, when things need moving to the dump.

NC dells_022I wonder how he sees out of these foggy side mirrors..

NC dells_026

I wander out of the yard and into the field next door..Its for sale…the field and 20 acres that go down to a small stream.

NC dells_034NC dells_029It’s a pretty used to be mowed and planted with crops to attract deer for the neighbor who was a hunter.

The neighbor passed away and the field has gone to the grasses and wildflowers..

Good place in the spring to look for Indigo buntings and Blue Grosbeaks..and other purdy birdies.

NC dells_041

Back in the yard I check out the area near the home made rock patio..

When I am here it is always filled ….its strange to see it empty.

This sandy space is waiting for Homey and Jeff…and so am I ..

NC dells_047


WHAT! I haven’t posted in four days…

Howdee all,

juniper and Alexander springs_136

I haven’t posted in four whole days…I am either having allot of fun and have no time or I have nothing to post about.

Truth is I have a backlog of things to post…We have been doing allot of hiking and swimming…and I have been busy with my post at and have had no time for my own blog.

Pooh…so there ya go…

Tomorrow we plan on staying around the Homey and doing I will find some time to show you some of the cool places we have been..

Until then…

Off we go…two natural springs to check out today…:)

See the heart I found growing on this leaf…isn’t it sweet?

juniper and Alexander springs_168

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♥~Valentine hearts~Cactus Wren Love~♥

Howdee all,

Its Valentines Day…

♥  Love is in the air ♥

 I filmed this a few years back while in Arizona..

I hope you can hang in there and watch the whole video..the cactus wren are so much fun.

I love to find hearts in nature…

Here are a few hearts from the past..

I found this heart in the Mohave National Preserve

imageThis one in Leon Sinks geological area….


While Birding the Consumnes River Preserve

I photographed these Sandhill crane with their red heart above the bill…image

I hope you find some today

♥  Happy Valentines Day ♥