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Silver River State park ~ Florida

Howdee all,

While in Silver Springs,Florida, Jeff and I spent the day in Silver River State Park.

The park has a beautiful campground~it is booked months in advance and I wasn’t able to get a reservation.

It was a Thursday, when arrived we were told the river would be busy on the weekends, so if we wanted to take the canoe ride to the springs…today would be the day to do it.

So… for five dollars and hour…a three hour trip…we decided to go.

It is a half mile walk to the river from the parking lot.

Notice Jeff wearing shorts..he only wears shorts when it is hot…and the last few weeks while in Florida the temps were mid to high 80s.

Silver Springs State Park_002We passed this fella walking on the path…I decided not to have it for lunch ..:)Silver Springs State Park_003Jeff unlocking our canoe.Silver Springs State Park_011This is where we put in…Silver Springs State Park_009Beautiful river…mellow..we paddle up river …Silver Springs State Park_014A bit of a wind made it slow going in a few places…Silver Springs State Park_019But all in all it is a very easy paddle…Silver Springs State Park_023With beautiful scenes…Silver Springs State Park_025I was in the front of the canoe…Silver Springs State Park_031

We passed all kinds of wildlife…Silver Springs State Park_035Great EgretSilver Springs State Park_041Common Moorhen Silver Springs State Park_047A tour boat passes us…Silver Springs State Park_054A Great Blue Heron fishes…Silver Springs State Park_058I love the cypress knees….Silver Springs State Park_059And the patches of green weed…Silver Springs State Park_060Double~crested CormorantSilver Springs State Park_065Look at the hairdoo…hee hee..Silver Springs State Park_069Beautiful blue eyes..Silver Springs State Park_085

We arrive at the spring area…A theme park is at the beginning of the spring

Silver Springs Theme park

Silver Springs State Park_100They have glass bottom boat tours…Silver Springs State Park_102To view the crystal clear waters of the springSilver Springs State Park_103Clear Blue….

The Silver River runs through the center of this 5,000-acre Theme park. The spring head is still run by the private company “Silver Springs Nature Theme Park” but the rest of the entire 5 1/2 mile spring run is completely pristine and undeveloped.


Silver Springs State Park_032

Silver Springs is the site of one of the largest artesian spring formations in the world, producing nearly 550 million gallons of crystal-clear water daily

Silver Springs State Park_110Looks like a great place for a swim…though , not allowed.Silver Springs State Park_113We leave the springs and head back to the State park…Silver Springs State Park_120On the way back I spotted  a Rhesus monkey on the fence…and we looked around and saw around fifteen…three babies playing..Silver Springs State Park_127

There is also a colony of non-native Rhesus Macaques which were introduced to the park in early 1938 by a tour boat operator, known locally as “Colonel Tooey,” to enhance his “Jungle Cruise” ride. A local legend that they are the descendants of monkeys used to enhance the scenery for the Tarzan movies that were shot in the area in the 1930s is not true. Via Wikipedia

Monkey being preened….

Silver Springs State Park_134

Iris flowering in large masses on the sides of the river…Silver Springs State Park_151Our route back to the park~all easy float…Silver Springs State Park_154Pied-billed GrebeSilver Springs State Park_156I thought this looked like a birds body….Silver Springs State Park_164White IbisSilver Springs State Park_141Little Blue HeronSilver Springs State Park_143

Entering the State Park..Silver Springs State Park_167Reflections…Silver Springs State Park_173Turtles……….Silver Springs State Park_176Dinosaur…Silver Springs State Park_177Gnarly…Silver Springs State Park_178Its after noon and we see more people on the river…

We had the first part of the trip pretty much to ourselves…Silver Springs State Park_182Well, except for a gator or two..Silver Springs State Park_184

And Birds..Silver Springs State Park_192And..turtles…Silver Springs State Park_224And an occasional visitor on the boat…Silver Springs State Park_239I think this may be Cardinal flower…Silver Springs State Park_206Iris and wood sculptures…Silver Springs State Park_215The ride is almost over…Silver Springs State Park_219It has been a delightful three hours..Silver Springs State Park_226I highly recommend this trip…Silver Springs State Park_230Easy…beautiful…and full of wildlife..Silver Springs State Park_232After our canoe ride ..we took a short walk…

Down the swamp trail…Silver Springs State Park_250Thru the woods..Silver Springs State Park_253Past mushrooms..Silver Springs State Park_249Singing Towhees..Silver Springs State Park_255Turtles…Silver Springs State Park_256

Thru the swamp…Silver Springs State Park_263To the River…Silver Springs State Park_259And back …..Silver Springs State Park_264

A super day at Silver River State Park


Swallow-tailed Kite

Howdee all,

While staying at Wilderness RV resort in Silver Springs, Florida,we were lucky enough to experience a Swallow-tailed Kite flying over the park. Then we noticed two Kite..

And just yesterday we saw this..

kite in campground_001Sorry for the Grainy photos…I just have a point and shoot~

Nest building material!

kite in campground_002It was fun to watch…we stayed for a half hour then continued our walk to the nearby restaurant for Sunday morning breakfast.kite in campground_003The nest is being built close to the river…in the tallest pine tree, in back of a row of Motorhomes…kite in campground_004Everyone was enjoying watching them…kite in campground_007After breakfast Jeff and I went back and there was no sign of them..

We were told that a Red-shouldered Hawk dive bombed one of the Kite.

The Hawk was then surprised as the other Kite…went after him. 

The nest building stopped..kite in campground_009I went back later in the evening and they were not at the nest building site.

I did see one of the resident Pileated Woodpeckers.

kite in campground_017The RV park is getting empty now…The snowbirds are starting their northward journeys back home for the summer..kite in campground_019See our Homey at the far end of the RV park…Its time for our wheels to turn too!kite in campground_021We are headed to North Carolina..for a months stay at Sickstas and Craigys.

This morning before we began our journey north, I went to see if the Kite had returned…

kite in campground_023And they had…swallowtailed kite_004

With nest building material!swallowtailed kite_026Nice!swallowtailed kite_028

WHAT! I haven’t posted in four days…

Howdee all,

juniper and Alexander springs_136

I haven’t posted in four whole days…I am either having allot of fun and have no time or I have nothing to post about.

Truth is I have a backlog of things to post…We have been doing allot of hiking and swimming…and I have been busy with my post at and have had no time for my own blog.

Pooh…so there ya go…

Tomorrow we plan on staying around the Homey and doing I will find some time to show you some of the cool places we have been..

Until then…

Off we go…two natural springs to check out today…:)

See the heart I found growing on this leaf…isn’t it sweet?

juniper and Alexander springs_168

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Lake Eaton Trail~Ocala National Forest

Howdee all,

Its getting hot here in Florida~ So it was nice to find a hike in the forest..

Jeff and I did this short hike to Lake Eaton.

Ocala NF_001A little shade…Ocala NF_026 I love the Christmas Lichen 

Ocala NF_005

Pretty in PinkOcala NF_006

This Deer Moss looks like soap bubbles..

Ocala NF_010Pink lichen and Deer MossOcala NF_012

Ocala NF_015More Lichen…What kind?  Ocala NF_019

See the heart?Ocala NF_024This was a short 2.3 mile hike

To the Lake…Ocala NF_027We saw a few Egrets and a Bald Eagle flying over the lake.. Ocala NF_028 an Alligator cooling off in the water..if you look very closely 🙂

Cypress kneesOcala NF_032Maple leaves coming out for the summer..Ocala NF_038I chased around a few of these large green Dragonflies…

Great Pond hawks~Common Green Darner?

Ocala NF_044This one below was on another…at first I thought they were mating…Ocala NF_052

Then it flew off…and on closer inspection…Ocala NF_055I realized it was having lunch….tasty!Ocala NF_060

Jeff and I are here in Ocala National Forest for a few more days…we then head our tires North~destination North Carolina…

Here we are~ Wilderness RV Park Estates…

Howdee all,

Here we are…Wilderness rv park_024

We are in the Ocala National Forest for a few days or longer~haven’t decided yet how long we will stay.

I tried to find a campground in the National Forest or the nearby State Park…but it was a no go~booked solid.

So here we are…at the Wilderness RV Park and Estates~big park~ Monster park really.


Not the usual park to stay at for us…but it has a few perks..

Walk out the door to the Ocklawaha River.

Where we plan to rent a kayak and check out the river this week~Watch out Gators!Wilderness rv park_005

We chose a spot looking into the forest and away from most of the Motorhomes.

It was foggy this morning

Wilderness rv park_025

There is a heated pool~which we have used already..and Jacuzzi..another luxury. We have used the exercise room..and I plan on using it on days we aren’t hiking.

Need to loose that 10 pounds that menopause, bad eating habits and lack of exercise has kept on..

Wilderness rv park_023

There are a few nice water features in the park~though, I have only seen one Great Egret in the water…Wilderness rv park_014We have seen and heard other birds from the park..Wilderness rv park_017

Yesterday in the evening I saw a Swallow-tailed Kite fly overhead.

At dusk we heard Barred Owls hooting up a storm..

And as I write this post at almost 2pm…an Eastern Screech Owl was calling..Wilderness rv park_022

I will take a walk now to the river and see what I can see…

We will hang out here for what’s left of the day~heated pool~Jacuzzi~maybe a little more exercise~Watch the Big Moon Rise…and listen to the Owls again.

Hope you all enjoy the Big MOON!

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~Goodbye Emerald Eyes~

Howdee all,

We leave this RV park today and I must say Goodbye to my Peacock friends…

I was so fascinated by the males that I didn’t take any photos of the Peahens..sorry girls.

The Peafowl like hanging out high in the trees..PEACOCK_002

Check out this video of a Male Displaying~He’s so handsome…but the girls could care less…

A young malePEACOCK_003Look at the beautiful fluff on his rump..PEACOCK_004Goodbye Handsome…PEACOCK_012Keep strutting your stuff..

Enchant those peahens..

like you have enchanted me..…


Haiku –

Peacock Feather

Drops from a rainbow
Changed to an emerald eye
On Indian bird.
Paul Holmes


In case you missed my

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Fickle me~I’ve fallen in Love again ♥

Howdee all, me Fickle

I have fallen in Love Again..

This time with a Peacock!

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_119He and about five other males live in the campground we are in…I have counted around ten female…I suspect there are more.

Peacock Display

by David Wagoner

He approaches her, trailing his whole fortune,

Perfectly cocksure, and suddenly spreads

The huge fan of his tail for her amazement.

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_089

Each turquoise and purple, black-horned, walleyed quill

Comes quivering forward, an amphitheatric shell

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_113

For his most fortunate audience: her alone.

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_115

He plumes himself. He shakes his brassily gold

Wings and rump in a dance, lifting his claws

Stiff-legged under the great bulge of his breast. Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_116

And she strolls calmly away, pecking and pausing,

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_074Not watching him, astonished to discover

All these seeds spread just for her in the dirt.


So….Females have been ignoring the males~

from what I have seen so far..

But Not me…

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_101I stare…

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_102And StarePeacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_103How can so much vibrant color be on one bird?

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_110I follow the bird..and see the feathers capture the light…Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_111As the bird now captures my heart…

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_107


♥♥♥♥ Crabby ♥♥♥♥

I hope he is

♥ alive and well ♥

Hutchinson Island_035

~This is a short video I took of crabby~

Jeff wanted to get him to move to his home~so he touched its back~that only made it move and stop again..finally Jeff was able to make Crabby grab onto a stick and we placed Crabby in his hole~

Out of the harm of the Hungry Gulls. see the full post here


I am deeply saddened by the devastating quake and aftermath in Japan and other areas. I hope that many are found

alive and well ♥


Summer in Winter…

Howdee all,

The below photo was not taken last summer…

it was taken last week…Grasshopper of Florida’s Winter…

Pelican island nwr_111And what are these?Pelican island nwr_116Some sort of eggs?~cocoons? This was also taken here in Florida..near a small pond. Brackish water.Pelican island nwr_120Now this looks similar to above..but these are some sort of seed pods..

Again..I don’t know what kind…and now looking back at them I wish I had taken a pod…decorative purposes…Pelican island nwr_127More cool seed pods…Pelican island nwr_129Lovely, prickly seed holding baskets…Pelican island nwr_132Jeff and I took a few seeds thinking someone might want one~Though, I don’t know who would want to grow this prickly basket…Pelican island nwr_135Flowers have been blooming here for a while now…I don’t think flowers ever stop blooming in Florida…Pelican island nwr_142It feels like summer~

Temps have been in the high 70s and 80s for the past few weeks..

Short and Tee shirt and sandals weather…Pelican island nwr_143A strange feeling…..

Gulf Fritillary

Merritt Island NWR_189~Summer in Winter~

Common Buckeye ~thanks Mariel for your IDs

Merritt Island NWR_211I kinda Like it..:)sebastian inlet_103Pelican island nwr_144

Jeff and I have talked about where to go next winter~ Its certainly tempting to come back to the warmth of Florida….Sunshine..great birds…summer in winter….

The mountains in Arizona are calling my name..hiking till I lose the ten pounds that don’t want to come off……Cactus and my spark bird~Vermillion flycatcher.

Big Bend and the Rio Grande Valley are also considerations..…We had a wonderful time last winter there…..

So..we haven’t decided…might have to flip a coin…

Any suggestions? ~warm places only:)

Here we are..until tomorrow

Howdee all,

Jeff and I are now in Mims, Florida. We arrived last week to have new awnings put on. After ten years the fabric was old and had many holes and rips.

We stayed with the same color scheme….just a bit different as it has a tweed look to it…

IMG_0381Here Homey sits on our campsite at Seasons in the Sun

Our favorite RV park so far when staying in Titusville area…its not too…sterile..meaning….they left some nice trees in most of the areas..there are two areas of the campground we don’t like because it is pretty much all pavement and few trees…IMG_0379Here is a sunset view over the campground and tennis courts.IMG_0382

There is a Barred Owl in the park…I hear it at night…(sigh)  I love it..…ow;_024We enjoyed our visit south…but its time to work our way north again…

Jeff and I on the beach on Hutchinson Island.IMG_0375

Where we had great views of the Magnificent FrigatebirdPelican island nwr_183_thumb

A bit far for my point and shoot…Pelican island nwr_185_thumb

We also were lucky to be in the right place at the right time to catch the space shuttle Discovery’s Last launch

Pelican island nwr_009Pelican island nwr_011While staying at Jensen Beach we were close to my cousin and her family…Her daughter cut my hair shorter than I have had in quite a while..and I am liking it…

She did a lovely job with the cut and color…

My hair dries so quick now..usually it  takes hours…..Thanks Ashley!


We leave this RV park tomorrow and Tuesday we have more work done on Homey…

Don’t know how long that will take…but after, we plan on heading toward Ocala..

and norther..