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Migrating Songbirds being “slaughtered”

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I am asking those who haven’t already done so to take a few minutes to read about what is happening and then to take action by filling out a Protest form.

These birds are being hunted legally..but there are the link below to understand the issue.

Some object to the CABS use of the word slaughter..I say get over it ..and get to the issue.

The text in green are quotes from the website

~Committee against Bird Slaughter~

  Bird lovers throughout Europe are still in a state of shock after watching a video of Italian hunters shooting down several thousand song birds in front of protesting bird conservationists. The hunters were completely undisturbed by the filming of this almost unbelievable massacre of migrating song birds. The ugly spectacle took place some 1,400 m above sea level on the San Zeno alpine pass – one of the most important migration corridors in the Southern Alps.

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Watch the video below..

The shooting orgy, in which some 100 hunters took part, was filmed by the conservationists on video. The game rangers present estimated that at least 10,000 Meadow Pipits, Chaffinches, Bramblings and Hawfinches were killed. CABS today published sequences from the original film, several hours in length, on its Youtube channel. The film can be viewed at “Youtube: Zugvogelmassaker am Colle San Zeno” and shows in great detail the brutal killing of thousands of birds on passage through a single alpine pass in the course of only a few hours.


  Now please~

Take a minute to fill out this Protest form.

Follow the instructions and click on the form took me less than a minute to fill out.

This is not the only area where birds are being killed more on the CABS website about other areas of slaughter..

At the weekend Hungarian customs officials stopped a truck loaded with some 10,000 freshly-shot song birds on the border with Romania. According to the Bonn-based Committee Against Bird Slaughter the consignment consisted mainly of Skylarks, an endangered species in Germany and other European countries, but much favoured as a delicacy by Italian gourmets.


There is also a newly formed facebook you can join for more information

Committee against Bird Slaughter

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