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I was a Christmas Decoraholic~

Howdee all,

I am going backward before I go forward.

Before I show you our first Christmas in our Homey…I want to show you our last Christmas in our Brookline, Ma. home.

Ever since I was a young gal, I have collected Christmas ornaments and décor.

I delivered newspapers as a young gal and saved up my Christmas tips to buy decorations…actually most of my Sickstas did the same thing…we all loved Christmas decorations.

Luckily I married a Jewish man who didn’t mind my Christmas décor fetish.

Come on in and take a look..

 Christmas 2000


fronthallOur livingroom..

living2Nobbiecat loved sitting near the fireplace..

firenobOur daughter Samarrah painted this picture of our Winter festival…

Notice the Menorah and Christmas tree.

A happy blending of traditions…

samspictureliving1The Holiday tree…

Living in a condo and having no yard to plant a real tree in…I opted for a fake tree…I used the same tree for many years.

treeI collected antique ornaments..

Most from estate sales.

treeorn1Our Holiday star…treetopA mix of old…

candlelightAnd new…

sparkleornI also had a collection of antique glass balls..

I put them in my antique glass vases..

glassbalsglassbulbsThis Santa, sleigh and reindeer are special. I bought these as a very young gal..

Maybe around age 12..

santaslieghMore glass balls..

balls1santaThe dining room..

dininglightdiningtreeSanta collection..


My sweet Ballie playing with ribbon…

I miss that fur ball!

ballplay1More glass ornaments..

bulbsA new Santa and antique ceramic girl holding Christmas tree..

santaradioA new snowman..


In the den…a new Santa surrounded by homemade decorations from my Aunt Diane.

snowmandenStairway down to the bedrooms with our stockings..


I had a collection of antique birds..

Think these are in storage.

parrotsSo…as you can see..I had a Christmas Décor addiction..

jeffdawnI am over that now…But it was so much fun back then..

I hope you enjoyed the tour…

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays..

From Dawn in December of 2000



Ten Years fulltiming in an RV!~ 2001

Howdee all,

  I didn’t start blogging until many of the photos from when we first started RVing are in folders on my computer, collecting cyber dust.

I thought I would share some of these old photos.

Wow! These are ten years old!

Yikes! We have been living full time in a Motorhome for 10 wonderful years!

Rving was new to us~We had allot to learn.

We picked up our Homey early September in Junction City, Oregon..

~Country Coach Factory~

countrycoachfactoryA Motorhome being made..countrycoachfactory1Our Homey being born..

ournewhomeThe inside of Homey being made for us..

ournewhome1Wow~seems like yesterday~

ournewhome2After taking delivery of our new Homey on wheels and spending the months of September thru the beginning of November working out the kinks and exploring Eugene Oregon and the Oregon coast, We headed to Northern California then Las Vegas to visit with friends.

Red Rock Canyon~Las Vegas

redrockA favorite place of mine..

redrock1I love hiking amongst the huge boulders and red rocks…

rrockYou would never know the Las Vegas strip is only a 20 minute drive away.

rrock1See it in the distance?

rrock2Notice all the pictures of me?

Jeff took all the photos back then.

rrock4We spent some time in Vegas visiting with friends and checking out the hotels..the weather was warm and so different than our Decembers in New England.

I looked so much younger 10 years ago… 🙂


Jeff and I posing for a Christmas and Hanukkah greeting~

The first away from our families.

Copy of bellagiotree

We did spend time with one special family member…and it wasn’t in Vegas.

Will post photos of our first Christmas in our Homey on Wheels soon.

PS~I still have that fake fur vest 🙂

Meet Bella…

Howdee all,
Two weeks since we left our Home on Wheels in North Carolina and headed to Connecticut for a Family Christmas.  A very busy, fun filled two weeks…despite the sudden loss of my parents shining, smiling Star just a few days before Christmas.
We were happy that we were there for my parents to make a very difficult time a bit easier for them. My father is a person, who can not be without a dog….so…we searched and searched online until we found
She is eight months old…house trained..and a very sweet Dobbie that hardly barks.
Her owners both worked..the wife was pregnant and they had no time for Bella…they were sad to loose her after eight months but felt it was best for Bella…she spent over eight hours a day in a crate..not to mention the evening.
She  will now have plenty of attention.
And some obedience training…she had the tendency to jump on peopleBella_002Bella made herself at home and is very happy…Bella_012
And so is Dad…
Bella_002 (1)
I hope you all had a Wonderful Holiday… I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. I need to read blogs to catch up on everyone…I am so behind with everything…..Hope to see my cyberfriends soon.

Happiest of New Years

Howdee all,

From my Family to Yours…

   Wishing you all

A Wonderful New Year filled with Love and Laughter

Here is my ecard to you all.

I love Care2cards…Butterfly credits are given when you send cards and support causes…the credits can be used to help other causes.

click on the link above to see the card I chose for all of you that read my blog..thank you


I made a thirty second video of our Christmas Road trip using a cool site called Animoto.. I saw my blogger friend Andrew had a video he made for his post Backyard Birds Rock!! and I thought it was cool so I gave it a try myself. Any video over thirty seconds requires a paid membership.

Create your own video slideshow at

We are still in Ct. but will be leaving soon on our journey back to Homey and NC.

Have a great New Years Eve!

Here and there…

Howdee all,

This picture is from there…somewhere on the highway on our way to Connecticut last week.

to CT_016

And here we are Christmas eve…silly elves Sicksta and mechristmas_005

And the rest of the elves here..

On Christmas day we were there…Sicksta Loris..the large Garage fit our clan for Christmas dinner..


And here we are this morning….snowstorm_001

After the snowstorm…about six inches here…snowstorm_003snowstorm_007It was very windy…the clouds were moving quickly in different layers..

We saw birds being blown sideways…snowstorm_008Sicksta Dell and I helped Dad ..he plowed and we shoveled…snowstorm_010

We are here for a bit longer..haven’t decided when we are leaving..before or after New Years…

Until then…we are still here at Mom and Dads..

Photo below taken with my new Ipod touch.


Have been very busy with the family here and only finding spurts of time for facebook and twitter and blog reading

…see you all soon!

Happy Holidays,Merry Christmas and all that Jazz..

Howdee all,
Wishing you and yours a Wonderful Holiday Season filled with Family, Friends, Food and Fun!
Please click here for a special ecard greeting.
With Love…from Dawn, Jeff and Ballie
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If you haven’t checked my latest Featured Bird Blogger of the week post its hot off the presses today at
Come check it out!
This has been a sad holiday so far for my family, my parents lost their beloved dog Star suddenly on Thursday. She was only six years old.  It will be a difficult time for them..
Below..a photo of Star smiling for me…no.. not a growl a big smile..she was a silly pup.
Goodbye Star…
Take care…

Christmas at the Garden Supply Co, Apex,NC

Howdee all,

Yesterday, Jeff, Sicksta and I went for our monthly shopping spree.

We started our day off at Whole Foods for breakfast…Went to Marshalls, Asian food market, Costco, Trader Joes, Home Goods and Target.

We also stopped to see the Christmas displays at the Garden Supply Company in Apex. I loved the displays…

I hope you enjoy them too…

Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_001Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_003Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_004Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_005Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_008Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_009Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_010Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_011Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_012Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_013Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_014Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_016Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_018Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_021Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_022Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_023Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_024Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_025Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_027Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_028Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_029Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_030Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_031Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_034Christmas at the Garden Shop, Apex, NC_035

I hope you stay warm , wherever you may be.

Its freezing cold here in NC.


Christmas with the Simmons clan

Well….we had a nice one and a half week visit to Connecticut. I went to a Kenny Rogers Christmas concert with mom…..and did allot of shopping and preparing for Christmas Day.
Christmas was fun and crazy as usual…it was great to be with the family.
Jeff and I are now in North Carolina. We will spend New Years with some friends in Boone, NC. then head back to Carthage where we will stay for a little longer before we head south to Texas for most of the winter.
Below are some pics and two videos of our crazy Christmas day….these are long and probably will only be of interest to the family…but you are all welcome to watch.

I hope to post some pictures soon of our trip to Steve and Anitas.


Atilio, Lori and Sean

Merry Christmas……I love Mr. Bean

Wishing you all who celebrate Christmas….a wonderful one….filled with warm and happy memories.
Enjoy the Mr Bean Christmas Videos. watch them all is one story.

Snowball fight