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Miss my fur boys~

Howdee all,

I was going thru my old photos and found this…

Taken ten years ago.

With my Golden Nobbie and Black Ballie..

Nobbie passed three years ago..

Ballie this past summer…

I still haven’t had the heart to blog about Ballie yet…still fresh and painful.

I miss my fur boys.



Im here~

Howdee all,

Thanks friends and family~ so much for all of your caring comforting words.


Its been a while since I have felt like posting anything.

I feel like I am ready to blog again.

I am ready to talk about my precious fur boy Ballie. I miss him and tears come at least once a day. I will blog about my sweet boy soon.


Jeff and I have been pretty much out of cell and internet service for the past three weeks while in Maine and NH.

We are in NH for another week or so then back to Ct for a few weeks~I will have internet and lots of photos to show you all, of beautiful Maine and NH.


I hope you are all well, and staying cool. Its pretty darn hot in NH too. No hiking for us until it cools down.

Thanks again~

See you all real soon!

I’ll Be Back

Howdee all,

I haven’t the heart to blog yet…My first post will be about Ballie and the decision to put him to sleep….

flowers in mom and dads garden_049I haven’t visited many blogs either, or spent much time on Twitter…or facebook

I hope you all in mom and dads garden_051I am working on getting my Happy in mom and dads garden_052

Grape Jelly for the Birds~Good or Bad?

Howdee all,

Since Ballie was diagnosed with CRF I have been sticking close to home and hanging out with him to see how he reacts to the medications.

Ballie is doing much better~not gaining weight, but he seems happier.

He likes looking at the birds and chippymonks.


My parents put Grape Jelly out for the Baltimore Orioles

MOM AND DADS_005There is a constant flow of birds to the jelly…

MOM AND DADS_007An addictive food…

MOM AND DADS_008I wondered how good it really is for them..So I googled and found this information.

From Laura’s Birding Blog a post from 2007

Laura was questioning  her own  use of Grape Jelly for the Orioles

A reader sent the following…go to Laura’s Blog to read more…

Kay Charter, who writes:

I confess that I had a prejudice against this practice [feeding jelly] the first time I saw it…about twenty years ago in a relative’s yard. It just didn’t look right. So I did some digging…as much as it is possible to do, which isn’t much and it certainly hasn’t been quantified, but it all makes sense. One source was a good friend who is an internist…he said that high sugar foods may trigger a bird’s satiety gland, much as it does in children, causing it to feel satisfied when it has had little in the way of nutritional value. He also said that sugar may be addictive for birds as it certainly can be in humans, and that a bird might develop a strong liking for jelly and spend less time searching for natural foods.
Then I queried my friend, Kent Mahaffey, who was manager of the San Diego Wild Animal Park’s famous free-flight Bird Show for more than two decades. Kent had primary care responsibility for hundreds of birds from many families. He said he would never allow any birds under his care to have jelly

  • In general, any food that exceeds the balance of sucrose in a bird’s natural diet is suspect. Natural nectars contain 12% to 30% sugars, while jams and jellies are more than half sugar. He also said that higher than normal sugar loads may outstrip a bird’s ability to adequately process the sugar (as it does in humans); and products high in sugars are an ideal environment for bacterial growth.

He summarized as follows: “Birds developed the way they did by adapting to the environments in which they lived and the foods that sustained them. We do our best for them when we stick as closely as possible to their natural diets.”

Birdchick commented on Laura’s Post

I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on the anti-jelly bandwagon yet. Birds do have a way of regulating their diet. Orioles do stop eating jelly and that ends right about the time oriole chicks hatch–I think they know enough to switch to protein heavy foods.
Also, when people tend to go through jelly the most is during migration, you aren’t getting the same oriole coming all day long, you’re getting several coming through out the day, they aren’t eating only jelly.
Of course, this is only based on anecdotal evidence so it’s not scientific.


This information from the Birdwatchers General Store

This brings us to a subject that many oriole fans don’t like to think about. In recent years, offering birds grape jelly has become super popular. In some cases it’s become the birds’ food of choice. As is the case with many humans, orioles like anything sweet and the sweeter the better. Grape jelly is very sweet, maybe too sweet. It has a higher concentration of sugar than oranges or the sugar water mixture we put in our feeders. There’s a concern that the birds are ingesting too much of a good thing. And what is worse, the adults often feed globs of jelly to their babies. That’s bad. Our good intentions could cause young orioles to have unintended health problems, not to mention astronomical dental bills.

My suggestion is to use jelly in May when the orioles first arrive. It will give them the boost of energy they need after their long migration. However, it’s been suggested that we discontinue using jelly when the babies hatch in June and early July. Also, use “low sugar” jelly, but not anything with artificial sweetener in it. (Even birds hate that crap) And most importantly, offer jelly in very small amounts. It’s critical that we do all we can to prevent the birds from getting the sticky jelly on their feathers. Each summer wildlife rehabilitators have to clean scores of helpless orioles that end up with sticky and matted feathers.

Via Birdwatchers General Store

Duncraft has BirdBerry Grape Jelly that they say is better for the birds because it contains no corn sweeteners.

I still don’t know what the right thing to do is for the birds..

Anyone out there want to chime in with some information?

The Oriole wants Jelly.


Here’s Waldo

Howdee all,

Here’s Waldo~

He’s sitting in my pocketbook ready for an adventure.

flowers in mom and dads garden_115

I haven’t taken him out much…I have been too preoccupied with my sick 16 year old Balliecat who has CRF.

He is on a few meds and is doing much better~The appetite enhancer, Remeron, which is used as an anti depressant for humans is helping.. The drug was compounded for his weight. I was worried about giving it to him, but my vet insured me it would work well. “This is an EXCELLENT anti-nausea medication for cats and also a strong appetite stimulant.”

So far he is happier, more alert and eating more. I know I cant expect miracles, his kidney is not functioning well and his body is trying to compensate for that.

Here he is yesterday, looking for Chippymunks…

flowers in mom and dads garden_066So as you pet owners know…

The end of a pets life can be a Roller Coaster ride…

I am hanging in there…and so is he.

flowers in mom and dads garden_062

Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement..they have helped me tremendously.

And Ballie says Meow

Friday Funk

Howdee all,

Most people will be saying TGIF

Today..I am in a bit of a funk..

around mom and dads_053My little fur ball is getting old..

He is having kidney issues…He went to the vet for what we thought was an infected was an ulcer caused by excess acid in his system. He has lost 2 pounds in the last year..His hind legs aren’t as strong either…another symptom of his sickness.

Ballie is 16 years old


He will be on meds to see if he can put on some weight and to help his kidney values.

This is Ballie when he was younger..

Its hard to say goodbye..but I am preparing myself.


I am crying as I type this and I haven’t even lost him…he is till living and purring and doing the things he likes to do…and not in pain.

around mom and dads_055Ballie as a kitten…

ballieplayI am trying to find the courage to be strong when I know he will begin to fail..

around mom and dads_061Ballies step brother Nobbie..

Passed three years ago ~age 13

Three months he was sick..I was sick along with him..

Took a while for me to get over his loss..

collageBallie Collagecollage2 (Small)Pets bring such joy..

Its sad to see him get old..

I’m not good at it..

Not strong enough…

I admire those who can put the whole situation in a different practical perspective..

around mom and dads_040Me..I am still standing..

but my petals are gone.

around mom and dads_043

Where did the time go?

Howdee all,

Seems like we just arrived at Sickstas and Craigys and now we are gone..and in West Virginia..

When we arrived five weeks ago..there were no leaves on the trees…

Around sickstas_011

When we left they were all leafed out..

Sickstas g_010Making it harder to see the birds… 

Unless they came out in the open like this Summer Tanager..

Sickstas g_009When we arrived the Bluebirds were just checking out the nest box…

around sickstas_080 (1)

Before we left…Craigy and I peeked in the box and saw three eggs..

Around sickstas_062 (1)

When we arrived the Chickadees were in and out of the moon…building their nest..

Ten minutes before we left, I saw the Chickies fledge…What a treat! I didn’t have my camera, nor did I want to take the time to grab it…I savored every moment…as the awkward little fledglings left the Moon for their first flight.

Water droplets and flowers_038

I saw ferns unfolding..

I will see more here up north…seems like it’s a few weeks behind here…

Weymouth Woods walk_015Ballie enjoyed his daily walks…

When we are at New River he will be lucky if he gets a walk all week, we will be gone all day birding.

Around sickstas_041Seems like we just arrived and Craigy was starting to put in the new kitchen..All of the cabinets are in now…and the countertop is next…

Craigy likes to sit by his pond watch the fish…six Goldfish..Sicksta put some flowers in the pond.


And Craigy plays in his pool too…

Jeff is always busy killing Vampires…don’t even ask.

Around sickstas_020I found this dead, but colorful bug..

anyone know what it is? > I bet Sicksta Lori does.

Around sickstas_029 (1)Found a beautiful living bug also..

lots of bugs in Sickstas yard.

Around sickstas_014 (1)

When we arrived the Iris were just budding~

Water droplets and flowers_101 (1)

Before we left we were able to see many different Iris blooming..

P1060554Love the colors of these…P1060551I had a love affair with Water droplets

Water droplets and flowers_065And enjoyed the birds coming back from their trip south.. 

Water droplets and flowers_030 (1)

Water droplets and flowers_066I enjoyed Sickstas Garden and hanging out with her…

Water droplets and flowers_158After weeks of searching…I found some Morel Mushrooms!

Sickstas g_032We saw the first NC record Cassin’s Sparrow.

We saw what devastating damage a Tornado can cause..

We did all that, yet it seems like it was no time at all…

Where did the time go?

The Warblers have just started to arrive in numbers…and we will miss that..

We will miss Craigy yelling at the Kitchen as he puts it together..

We will miss the Bluebirds fledge…

We will miss the flowers that were just about to show off…

We will miss Sicksta, Craigy and the pups..

Such is the life of wanderers….


Goodbye Sicksta and Craigy and pups…

See you in November..

I hope the time goes by slower then…

Ballie and the Sapsucker

Howdee all,

Ballie and my first bird of the year!

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

We have reflective we have many birds hanging out and pecking at the windows..

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker_006

This silly bird hung on the window for quite some time..

Ballie tried giving it a jabl

Check out the video and see.



Jeff and I are going to the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife festival in a few weeks…Anyone else going?

We are also planning some Birding Festivals in May The New River Birding festival and The Biggest Week in Birding..Let me know if you will be going…

I am also hoping to pick some Morel mushrooms should be about prime time.