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Howdee all,

Just wanted to share an article written by a fellow Twitter friend~ @sharptern . About a week ago he asked if he could use a photos I took while in Big Bend National Park.

Jeff and I went looking for the Colima Warbler, March of 2010~we knew we were a month early for the warbler..but we looked anyway…and no Warbler.

We did get a few habitat photos that Kirby Adams wanted to use for his article on

Searching for the Colima Warbler in Big Bend National Park

imageIf you want to experience our hike to South Rim looking for the warbler…

Here are my posts

South Rim~ Part 1

South Rim~ Part 2


We will go looking again for the Colima~next time in April…don’t know if I would want to hang around Big Bend in the heat of May.


5 responses to “Photos in National Parks Traveler

  1. love the shot of Laguna Meadows.. I spent a lot of time looking for the Colima there before I finally got to see one… Big Bend is one of my favorite National Parks…

  2. That's is wonderful, Dawn! I have never been to Big Bend, hopefully someday I will make it there. Great phoros.

  3. Wow! Congratulations Dawn on having your beautiful photographs featured in this wonderful article! Big Bend is a place I would definitely love to visit. Better luck next year on your search for the Colima Warbler.

  4. Big Ben has been at the top of my travel list for a long time. You just make it more enticing – it's just so hard to get there! Nice pix!

  5. heyduke50
    You got to see the Colima? You lucky ducky.

    Eileen you will Love it!

    Julie G.
    Thanks Julie~You would love Big Bend! you must go sometime.

    Hilke Breder is a long way from everything. Its a destination..Need to stay at least two weeks if you go.
    Lots of hiking and nature.

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