Blogging Cloud via Wordle

Howdee all,

Have you ever created a cloud? This one is courtesy of Wordle

I was reading the ABA blog and liked their cloud created by Wordle..I thought it would be fun to create mine..

Not sure how many posts Wordle uses to create this cloud..I was very surprised to see Gulf as the most used word. I suppose I did have a few posts about the Gulf when the Oil Disaster happened…I was still surprised to see it as the number one word…I thought for sure it would be Howdee…I do see Howdee in there..and Waldo made it pretty large as well.



What do you think your most used word will be?

I would love to see your Wordles …link to them by leaving a comment on this post.

I had to do a screenshot in order to put this on my post…there may be another way to do it..but this is what I did.


14 responses to “Blogging Cloud via Wordle

  1. Dawn,
    That is amazingly creative! I want to try that- may have to use the good ol' paper and pen- (I am not computer savvy- but try I will!)
    Just stumbled through here and glad I did. You have quite an interesting blog:) Thanks for sharing your travels!
    (I like your name;)

  2. I've caught myself saying saying howdee several times to people recently.I'm going to have to put the blame on you-not Minnie Pearl.

  3. you are always finding neat things out there Dawn, now I have another thing to play around with – been busy with holidays here, hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.


  4. Love your word cloud! I had a sweatshirt made out of my the word cloud from my blog. Quite a conversation starter 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing the link – that looks really funny!

  6. That's interesting. I like the format better than the usual tag cloud.

  7. Don't usually play with the web toys, etc but this one caught me on a laundry night during the holiday slowdown – fun. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Neat word image! So I assume those with largest print are your most common words. I had tried this one but ended up with cloud that was so small as to be unreadable. I guess that's me! Happy holidays to you and your family and of course your Waldo!

  9. This post has been removed by the author.

  10. Here's my first wordle, based on Wrenaissance Reflections content:

    Here's one I did using my delicious tags instead:

    They're not only fun, they are addictive.

  11. Dawn..
    I lOve your name too:) I am happy you stopped by for a visit..Please come back again!

    hee glad you can blame me for the Howdee!

    Yeah..its interesting to see what words come up! have fun. Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday too!!

    I would love to see your shirt…I am sure the words on it must be beautiful!

    Its allot of fun..try it out!

    Harold Stiver
    Thanks..the format is well as colors and fonts..lots of fun.

    Thanks Sicksta!!

    hee hee..Checked out your cloud..very know you can change font and colors yourself..there are options on the site for that.
    Have fun..
    Thanks for visiting.

    Hilke Breder
    Did you try the same site? If you save the image the way I posted it will be much larger than the Image that is given to you on the site.
    Happy Birding!

    Howdee Wren,
    Very cool appropriate that one of your largest words is Skywatch! I am not sure what delicious is..must Google that..I think i used it way back when.

  12. Cool, What is a screenshot.

  13. what it says in the link I provided ..explains how to do it.

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