Dead birds are gone forever..

An oiled bird from Oil Spill in San Francisco ...

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Howdee all,

Remember that terrible Oil “spill” in the Gulf?

Do you think it is over and done with?

Do you think that animal, plant life have recovered?

As many of us get ready for the Holidays..and fun with family and friends..

Remember that.

Its not over..

Its just the beginning of knowing..

Of knowing what the cost will be..for the humans, birds, animals, plant life, sea life and myriads of other things effected by..Negligence.


Nathan Swick from The Drinking Bird started a blogger Blog for the Gulf..Read his post below, and see how you can help.

  The Drinking Bird – Blogging for the Gulf: It’s not over

The campaign is over now..But I suggest keeping it going..keep writing…keep reading…



Please take time to read the following bloggers posts…

Join this facebook group!/pages/Oil-Volcano-News/122703014435095?v=wall for up to date info on whats happening in the Gulf.

10,000 Birds – The True Gulf Before Us

Nature Observances – Blog for the Gulf

Beasts in a Populous City – The Frogs Die in Earnest

Rebecca in the Woods – A Gulf Bird on an Atlantic Beach

Slugyard – The Gulf- Now what?

Search and Serendipity – Senate poised to waste millions that could aid Gulf Coast

A DC Birding Blog – Funding for the Gulf of Mexico

The Marvelous in Nature – Blogging for the Gulf

Restoration Systems – Blogging for the Gulf: RS joins in

Twin Cities Naturalist – Short Attention Span: Remember the Gulf?image


6 responses to “Dead birds are gone forever..

  1. Unfortunately I fear the effects of this man made disaster will bear it's head for a while, maybe even decades, when will we ever learn.

  2. Such a sad situation! Thank you for not letting us forget about this.

  3. I will look at those blogs. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Dawn, a great post and we need a reminder. The gulf will never be the same.

  5. Thanks Dawn. Even though the Gulf Coast is a long way away from me (a birder in Canada) and many others, it is of critical interest to all. It is a birding stop-over, a winter birding area, and besides, it is a (formerly) beautiful area where this man-made travesty simply should not have happened. But it did happen.

    We can't let the issue disappear from the media or people's minds. That is what the oil industry et al hopes will happen – what usually happens with us with our 'sound bite' attention spans.

    Thanks again and safe travelling when you leave for your Christmas destinations.

  6. Thanks friends…I am hoping the best for the Gulf..but, things dont look so good..I am afraid this will effect things for many years to come.

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