Purple Finch in Christmas red

Howdee all,

A lovey visitor…new to our feeders here in Carthage, NC.

Meet Mr. Purple Finch

Hardly purple at all…more of a Raspberry red

Birds Carthage_089

There seem to be at least five pair…

here are a few…Birds Carthage_019I took more photos of the males…Birds Carthage_054

I should take more of the females as they are interesting too..but until then..

Isn’t he beautiful..Birds Carthage_036

So festive in his Santa colors..

Birds Carthage_047

Jeff, Sicksta,Balliecat and I will soon travel by car to CT. We will spend Christmas with my family…we also hope to have a belated Hanukah celebration with Jeff’s family.

What are you doing for Christmas?


15 responses to “Purple Finch in Christmas red

  1. He is soooooo handsome! You got some great captures!!

  2. Great set of images and what a beautiful bird, I really love the last photo! Have a great week Dawn.

  3. Some great photos of the male purple finch. They seem to come in big flocks for a short time at our feeders. Keep warm!

  4. Wow! now that is red. Beautiful birds. We do not get them down here. Still it is cold enough this year maybe they will come. In the meantime, thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! He really is raspberry red! No confusing him with a House Finch!

  6. I wish that we had them over here, they are beautiful.

  7. A most beautiful series, Dawn! Such lovely birds. The males look as if they have been dipped in fruit punch. Have a safe trip to CT!

  8. So beautiful and quite an unreal colour Dawn.

  9. Lovely photos! That last one is my favorite, too! Wonderful colors…

  10. Thanks friends..If I had a better camera I could have had some great crisp clear images…Oh well..I will leave that up to the real photographers..

    Thanks Kerri..

    Nathan B
    Thanks Nathan..Not bad for a point and shoot i guess…I shouldn't apologize..but..when I see photos from real photographers..mine just don't compare..

    Thanks so much..nice blog you have..just check it out.

    Appalachian Lady
    Thanks..I wonder how long they will stay here..love to see them here. Stay warm..its pretty cold here in the south right now!

    Hey Lydia..I just sent you a few purple finches..let me know if you get them..Cold enough..yeah..Yikes…whats up with this??

    Yes..I am amazed at how bright these fellas are..bright raspberries..I am sure your camera and you could capture a beautifully crisp image..but alas..I just do point and shoot..

    Bob Bushell
    Howdee Bob..I will trade you one Purple finch for one of your Blue tits 🙂

    Julie G.
    Julie..shhh dont tell anyone..I dipped them in raspberry punch:)

    Thanks so much Roy.

    Nicole MacP
    Thanks so much Nicole..thanks for stopping by:)

  11. Lets bring the festive out in everything. May the colours of life brighten up the atmosphere within.

    Love the birds!

  12. Natural Moments
    Howdee! Why cant I find your blog anymore…did you hide it..or am i just looking in the wrong place?

  13. Such beautiful finches! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  14. Thanks Bosque Bill! Nice to see your cute face here:)

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