Santa Ana and Quinta Mazatlan Birding, TX

Howdee all,

Guess what we did today?…..Yep..More birding.

We returned to Santa Ana in hopes of finding the Hook-billed Kite.

We didn’t find the Kite..we did see lots of other birds..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_101

For the second time in two days we saw the Groove-billed Ani..

An couple from Great Britain had noticed one as it went for a drink in the dike..

This bird from a distance could be mistaken for a Great-tailed Grackle..

I wonder how many I have missed…jeffs ani_001

We were lucky to see not only one..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_012But , two…how exciting…

santa ana and quinta matzatlan_032I don’t know why this one was fanning its wings…I think it may have been trying to dry them after taking a dip..or maybe it was some mating dance…

We had fun watching both birds for over a half hour…santa ana and quinta matzatlan_042  I wanted to visit Quinta Mazatlan in McAllen.

Christopher from Picusblog suggested we visit…Thanks Christopher!

What a great little park in the middle of town.santa ana and quinta matzatlan_013

Garden Gate..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_014 Green Jay tiles on either side of the gate..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_010  We followed the trails…a small but very nice park..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_020Feeding stations set up in many areas of the garden..

Lots of nice water features as well..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_004

While sitting and watching birds near the feeders…we heard some squawking..

I found the birds..

Green Parakeets…Life Birds..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_051They looked like a very nice couple…cuddling  santa ana and quinta matzatlan_070and kissing..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_068 On our way out of the park, I stopped to look at a Golden-fronted woodpecker..

Jeff said is that an owl? I looked at the tree and thought it was just part of the tree …

not an owl…

santa ana and quinta matzatlan_096 Until I looked at it with my binos..santa ana and quinta matzatlan_098

And saw that it indeed, was an owl

Eastern Screech Owl…Life bird!santa ana and quinta matzatlan_099 Does anyone know what type of fungus this is?

santa ana and quinta matzatlan_019

Another Great day of birding in the RGV of Texas!

Birds of the Day

Mourning dove
Great tailed grackle
Black-bellied whistling duck
Plain chucalaca
Red-winged blackbird
Orchard oriole
White winged dove
White- tipped dove
Couch’s kingbird
House sparrow
Great kiskadee
Carolina wren
Black-crested titmouse
Long-billed thrasher
White-eyed vireo
Olive sparrow
Common Moorhen
White-faced ibis
Blue-winged teal
Pied-billed grebe
Least grebe
Common yellowthroat
Neotropic cormorant
Great egret
Barn swallow
Nashville warbler
Indigo bunting
Little blue heron
Snowy egret
Brown-crested flycatcher
Altamira oriole
Ladder-back woodpecker
Red shouldered hawk
Mississippi kite
Bronzed cowbird
Green heron
Groove-billed Ani
Green parakeet
Buff-bellied hummingbird
Green jay
Eastern screech owl


16 responses to “Santa Ana and Quinta Mazatlan Birding, TX

  1. Isn't Quinta Mazatlan terrific? When I visited the RGV a couple of years ago, I heard a rumor that the local screech owls may one day be split from the Eastern race. So as long as this first one isn't your last, you may get more than one lifer out of it!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Aren't the tiles on the gate wonderful? And that owl! He certainly has a good method of hiding.

  3. wow that owl is cool!

  4. loved both the two parrots who cuddled and the tree owl. Really cool

  5. Congrats on all your life birds. The parrots are cute. Neat sighting of the Screech Owl. Looks like you had another great day of birding.

  6. What a cool list Dawn!!
    That Screech Owl hiding there looks awesome! Great finding 😉

  7. I really enjoyed seeing those two black birds that I never heard of 😉 And I thought that little park was so very cool! How amazing that owls looks so much like the trees they live in – wow! Congrats on the lifer screech, Dawn!

  8. WOW amazing! I particularly love the owl peeking out!! Great shots!

  9. You find the most amazing birds wherever you go. I've seen the parrots near my Mom's house in SanBenito. Guess I should do more exploring when I visit there next winter.

  10. Those Groove-billed Anis are just crazy-looking birds! And I could just hug those kissing parakeets; how utterly adorable!

  11. Love the kissing green parakeet couple. We see them in St Pete, but they are never this close.

  12. Wow! Looks delightful. I love the parrots kissing and nuzzling and the double grooved are well, groovy. I'm so jealous of the owl! The fungus looks like someone had a mustard accident.

  13. great post and pics. love the owl, great spot.

  14. Congrats on the lifer Eastern Screech-Owl. Always great to catch a glimpse of these little guys.

  15. DAwn, I just cannot believe your luck with the birds! An eastern screech owl? MY word! I'm green with envy! Maybe the parrots will accept me with their flock! Love the groove-billed Anis.

  16. Mike
    Quinta is sure nice..we really had a great visit there..
    Rumor of a…will go looking for another Eastern Screech..why the split?

    Thanks Bobbie, looking forward to some catch up of your blog..this birding has given me little time for blog reading..Looking forward to your shadow shots and cartoons!

    Thanks dear daughter for commenting..The owl was is the tiniest thing..I wanted to take it home..hee hee

    Thanks dear blogger, rv friend..cant wait to catch up with your travels..this birding has me burning the candle at both ends..ouch..headed to NC now and blog reading time..

    Thanks..How do u keep up with all the blog reading you do? Amazing..

    Howdee newly married and newly relocated Mel, hope all is well with you..
    I wanted to take that cute little owl home.

    Bird Girl
    Thanks Bird had been a blast birding in TX..we are now headed north to NC…and time to read my fav. blogs!

    hee hee..wasnt that the cutest little ball of feathers!

    When do you go to your moms house? Great birding there..there is an off chance..that Jeff and I might go to TX instead of Florida..or both

    Hee hee..I could hug them too..adorable..
    i wanted the little owl to take home..Hope your Florida birding is hoppin with migrants.

    Thanks..We were lucky to see them as close as we did. I didnt realize how affectionate they were.

    Robin Robinson
    hee hee you are funny..mustard accident fungus..

    thanks Dan

    Radd Icenoggle
    Thanks Radd..the little fella gave us a great view

    Thanks Kathie..I do wish you were here with us..I know we would get soooo excited together..I needed you a few times to capture the photos before the birds flew away..
    Hope to see you in CT!!

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