Happy Thanksgiving from us and the brown headed nuthatch

Howdee all,

Wishing you all a fun filled, happy, peaceful, yummy, Thanksgiving…

Yesterday we all celebrated an early Thanksgiving.
Craig has to work at the restaurant today so we celebrated with him last night. Adele and Craig worked so Jeff and I picked up the dinner that Adele ordered from Fresh Markets…and we cooked it up..well heated it…added a few veggies and we had a nice traditional Thanksgiving meal. The stuffing and the cranberry sauce were my favorites. We also ended the meal with pie and our now famous Hickory nut tea.

This morning while watching the Thanksgiving Parade on tv…Ballie had a visitor..
The brownheaded nuthatch decided to knock on the door and say hello.


Today we go to Craigys restaurant at Pinehurst…for a gourmet meal…
Gobble …Gobble


2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from us and the brown headed nuthatch

  1. OMG that birdy is the silliest thing. I could hear Ballie snorting away. He must have wanted to get the little guy. Tell Dell her kitchen looks loverly and has that nice fall Thanksgiving feel with the colors. Looks like you had a great time. I can’t wait to see the food from today you lucky ducks.

  2. Oh, I wish we had some of those brown headed nuthatches here. They are so cute, and our favorite color. L chicky

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