Macoun apples and contact lens

Well its Fall tommorow…

…and I am eating a Macoun appple….my favorite apple, and it is only available for such a short period of time….so i will eat one a day until there are no more on the trees.

And I can, without cheaters, see the apple. I can, without cheaters, read on the computer and read just about anything…unless it is soooo small… I am using a contact in one eye for close vision, I am still new to this , as i just got the contact yesterday. But so far I like what i see…ha…
I do loose a little distance vision, it seems a bit strange… I will see how it goes.

Here are the porcelain mushrooms I have from aunt lil…..well actually her daughter gave them to me…arent they cool? I wonder if they are worth anything?


5 responses to “Macoun apples and contact lens

  1. Macoun apples can be had longer if you find a place that puts them in air tight storage. We do have that in Ledyard. The porcelain mushrooms are gorgeous. Lucky girl……

  2. Yes the mushrooms are cool. I think they belong in a plastic bag to give to your sister.

  3. Ha..not giving those away…but for a while there i was thinking i would need someone to take care of them for me….until i found a spot….not sure if i should travel with them…always more of a chance of breakage…

  4. I think I know of a good place to keep them. Same place you keeping all you other stuff. I think they would look nice a shelf with shells, don’t you?Shells and Shrooms…..ha

  5. These anonymous people need to reveal themselves.. I think one is chick and one is Lori.. Reveal Yourselves! Nob Macouns are my favorite also.. I have to take a ride to whittles. Let me know how you make out with those contacts.. I am very curious If I would do well with them..

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