Books I am reading

Get one, two or all three of these books…
If you just get one get Ultraprevention
to loose wieght fast…
buy The fast track detox diet…

This Book is very interesting. I really feel that your PH is very important to health.

This book is great reference to see if you are eating the right foods to keep your PH balanced.
Ph Miracle website

Great book…good info… I first learned of this book watching Oprah.
The two authors were on the show talking about the work they do at Canyon Ranch.
A book everyone should check out…
also check out the website……
Ultraprevention website

Another very good book…very good advice on Diet and health. Gets you metabolism moving again. This may be too difficult for some to do. Jeff and i did this after gaining weight and at first I lost a few pounds then a few weeks later i started losing more.It does get your body ready to burn the calories. If i stuck with this diet I would certainly loose more pounds.
Fast track website


2 responses to “Books I am reading

  1. I can vouch for the fast track detox. Specially if you have your own personal chef. Right Jeffie.

  2. Thanks, i will go out and buy one or two…

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